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I’ve got nothing folks. Here we have yet another game featuring a screen full of balls, but after all these years there is not a single joke left in the great Encyclopedia Balltanica. I am in desperate need of some new material! Maybe someone could create a game where you have to strangle chickens? Or punish a naughty monkey…

Janos Baranyai Fails to Lift Weights
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“That’s gotta hurt!”

(Warning: A little gross.)

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Ragdoll Cannon II
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It seems as though the youth of today will not be happy until the roads of the Information Super Highway are lined with the bleached skulls of innocent ragdolls. Please write to your local congressman or member of parliament and beg them, Stop the Ragdoll Genocide!

I’m Chris Hansen.
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Tip of the day: Getting caught soliciting a minor can be pretty stressful and can lead to dizzy spells, so always be sure to tape a pillow securely to your head before you leave the house for your date.

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You guys just go ahead and let me know if this game is any good or not. Call me old fashioned, but I don’t engage in any leisure activities inspired by the idea of balls being crushed.

Home Depot Road Rage
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And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why patience is a virtue.

I don’t even know
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Some things are just so ridiculous that they command respect. Like for instance, this game, or the Hungarian Komondor.

Cloned Puppies Expose 31-Year-Old Mystery
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Todo List:
Kidnap Mormon and use him as a sex slave.
Sell house, and use proceeds to clone puppies for $50,000.
Do something even more crazy.



Add to Favorites Button Gold Medal
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The game may not look like much, but you should give it a shot. Believe me kids, looks aren’t everything. I realize that might sound silly coming from a man who has amassed a multimillion dollar fortune through male modeling contracts, but a little bit of heart goes a long way too.

Star Wars Wedding
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If my dearest friends in the whole wide world told me I had to dress up in a Star Wars theme for their wedding, I would tell them to go to hell. That’s how strongly I feel about this issue.

Gunmaster Onslaught 2
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Puzzles are great and all, but I understand that some days you just want to get your shoot on.

*Bleep* you baby.
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Not a lot of people know this, but Sesame Street isn’t for children anymore. In their efforts to reach the coveted young adult demographic, I think they’ve crossed the line.

Duck, Think Outside the Flock
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Rumor has it that this game’s release was delayed due to a major re-work after the original version, Duck, That Monkey is Throwing Excrement, did not fair so well during user testing.

What is oozing out of our ground?
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You’ve seen her freak out about rainbows in a sprinkler, and now you can see the rest of her absolutely insane videos on her YouTube account. Did you know that the government has aimed a directed energy weapon at her house that causes it to vibrate?