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Ultimate Assassin 2
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Well look at that… two assassin games in a row. Coincidence? Or do you think someone is paying me $1 for every time I say the word ass in a post? Because so far this week I’d already be at ass – I mean eleven. Actually twelve including that last ass. Thirteen!

Mega Shark vs. Plane
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“I’m getting married in two days.”

The Littlegrey Network Forums Weekly Thread Pick:
Sniper Assassin 3
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You know what they say about assassins – they make an ass out of ass and in… uh, in.. fact yes. Hello. Where am I?

Meme Scenery
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Can you recognize the Internet meme with all of the famous players removed and just the background left?

Jelly Tower
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For some reason my towers always end up looking the same.

I have just met you and I love you.
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I’m pretty sure Dug the dog from Pixar’s new movie Up is exactly what a talking dog would really be like.

The Scene Of the Crime
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The premise is simple: take your average motel based mystery, ie: “where is that smell coming from?” or “what is that nasty brown stain on the bed?”, and then kick it up a notch.

Video Game Hamster
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Chew chew chew chew
Save Princess
Chew chew chew chew

Azul Baronis I: Epsilon Zero
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Keyboard Gato
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Keyboard Cat is the lamest Internet meme since Rickrolling, but his Mexican equivalent is 100% awesome.

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I often dream I am falling, and wake up having fallen from the bed. Psychology tells me this is due to deep seated insecurities, but I say it’s because I sleep on a coffee table covered in baby oil.

Cheeseburger in a Can – Revealed!

A little over one year ago, we broke the story on a bizarre feat of German engineering – Cheeseburger in a Can. After much debate over the actual appearance and palitability as described in the catalog, our loyal European reader Nika offered to hunt down the elusive hiker’s meal and answer all of our burning questions. These are her discoveries.

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Admin: Hello. I’m looking for the best game evar. I missed you my OutZone. I love you. You complete me. And I just…

OutZone: Shut up Admin. Just shut up. You had me at hello.

Re: Re: You, Me, & Problems With the World
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Now it’s time for another episode of Disturbing Fun with Puppets. NSFW!