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Microsoft, Word.
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I wouldn’t rhyme about Rolleys if I had no watch, wouldnt write about crack if I ain’t had no spot.
You talk six coupe shit you only pushing a trey, got bitches shutting you down in the C.L.K.
Word. Microsoft Word.

Canadian Army Storms the Beach
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I realize that making fun of the Canadian Army is a little like making fun of the Special Olympics, so I want you to realize that this video went through extensive humor (humour?) testing to make sure it was worth it. For a video to pass this test I have to accidentally pee myself at least twice while watching it. And I peed myself 3 times, so this one is good to go.

The Littlegrey Network Forums Weekly Thread Pick:
The A380
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An awsome picture of the new Airbus A380. That thing is a monster! But can anybody out there explain to me how something that enormous and made out of metal can fly over oceans yet I can’t stay airborn on my own for more than 1 second? Really, I’m quite serious. It’s frustrating.

Pee & Poo
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If you’re like me and have trouble finding appropriate gifts for the holidays then I think your problems and my problems have just been solved forever. Forget spending your hard earned money on jewelry, electronics, and expensive toys. Nothing can say I love you more than Pee & Poo.

Can you believe how much I am in heaven?
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I know this video is from 2003, but let me remind you that the star of it, Mr. Arnold Schwarzenegger, is the GOVENOR OF CALIFORNIA. So even if there is only one person who hasn’t seen it out of the million of you that have, it needs to be seen again.

I Put A Baby In You
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“This song is about girls…. and their dreams.”

I don’t know what the story is with this guy but I’d like to know what shop he bought his genius pills at. And then I would buy some of my own, so that I could also be a genius. And be hated by women. But still be really funny.

Metal Hand Sign Abuse
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VATNAJ KULL GLACIER, ICELAND – In an emergency session Tuesday, members of the Supreme Metal Council strongly condemned the increasing use of the metal hand sign in lay society, claiming that its meaning has become perverted by overuse.

Naked Motorcycle Wipeout
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Guy doing motorbike tricks naked gets whats coming. Warning: this video features profanity, naked man bum, and a really, really lame white guy. Holla, dude.

How German Babies are Made
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Thank god American babies aren’t made like that. Gross.

Old Lady Eats Car
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Okay okay okay, she doesn’t eat the car, but that would be fantastic wouldn’t it? Bet you’d click on that link. But this is pretty good. Sit back and enjoy the story of the granny, the Benz, and an airbag.

Office Guns
categories: Crazy, Funny

This website goes into exquisite detail on how to make weapons out of everyday office supplies. For you my-time-is-money skip-to-the-last-page personality types, just have a look at the Super Maul and tell me you couldn’t kill a medium to large animal with it.

World of Warcraft cyber sex
categories: Crazy, Funny

A dwarf inadvertently stumbles upon two night elves engaged in electronic coitus and decides to join in.

Face Maker
categories: Art

This is a cool little flash app. It could be completely useless but I think I could probably spend the rest of my life playing with it. The fellow in the picture to the left is named Beaver. If you think he looks familiar then you are wrong, because I MADE HIM.

Giant Tortoise Adopts Baby Hippo
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This story is kinda old, but I’m sure there’s a few people out there who haven’t seen it. And the pictures are enough to make grown men coddle their computer monitors and coo like babies, and that sort of power should not be kept under wraps.