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Chrome Plated

Shiny reflective things are cool. Parrots have been on to this fact for years. The secret to making anything look better is by chrome-plating it. The following examples deal specifically with automotive hardware, but the same concept can be applied to items such as bicycles, home office equipment, pets, small children, and even bodily functions. Really, your imagination is the limit.
The Ford Shelby GR1 Concept:
The uber-example of chrome-plated coolness is the 2007 Ford Shelby GR1 concept car (actually an aluminum finish). In 2005 the car debuted at the Detroit Auto Show. If Ford decides to put it into production, potential buyers can expect to pay around $200,000 US for it. The entire exterior of the car is polished aluminum, and if you haven’t had a geekgasm yet, imagine that it also has liquid cooled LED headlights! More information can be found here, and bucketloads more hi-res shots can be found here.

Chrome Yamaha R1:
Having trouble taking down a werewolf with a silver bullet? Next time try the much more effective ‘silver crotch-rocket’. I don’t know the background on this one, but it is a Yamaha R1 motorbike and it is all shiny and good. A full set of pictures with some more detail shots can be found here.

The “Silver” Audi A8:
A while back there were some emails circulating about a rich sheik cardiologist who had his Audi plated in solid silver. The story isn’t true, but the pictures are real. The car’s Dubai owner had a company called Motoren Technik Mayer (MTM) give his Audi A8 a chrome-like finish using a special polishing technique. These are the famous pictures:

Honorable Mentions:
And in case you’re still not convinced how great shiny things are, we have some images of a shiny Jaguar (an aluminum finish), a shiny chopper, and a Nissan S15 Silvia Verietta:


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