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Be that atrocious Ruffian and shoot everyone in your way! Think of ways to shoot a lot of people in just one shot.

Mouse only.

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2 Littlegrey Comments:
    August 1st, 2015 at 4:02 am Potato Famine says:

    It is like a bunch of old games are getting new skins! This one reminds me of another of my favorites, "Ricochet Kills."

    July 31st, 2015 at 1:26 am The123robot says:

    I just clicked on the game and there are already two things I like. The description just says 'Shoot everyone' and turning the music off plays a humorous record scratch sound effect. My favourite games are always those with a sense of humour! And of course, guns, because everyone loves shooting people. Right? Well, anyway, this is going to be good.

    Now THIS is more like it! Not like the hand romance game. This is the good stuff! Murder is fun! :D But it's oddly addicting, just shooting the gun and watching the little bullet bounce around and occasionally kill some innocent people. I mean, they're standing on random floating platforms, they're pretty much asking for it. Besides, with the incredibly unlikely way the bullet bounces around, I'd probably hit them whether I wanted to or not anyway. Whatever, back to the game, I'll be up all night with this!

    If someone said "I found this cool shooting game! BUT IT'S A PUZZLER!", I would've thought they were crazy, but somehow they made it really fun! Unfortunately, it also seems to make the people who play it psychopaths, since on a level I was particularly struggling with, I said "Kill the little boy! YES!" when I won. So that's a bad sign. But, you know, at least you'll enjoy yourself. :P

    I love how it just bonks people on the head like it was a baseball and bounces back. I don't think that's how bullets work, but at least it's child-friendly! :D

    Up to Level 20! Man, that was awesome! Fun way to pass the time! Just make sure there's no one around when you play because they might call the authorities with the number of times you're shouting "KILL HIM!" But I might just have serial killer tendencies...

    Tl;dr - Fun and unique puzzler (with guns!) but may turn you into a psychopath.