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That’s Not Tang
categories: Funny, Videos

Maybe it’s apple juice.

Friendly Fire: Blood and Gore
categories: Games

A little tip for the guys out there, there is nothing – nothing – better for picking up chicks than a monocle. A monocle says a) I’m rich, b) I’m smart, and c) I’m so off my ass crazy that I will stalk you and boil your pets alive if you don’t love me forever so don’t even humor the idea of rejection.

The Littlegrey Network Forums Weekly Thread Pick:
RIP Jacko

In memoriam of Michael Jackson, a repost of the greatest Thriller cover ever.

1066: The Game
categories: Games

Today’s magical assemblage of interactive colored pixels complements 1066, a historical drama created by the UK’s Channel 4. Now start clickin’ on it ye rump-fed chicken!

The 8 Worst Transformer Disguises
categories: Funny, Geeky

1. Everyone knows that Omega Supreme is awesome, and yes, he should have been in every episode.
2. Everyone knows that the Autobots lived in Metroplex. Robots need cities too.
3. Everyone knows the Dinobots came from the dinosaur times, and there’s nothing strange about that.

Vector Effect
categories: Games

This game is purdy, unlike your comments, which will still be plain and anonymous looking because I haven’t fixed that bug yet. I’d get to it sooner, but this lack of fruit baskets is really affecting my productivity.

By the power of Grayskull!
categories: Crazy, Music, Videos

It’s not enough for the Indians to steal our jobs. Now they have to steal our He-Man.

Panda’s BIG Adventure
categories: Games

Help Mr. Panda of Panda Tactical Sniper fame travel through time in his Poo Tardis and save the universe from the evil Boxlor.

categories: Funny, Pics

Oh believe me, I will.

Upgrade Complete!
categories: Games

Hey, you know what else is complete? YOUR FAILURE TO PLEASE ME. Guys, it is already 2 days into summer and I have yet to receive a fruit basket.

Auto-Tune the News
categories: Music, Videos

Finally the year of auto-tune has brought us something worthwhile.

Vector Boom
categories: Games

I’ve played this game for a while now and although I have seen many many booms I have not seen a single vector. As an experienced game developer I would like to recommend some names that might be a bit more appropriate – for instance, just “Boom”, or “Space Boom”, or maybe “Vince Shlomi and the Sham Wows”.

Local News Bear Sighting Reenactment
categories: Funny, Videos

Did they have a cardboard bear lying around just for this occasion, or did they have to put in a rush order at Kinkos?

Use Boxmen
categories: Games

Can you help the boxmen save the universe from the evil Boxlor? Arm yourself with the Boxinating Phasor Cannon and fight through hordes of… boxes. Look, I’m going to be honest I have not played this game. There was a Hills marathon on last night.