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Super Genintari
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How could someone so annoying create something so wonderful?

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I remember when this game was called Moai. I also remember when I put on my pants this morning. Oh wait… no I don’t.

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‘Tasty or terrible?’ Chihuahua

Just like the kings of old had personal tasters to ensure that what they were about to consume wasn’t poisoned, this guy has a personal chihuahua to make sure what he eats isn’t disgusting.

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The day I see a cupcake lying on the ground and don’t immediately eat it is the same day I put on a Wonder Woman suit and ride around town on a flying pig. I’m sorry guys, but for this game you’re on your own.

Beware the Gorn
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The Worst Fight Scene Ever has some new competition, care of the U.S.S. Enterprise, and her skipper, James T. Kirk.

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 3
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The story is that people enjoy playing Guitar Hero because it makes them feel like they can actually play the guitar. So does that mean that people enjoy playing this game because it makes them feel like their parents actually love them enough to buy them Guitar Hero?

Charlie’s Back
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Swim away fugu fish, swim away, or you might get pulled in to the vortex of Steve’s negativity and not enjoy this new Charlie the Unicorn adventure.

Mouse Under Siege
categories: Games

I don’t know what sort of shady stuff you guys have been clicking on over there, but these little guys are not very happy with you.

Dwarf Soccer Team
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Gigantes del Norte is a Brazilian soccer team made up entirely of players suffering from dwarfism. They play against under-13 teams, drawing huge crowds, and it’s all to raise awareness of sizeism.

Deep Sea Dive
categories: Games

This one is just like Bejeweled – except instead of sparkling gems, you have smelly fish. Also, when you lose you suffocate and die on the bottom of the ocean. And although they don’t show it, I’m pretty sure those same smelly fish start eating your body (sort of like this). But otherwise it’s exactly like Bejeweled.

First Lesson About Height
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You may think that you’re born with an innate understanding about the height of things, but this video suggests otherwise. It must be learned, through terrible pain.

The Great Living Room Escape
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Not long ago, you had to Escape the Kitchen. Now that you are free, unfortunately you also have to escape the living room. Because, heaven forbid, you wouldn’t want to accidentally sit down on a comfy couch and watch some television.

The Japanese have no respect for personal space.
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In Japan, there are (lucky) people that have the job of pushing passengers onto the trains during rush hour. See, the trains are so full that they need to push people inside for the doors to be able to close.

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Tired of balancing on chairs and twisting your neck to reach gold coins in those pesky hard to reach places? Let the Pojuko do the work for you! Never before has gold coin collecting been easier. Available now for only four easy payments of $129.99. Limited offer, act now while supplies last.