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Mass Attack
categories: Games

The Scales of Justice need balancing. Unfortunately this game has nothing to do with that. But hey, funky music! Boop boop boop boop boop beep boo-dee-dooo…

Eye of the Tiger
categories: Funny, Videos

Rocky’s back, and no I’m not talking about the newest Rocky movie starring a 100 year old Sylvester Stallone. This Rocky fights for America’s heart by being a public nuisance.

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Revenge on Telemarketers
categories: Funny

If you hate telemarketers but don’t want to skip taking your antipsychotics in order to mess with them, you may prefer to trick them in to thinking they have wound up in the middle of a homicide investigation.

categories: Music

Musicovery is a webradio application that lets you interactively explore music using many filters such as mood, genre, date, and energy level. If you like discovering new stuff, try unchecking the “Hit” box and check “Discovery”.

The Visitor
categories: Games

Finally a point-and-click adventure that doesn’t involve a supercomputer to calculate the solution by clicking every permutation of every pixel on the screen in every conceivable order just to pass the first level. Plus, it’s getting close to Halloween and this game is frightfully delicious (and magically nutritious).

I cast thee out!

Breathing exercises are important for keeping your lungs in tip-top shape (not true), and this is the best breathing exercise I’ve ever seen. Nothing that makes a person look like this could be useless, right?

The Grim Reaper Goes Shopping
categories: Funny, Videos

I’m seriously considering using this prank to scare and subsequently rob old people. I know it’s wrong, but I’m tired of sleeping in the bathroom at Denny’s.

Strategy Defense
categories: Games

I like things with simple self-explanatory titles. Strategy Defense. It just says it all. Strategy, and defense. It’s like my name. Handsome Webmaster. Handsome Wicked-Smart Webmaster, if you count my middle name.

Bloons Tower Defense II
categories: Games

After seeing today’s game, you may find yourself asking, “How many Bloons games is too many Bloons games?”. However, the sophisticated among us will stick to more important questions like “should I not have eaten that?”, or “say, do you mind if I put that down my pants?”, and my personal favorite, “can I speak to my lawyer now?”

The Jerk
categories: Funny, Videos

With the way this guy behaves, is it any wonder that nobody likes him and his little hat?

categories: Games

Ancient Russian texts translate the word “Eskiv” to mean “The Circle – bringer of death, slayer of cats, and occasional dog rapist”. This game is a little lot like Dodge, but with a shot of taurine added, plus an ever so soothing aquamarine background.

Where are you going?
categories: Funny, Videos

This is currently my favorite video, because it asks the tough questions. Where is Danny going, why won’t he stop running, and how much does a skateboard to the nuts really hurt?

categories: Games

Just look at all those sad faces. Thankfully it’s not an Elliott Smith concert, it’s just the new hit game Blocky! Now it’s up to your to free all those frowns or who knows what they’ll do. Thank goodness they don’t have arms…

Working Transformer Robot
categories: Geeky, Videos

Someone created a working Humvee Transformer with a Bioloid Humanoid Robotics Kit and it’s surprisingly cool. It’s quite the little dancer too!