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That purple globular mass may look like grape jelly, but this webmaster can assure you that it most definitely is not. It neither tastes like grape jelly, nor possesses the soothing qualities of grape jelly when placed in the trousers. It is nothing more than a cruel electronic facade.

Mumbai Train in Rush Hour
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I think Indians might just possess super speed.

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From the creator of PEL, comes Alphabre…eh… Alphabeh… Alphabrekika… comes a brand new game.

The Evolution of the Furby
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The internet meme “DO NOT WANT” conveys exactly how I don’t feel about the TOFU Robot.

Ragdoll Cannon: Remake
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All these squeals are just the same to me.

The Japanese have no respect for Super Mario.
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It’s no Matrix Ping-Pong, but this live action version of Super Mario Bros. is still pretty rad.

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This game takes physics out back and shoots it because physics was rabid.

Homemade Hallucinations
categories: Crazy, Geeky

Well I know what I’m doing tonight. After a short stop at the ping-pong ball store.

Brick Yard
categories: Games

You know who would be good at this game? This guy.

Press L to submit your score. Use any game mode you want.

Ladybug Wings
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And here I was thinking that the shells were the wings. Thank you Internet.

Two Rooms
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This is one of those games that is way easier if you have someone else to play it with. Like a classmate, or maybe the coworker in the cubicle beside you. I asked one of the supermodels I hadn’t kicked out of bed yet.

Vengeful Baby
categories: Funny, Videos

Someone wasn’t happy with his Christmas present.

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Well I don’t know about you kids, but I had a great weekend. From Friday evening to Monday morning a pair of pants never touched my legs, the only air I breathed was recycled from the vent of an XBox 360, and oh! I found a hot dog under the couch cushions. Don’t worry, I got my dog to lick the lint off before I ate it.

Lego Hoth Diorama
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I would have sold myself into slavery to have this as a child.