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Ant Megalopolis
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Someday I hope someone pumps 10 tons of cement into my house to see how I live.

Puppy Power
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Whenever I’m having a bad day, I load up this video and it always makes me feel better. I wish I could buy him on and feed him never-grow-up-pills.

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I think I remember this game – only when I played it I was on my stomach behind the television trying to figure out what was wrong with the surround sound. And it suuuuucked.

I can haz cheezburgr in a can?
categories: Crazy

The Germans have done it again! First they gave us the master race, and now they bring us cheeseburger in a can! Whether you’re camping in the wilderness, or just a big sad weirdo, you can now enjoy this delicious(?) treat for yourself. I suggest one of our European readers orders this product, then videotapes themselves opening and eating it. I’ll post it on the site. You’ll be famous.

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Not since R.S.V.P – The Racial Segregation Party have I been so disgusted with a game. How many years has it taken us to overcome our prejudices? And then a little game like this comes along and tries to teach us that it does matter whether you’re black or white. Well shame on you game developers. SHAME ON YOU!

When You Wish Upon a Turd

Space, the final frontier… for your bum. Nobody said being an astronaut was easy.

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AAHHHH!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!! AAAHHHH? Ah? Ah! Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh…

Cardboard Crotch
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I applaud this kid’s initiative, but in the end he still posted a video of himself flexing in the living room while wearing cardboard taped to his pyjamas, as his mom makes grilled cheese sandwiches in the background.

categories: Games

Click groups of three or more like-colored blocks to make them disappear. Don’t let the blocks reach the top or something bad will happen. I’m not going to say exactly what, but it may involve your mom, three stray cats, 1 jar of spaghetti sauce, former UFC heavyweight champion Tim ‘The Maniac’ Sylvia, and a lightbulb.

That Bird Can Dance
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Snowball the dancing cockatoo is back, and he’s clearly been practicing. If I owned this bird, he and I would dance all night… and I would be naked.

Multiball Madness
categories: Games

In the game of Multiball Madness, I can guarantee you will experience two things. The first is balls. Multiple balls. The second is madness. Pure, unadulterated madness.

Robots and Puppies Do Not Get Along
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In the future, all battles will be fought with small dogs, ponies and arachnid-like robots, just like in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Lt. Fly vs. The Spiders From Above
categories: Games

You’re on your own for this one guys. I have a fear of spiders that is all too real, and a reaction to seeing them that is all too feminine. As soon as those fat mutants started crawling down the screen I yelped like a chihuahua and ran straight into the bathroom.

Return to Blood Mountain
categories: Funny, Videos

Simple as it may be, this is probably my favorite Aqua Teen Hunger Force moment. Ho ho, the screams.