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Royal Warfare 2
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I have accomplished a lot this weekend, I have to say. My toenails have never been shorter, and my rubber band ball has never been bigger.

Avalanche King
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What day is it today? On Monday evening some nice man in a white van gave me a bottle of juice that’s supposed to make me buffed in only a week. Next thing I know I’m lying on my doorstep with a strange pain in my badonkadonk.

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Undefeated Spider
categories: Games

Ah yes, I had one of those living in my bathtub. After a long and excruciating battle, my only choices were to burn the apartment or never use the bath again. I chose the latter, and now every time new neighbors move in they call the police reporting “wretched decaying carcass smell coming from the apartment 3C”.

Raiders Took My Dog
categories: Games

I wish raiders (whoever they are) would take my dog. He pees on the carpet, chews on my shoes and seduces all my lady friends I bring over. Actually two of these things are my doings, and I don’t have any lady friends. Or a dog.

Sum Links
categories: Games

Ah yes, a math game. It’s like going to a relaxing spa weekend, and instead of massages getting your colon irrigated and your anus aggressively waxed.

Cube Escape: Birthday
categories: Games

Happy Hump Day, fruitcakes! Play this depressing game to remind yourself how fleeting life is, and you’re probably spending it on a job you hate, sleeping, and eating trans-fats. Great, now I’m craving hot pockets.

Learn To Fly 3
categories: Games

I don’t wanna be a Debbie Downer, but it seems these penguins will never learn how to fly. Just like I will never learn how to properly clean my nether regions, some things are just not meant to be.

Cleopatra’s Escape
categories: Games

Bleh, Monday. And I have one more reason to hate it- that’s when my court-ordered mandatory weekly shower is. Apparently showering every 30th in the month is not “socially acceptable” anymore- according to my coworkers. What a bunch of deodorant loving wussies.

Ultimate Tower
categories: Games

Did you ever wake up thinking it’s Friday, while in reality it was Thursday? I can’t find the exact data anywhere, but I’m pretty sure this particular disillusion is the cause of at least 15% of global suicides.

Blacksmith Lab
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Everyone always tells me my body looks like it’s been forged in a blacksmith lab, except it doesn’t and even if it did I don’t know anyone who would compliment it.

The Big Pig Game
categories: Games

Finally, a game about your mom. That’s right, I went there.

Happy Family Day!
categories: Misc

You really didn’t think I’d forget this, did you? Rest assured that 2000 years into the future when the Earth is a scorched wasteland and what is left of humanity lives in suspended animation in spaceships journeying to another galaxy – I will still be posting this video.

The Gatekeeper
categories: Games

When I was a teenager my mom made me wear underwear called The Gatekeepers, and to this day it’s not quite clear was her intent to prevent stuff from coming out or going in.

categories: Games

I enjoy putting up games that make colorblind people cry in the corner while they relive the emotional collapse they had when they were 9 and found out they couldn’t be pilots.