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You see what happens Larry?
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The Big Lebowski is full of obscenities and nihilists, so you can imagine that things might get a little strange when it is edited for broadcast on American television.

Roly-Poly Cannon
categories: Games

Anyone who’s at least 400 years old like I am might remember my favorite childhood nursery rhyme, “Roly Poly pudding and blackberry pie…”. This game reminded me of that, so I used the google to find out what roly-poly is. Turns out it’s actually a disgusting bug. My childhood was a lie.

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Americans have no respect for Japanese enjoying sushi.
categories: Cute, Videos

Oh sure, the Japanese have no respect for libraries, personal space or waiters, but at least they respect the sanctity of the conveyor belt sushi restaurant.

Neverending Light
categories: Games

I’ve been playing this game for over 15 minutes now and I still haven’t run into Falcor. Maybe he doesn’t show up until episode 2?

(no, not that Falcor, this Falcor)

Sleep Running Dog
categories: Funny, Videos

This dog must have been chasing atomic-super-rabbits.

Don’t Your Pants
categories: Games

Remember that time you had Taco Bell and then had to find a bathroom really (really really) quickly? This game picks up where that fateful afternoon left off.

PS: Contains NSFW language. Lots of it.

Trale Lewous Loves Dig Your Own Grave
categories: Funny, Videos

World famous celebrity superstar Nathan Barnatt has made some videos promoting, and they are as sexy as you’d imagine.

Panda Star
categories: Games

Not satisfied with their growing crime syndicate of denim thievery, rogue pandas are now branching into space travel to continue their illicit activities outside the watchful eye of the law.

But teach a bird to fish.
categories: Videos

And an old man won’t shut up about it.

Bunny Invasion II
categories: Games

People often ask me how I choose what games to post on Dig Your Own Grave. Basically I follow a simple 2-step system: First, I start up the game and begin playing. Second, I play for about 5 minutes and wait to see if any bunnies come on the screen, jump in the air, and fire large poop pellets at me. If it happens, I post the game.

Animals Against the Mail

I think these housepets are going to get a visit from the reanimated corpse of Postmaster General Wilford Brimley.

Cursor Chaos

The title of this game promised me cursors. When I read “Cursor Chaos” I picture an orgy of multi-colored arrows, hourglasses, and pointing fingers, all shooting me, shooting each other, insulting my mother, crying, peeing on my couch, and making out with Cindy Seabrook in the closet. I’m not going to lie, I was a little disappointed.

Space Olympics

There truly is nothing worse for the budding space Olympian than to be told by a space albino that Space Disk is totally cancelled.

Electric Box
categories: Games

Electricity is all sorts of useful. For instance, electricity is used to power snowmobiles, to make cars move (but not hybrids), and without electricity there would be no plants or animals. Think of how quiet and lonely the world would be without electricity! It would just be us and the robots.