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Pirate Race
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Grab the parrot, throw on your sexiest pair of tights, and buckle your swashes (swash your buckles?) – there is treasure to be found, but only the fastest pirate gets the boot-boot-booty.

What’s going on around here?
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Littlegrey Forum funnyman, Nathan Barnatt, plays Rick, a simple cable-access show host who just wants faux celebrities to help him figure out what’s going on around here.

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I really have no idea how to play this one, but I do know I’m planting trees! Weeeeeeeeeeeeee! Oh wait, we did the wee thing yesterday… sorry. (weeeeeee?)

Pac-Man Vacuum
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What’s better than getting a Roomba and avoiding the horrible chore of vacuuming? Turning the Roomba into Pac-Man!

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Now if you’re not going to promise to shout “Weeeeeeeeeee!” while you play this game, I don’t want you to even try it. I’m serious. Don’t you dare click that link.

Toilet Restaurant
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Modern Toilet is a chain of scatological-themed restaurants in Taiwan, where the patrons sit on toilets and eat off of covered sinks and bathtubs.

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See that guy on the left? That’s your enemy. Now I don’t know about you, but if I looked like that I would chew off my own leg and use it to beat every living thing within eyesight into a coma. Be glad you’ve got that chain mail armor, my friends.

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For a little extra enjoyment, turn down the lights, throw on some Slayer, and treat this game as the latest advancement in mosh pit simulation.

♫ Dance with the dead in my dreams…

A Leader We Can Believe In

I think John McCain has his finger on the pulse of the nation.

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For some of you out there, this post will remind you of an old board game called Stratego. You’re probably the same group of people that remember televisions weren’t always in color, and telephones actually used to have little bells inside them. I’m serious! Bells!

Liquid Metal
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Oh sure, it’s cool now, but just wait until it forms a giant solid metal spear and stabs you in the throat.

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Do not be fooled loyal followers! I have learned that the delicious looking baked goods in this game are not in fact frosty cupcakes, but rather tasteless, crumbly muffins. The developer responsible for this is nothing but a vile temptress, and I will never forgive him for this cruel deception.

A Quest For Every Beard Type
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Jon Dyer is on a quest to grow every facial hair type on this list. Now that’s the kind of life purpose I can go for. Forget enlightenment, or even happiness – I’m gonna grow myself an Anchor.

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In 2008, the largest particle accelerator ever created, the LHC at CERN’s particle physics lab in Switzerland, was activated for the first time. Many scientists celebrated, and many particles accelerated.