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Girl Falls While Dancing
categories: Funny, Videos

At first I felt bad for this girl, with her Elaine-esque dance moves, but after she pouted into the camera a couple of times I was ready to see her get humiliated all over the internet. So here you go…

Japanese children face off against giant lizard on TV!
categories: Crazy, Funny, Videos

Several kids with steaks attached to their heads insert their heads into a “lizard arena” where a giant lizard is encouraged to “menace” them. The lizard is reluctant at first then goes berserk! Hilarity ensues.

The Littlegrey Network Forums Weekly Thread Pick:
Body Sushi
categories: Crazy, Pics

A story about a restaurant that serves sushi off of a nude woman. I was going to make some racially insensitive comment about how crazy Japanese people are (c’mon, we’re talking about the inventors of the used panty vending machine), but it turns out this is a restaurant in Chicago. Yes, there is a picture in the article. No, you can’t see any naked boobies.

High Speed Crash
categories: Videos

A short video of a van smashing into a police car at a very high speed. Pretty intense. I hear the cop had to change his shorts. Get it? Because he crapped in them. Because he was scared. And if you crapped in your shorts you’d need to change them.

Screaming Kid Commercial
categories: Funny, Videos

Here is a funny little commercial from our French friends the French. Someone needs to stuff that kid’s mouth full of freedom fries and send him off to war. Then we’ll see if he still wants to kick a fit over a bag of bon-bons.

Popping Out of the Pan
categories: Crazy, Funny

In case you thought the stories of snakes coming out of toilet bowls were urban legends, here is a nice little BBC story that will have you crouching when you poop for weeks to come.

“The creature has been spotted on several occasions and homeowners have put bricks on toilet seats in a bid to keep the beast from popping out of the pan.”

The Toilet Snorkel
categories: Crazy, Funny

This site features a collection of absurd, but real, US patents. I think my favorite is The Toilet Snorkel. Hmmmm? Yes, The Toilet Snorkel.

Pack of Dogs Attack Alligator
categories: Cute, Pics

As if there wasn’t enough trouble for Florida alligators

“Even as one of the ultimate predators, the alligator can still fall victim to the ‘teamwork’ strategy brought out by the pack mentality and social structure of canines…”

photograph courtesy of Nature Magazine (and not for the squeamish)

Manta Ray Fun
categories: Pics

Just some cool pictures of Manta Rays. That is all.

Sugar Bush – The Superstar Squirrel
categories: Crazy, Cute, Funny, Pics

Sugar Bush is the republican Forrest Gump of the rodent world- somehow finding herself involved in any patriotic situation of note. That squirrel gets around.

How To Fold A Shirt
categories: Geeky, Videos

Bad-ass shirt-folding techniques from the ninjas in asia. The shit works, I just tried it. Possibly brought to you from the same people who provided the helpful video on How To Not Look Asian.

Jumping Toyota Corolla
categories: Funny, Videos

Two videos of a dude jumping his Toyota Corolla. The second one with the arm wave is sure to be a classic. And you might want to browse the rest of the guy’s site. He’s also quite handy with carpentry, leather, and stained glass!

categories: Funny, Geeky

The low-level workings of Google’s infamous page ranking system are finally explained.

Crab vs. The Laws of Physics
categories: Crazy, Videos

This is pretty nuts. I can’t stop watching it. It’s like something from a cartoon!