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Don’t Stuff it in Your Face
categories: Music, Videos

Okay, listen up guys, before you eat anything, you should always ask someone you love if it’s okay.

Balloon Invasion
categories: Games

Ha! Balloon armies! Have you ever heard of anything so silly? What next, clown armies? Wait, clown armies would be terrifying.

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Pandas Love Denim
categories: Crazy, Videos

It’s common knowledge that Pandas love bamboo, but did you know that they also love denim jackets and jeans? They’re a lot like Wheels that way.

Robot Territories
categories: Games

Have you ever fantasized about being the pilot of your very own giant Mech? Well now that perverse fantasy is only a click away! Although if the Mech in your fantasies had the ability to move, you might be a little disappointed.

That’s no cat. It’s a space station.
categories: Funny, Pics

This is from a few years back, and oh so hilarious. A helpful neighbor is trying to return a lost “cat” to its owner.

categories: Games

I was recently shocked to discover that many academic establishments find this website to be Tasteless and Offensive. Well I don’t take things lying down over here, so in an effort to correct this situation, every game from here on out will be educational in nature. Today’s game helps you learn about physics. Tomorrow’s game will help you learn about tossing midgets.

Nine Unfortunate Theme Parks
categories: Geeky, Pics, Videos

There’s apparently a theme park for every occasion. Have an unhealthy fecal obsession? Want to (not) get raped by a guy dressed as Mario in his basement? Want to visit a fake ocean directly beside a real one? These parks and many more await you. (Warning: Some parks awaiting you are not work safe.)


They may look like cute little stuffed animals, but when I think of Pickies all I can see is a jar full of scabs with with the label pIckIeZ scotch taped to it. Don’t ask. You don’t want to know.

Falcor the Urinator

Would you rather:
a) napinate on the pee pad
b) chewinate da sofar


Woo-hoo, 16 mini-games all rolled into one. Does this mean I can take the next 16 days off?

Runaway Tube
categories: Crazy, Videos

This action thriller stars Jon Voight and Eric Roberts as two escaped skateboarding convicts trapped in a drainage tube, with no brakes and nobody driving.

Orbox B
categories: Games

In the future, mankind will travel the vast interstellar void of space in square ships that can only travel in four directions. It will make about as much sense as Dune.

Soon Children Won’t Need Friends
categories: Geeky, Videos

It seems every year brings a more advanced Elmo toy. The question is, will this be the year that the Elmos rise up and kill?

River Puzzle
categories: Games

The members of this family want but two things – to cross the river, and to beat each other into unconsciousness. One task is significantly easier than the other as you will soon find out.