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Mr. Doggy is a Pervert
categories: Funny, Videos

I said, take off your clothes!

Meat Boy
categories: Games

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like you to meet Meat Boy. GET IT? You see what I just did there? That is how you roll a pun my friends. Damn! I am good. Okay, nap time.

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Cardboard Star Wars

You know, I prefer this version. It’s shorter, and without all that needless dialogue.

Dog Fight II
categories: Games

It is a well documented fact that decorated World War II Air Chief Marshal Sir Foxley Neilson, refused to wear pants while flying missions on Wednesdays. Henceforth, Wednesdays have been commonly referred to as “Nopantsdays”, and only jerks wear pants on this, the most sacred of all weekdays.

Panettiere for McCain
categories: Funny, Videos

I think the lesson here is, that when you’re making a reverse-psychology celebrities-are-smarter-than-you video, make sure it’s funny and entertaining. (NSFW due to the f-word.)

Air Battle
categories: Games

In the future as I see it, air combat will still be air combat, however instead of advanced jet fighters, the pilots will command large lumbering balloon airships with pirate cannons as weapons. And of course, the balloons will be filled with urine.

The Japanese have no respect for traditional time keeping.
categories: Crazy

I could watch this cute-dancing-Japanese-girl clock all day.

Picross Quest
categories: Games

Do you remember that game Armor Picross? Of course you do, it’s the reason your wife left you. Well in the off chance you’ve been able to start up a new relationship, here’s another Picross game to send that one down the toilet.

Triumph vs. Blaine
categories: Funny, Videos

David Blaine Meets His Match, in the form of a puppet that isn’t afraid to call him a dangling douche.

Talesworth Arena
categories: Games

In the future as I see it, gladiatorial combat will still be gladiatorial combat, except instead of direct physical contact, the fighters will control giant robots using a GUI interface written in Visual Basic. Also, the robots will be powered by urine.

Drum & Goose
categories: Funny, Videos

Mirrored glass can really get a goose angry.

The Heist
categories: Games

In the future as I see it, cars will still be cars, except instead of steering wheels and pedals, there will just be a giant set of WASD keys on the dashboard. Also, the engine will be powered by urine.

Ways the Weather Can Kill You Without Warning
categories: Crazy

Mother nature must really want us dead.

The Eyeballing Game
categories: Games

I’m a guy that enjoys all sorts of ballin’. But without a doubt my favorite type of ballin’ is eyeballin’. I like eyeballin’ fancy cars, eyeballin’ purdy ladies, and especially – especially – eyeballin’ geometries.