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Auto-Tune the News
categories: Music, Videos

Finally the year of auto-tune has brought us something worthwhile.

Vector Boom
categories: Games

I’ve played this game for a while now and although I have seen many many booms I have not seen a single vector. As an experienced game developer I would like to recommend some names that might be a bit more appropriate – for instance, just “Boom”, or “Space Boom”, or maybe “Vince Shlomi and the Sham Wows”.

The Littlegrey Network Forums Weekly Thread Pick:
Local News Bear Sighting Reenactment
categories: Funny, Videos

Did they have a cardboard bear lying around just for this occasion, or did they have to put in a rush order at Kinkos?

Use Boxmen
categories: Games

Can you help the boxmen save the universe from the evil Boxlor? Arm yourself with the Boxinating Phasor Cannon and fight through hordes of… boxes. Look, I’m going to be honest I have not played this game. There was a Hills marathon on last night.

Spider-Man Lives
categories: Crazy, Videos

Spider-Man, Spider-Man, climbs a wall upside down like a spider, man.

categories: Games

The premise of this game sort of feels like a stress dream to me. I’m running around, slowly painting myself into a corner, and when I finally have no place left to go I fall into oblivion only to start the whole thing over again. Why can’t someone make a game about massaging super models? on CNN
categories: Crazy, Videos

There’s a what going on in Ira… wah?

Pick the Perp
categories: Games

When in doubt, pick the… nevermind.

Secretary Cat
categories: Cute, Funny, Videos

Looks like someone needs to go back to the typing pool.

categories: Games

You take a block from the bottom, and you put it on top, you… take a.. somethin and a somethin.. and.. uh… Jenga, Jenga, J-J-J-Jenga.

Judge Judy and the Case of the Fat Toilet Woman
categories: Funny, Videos

You’ve got to be a pretty awful person to humiliate your friend on national TV over the cost of a new toilet, but at least it makes for good television.

Fat Slice
categories: Games

I’d like to order a fat slice of love. Double cheese and extra-saucy please.

Giant Mexican Bathtub Worm
categories: Crazy, Videos

Honestly Mexico, you’re coming up with a lot of reasons for me to never visit you.

Little Wheel
categories: Art, Games

We’ve all seen The Matrix, Terminator, Battlestar Galactica… so what, now we’re supposed to help the robots? Ha ha, no way! Nice try robots!