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The Japanese have no respect for soccer.
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I don’t know, I think forcing the players to wear binoculars actually improves the game.

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You might not think that stacking blocks would be fun, be let’s not forget you felt the same way when I told you to try pouring butterscotch pudding down your pants. And now you can’t leave the house without a little pudding in the pants, can you? It’s just so gosh darned… butterscotchy.

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The Japanese have no respect for rhinoceroses.
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How does one prepare for the inevitable rhino escape at a zoo? With constant and mandatory emergency drills which accurately depict the terror that a real rampaging rhinoceros would convey.

Merry Christmas!
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Merry Christmas fruitcakes! It’s time to wipe that sleep from your eyes and head on downstairs to check out your presents! If you can’t find any – don’t worry – it just means that everyone in the world you love probably hates you.

Thriller Acapella

Twenty years in the future, Webster’s will reference this video under the definition of Halloween.

Zombie Baseball
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I think we can all agree that Zombie Baseball is about 100% more entertaining than regular baseball. But let’s be honest, clipping your toenails is also about 100% more entertaining than regular baseball.

Electro Gypsy
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If you love trousers made of leather, or just not wearing any trousers at all, you’ll love this song. Yama yama ha.

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If your first instinct when starting up this game was to hurl your monitor across the room and leap out of the nearest window, then give yourself a pat on the back. Remember kids, when it comes to bugs, it’s always better to kill yourself before they have the chance to kill you.

I’ve Got Chubs For You
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God bless the Internet, it teaches me something new everyday. By the way, if the P-word makes you blush, you probably shouldn’t watch this. You know, the P-WORD. The peeee-nis. *blushes*

HDOS Databank request 01
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It may not look like a Halloween game, but I assure you it’s very scary. I just spent an entire hour on that level to the left, and I STILL haven’t figured it out. Somebody put me out of my misery, please?

Body Boarding Faceplant
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I think this guy drowned.

Body Ladder
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Well here I was thinking this was a Halloween game, but turns out those aren’t piles of zombies – they’re piles of clones. I suck. Halloween is ruined.

Demonic Floating Head
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Friends come in all shapes and sizes.

3 Minutes on the Beach
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If you played the prequel to this game, 3 Hours in an Outhouse Tank, you may be hesitant to give this one a try. Understandable, but I can assure you that 3 Minutes on the Beach is a much more relaxing and enjoyable experience. Unless you’re into that outhouse stuff, pervert.