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Sometimes I do.
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Despite their inclusion in the Axis of Evil, North Korea never really did do much to terrify the world. Maybe this is why.

Mental Training
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Feeling dumb? Life got you down? Don’t worry, it’s just cause you’re dumb. But there’s hope! Just play through this game a few times and start training those defective mental faculties. You’ll still be dumb when you’re done, but at least you’ll be that much closer to sweet peaceful death.

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Easter Firework Battle
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This is so much cooler than our find the painted eggs hidden by a giant rabbit Easters.

30 Seconds
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This game is quite the bang for the buck. As well as being a relaxing way to spend a Tuesday afternoon, you can also collect the blood that sprays out of your ears when the music starts, and keep it in your fridge if you ever need a transfusion.

Stealthy Cat
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If ever a cat was going to kill you during the night, it would be this one.

Big Truck Adventures
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If my deep understanding of women has taught me one thing, it’s that women love guys with big trucks. And beer bellies. So play hard at this game, and start drinking cheap beer as soon as local law will allow.

Mario Wants a Kiss
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As far as I can tell, Seth MacFarlane’s Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy is just like an episode of Family Guy, only with everything stripped out except the “it’s like the time when…” parts. So yeah, it’s awesome.

The Several Journeys of Reemus: Chapter 1
categories: Games

The not-so-Ambiguously Gay Duo from the land of Fredricus are back! Reemus and his furry friend (or friend the Furry?) need to find a king, or a princess, or something like that (although I think his priority should be a shirt). Anyways, don’t worry about it, just click stuff. Clickity click, Barba trick.

Tornado vs. Bus
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It looks like my plan to turn a bus in to a mobile tornado shelter may not have been a very good investment.

Coign of Vantage
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Coign of Vantage (pronounced “Heeeeyoooo”), is a very innovative little game that tests your spatial perception. Spatial perception comes in handy for things like not killing cyclists while driving, and keeping your pee in the toilet while peeing. It’s practically one of my favorite perceptions.

Large Hadron Collider Webcam
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CERN switched on the LHC yesterday (September 10th, 2008) at 10:28 AM local time, and to prove to all those wackos that a black hole isn’t going to form and suck in the planet, they’ve setup some webcams so people can watch what’s going on in the facility.

categories: Games

Relieve your childhood dreams in this surrealistic art game. Now… not to split hairs, but my childhood dreams usually involved Transformers and GI Joe. Maybe they show up in the later levels?

Alien Islands
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Socotra is an archipelago of four islands off the Horn of Africa, where all the plant life looks like it was transplanted from another planet. I think they should call them the Tuber Islands.

Mazestopper 2
categories: Games

I don’t want you to feel like you need to get a full 5 star rating in each of these levels before you move on to the next. It’s perfectly fine to just scrape by with the bare minimum. Just like you do with everything else in life. You big fat failure.