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Meeblings 2
categories: Cute, Games

I’ll be honest with you, I had a lot of reservations posting this game knowing that we’ll have to listen to looc ask us to touch his meebles for the next two weeks. But ultimately justice prevailed.

Meeblings = Justice

Child Can’t Figure Out How to Kick a Ball

We adults take motor control for granted.

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Liquid Measure
categories: Games

Most men believe, though few will admit, that the true measure of a man is the amount of urine he pees out in a given trip to the bathroom. And even if you don’t agree, you have to admit it’s embarrassing when nothing comes out.

The Japanese still have no respect for pooping.
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Happy Memorial Day
categories: Games

I know you guys love the achievements, so I spent the weekend adding some to a few of the older games: Pickies, Boomstick, Ninja Glove, and I added a hard achievement to Cargo Bridge. Now… just to be clear that’s not all I did this weekend. I also watched some Friends reruns. And cried. There was lots of crying.

Tower of Greed
categories: Games

Are those gems in my pockets? Gosh no, I’m just happy to see you. Very happy. Alright you got me, those are gems.

Alphorn Jazz

And so begins the strangest jazz performance you’ve ever seen.

Shift 4
categories: Games

Not since I met Shifty Eyes McGee at the 1993 Carp Fair have I had an experience so… shifty.

They tried to make me go to rehab
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I said ear flap, ear flap, ear flap.

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Whenever I wake up and find myself crashed on an unknown planet, I just follow these simple steps for survival: 1) cry hysterically, 2) see if there are any cats on board that can be used as food, 3) pee on my shirt and wrap it around my head to prevent dehydration, and 4) take a nap. I always end up waking up a little later, safe and sound at home in my bed. And also covered in urine.

The Japanese have no respect for traditional video games.

If this doesn’t get released in North America, I’m going to start a fire.

Learn to Fly
categories: Games

I was actually thinking the other day that a penguin would make the perfect pet – if it wasn’t for the constant pooping. You could bring him in the bath, he wouldn’t take much room on the bed, I bet he’d love watching tv and sharing popcorn… It really is a shame about the pooping.

Cat Vacation
categories: Cute, Videos

How dare Mr. Hand interrupt Mr. Whiskers while he packs for his vacation to Disneyland.

Medieval Rampage: The Foresaken Pass
categories: Games

Pardon my interruption, but did I hear somebody say Medieval Rampage?