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Weiner Dog Song

Weiner dog… weiner dog? Weiner dog! Weiner dog weiner dog weiner dog.


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You know it’s going to be an awesome week when you start it off by popping massive quantities of pills.

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The Japanese have no respect for English.
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I wonder what English speakers sound like when they try and speak Japanese?

Ignite People on Fire
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Ignite People on Fire is the eagerly anticipated sequel to last year’s hit game, Light People on Fire. This version features faster paced gameplay, better special effects, and chubbies. Burn fatty, burn.

Liberty City vs. New York City
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Liberty City, the Grand Theft Auto 4 version of New York City, is so realistic I have started to find myself forgetting which world I am in. The only reason I know I’m not playing right now is because I’m not shooting hookers.

Music Catch
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Sit back, relax, and enjoy the soothing stylings of Music Catch. Enjoy it for hours with a warm cup of herbal tea and feel all your tensions slowly melt awa.. OH GOD THE BABY HAS CRAWLED OFF THE BALCONY

Helicopter 2: Electric Boogaloo
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Power companies prefer not to shut off high-tension electrical lines just for maintenance, so instead they round up homeless people from the streets of New York and get them to work on the live lines in exchange for a bag of bagels and a thimbleful of scotch.

The Several Journeys of Reemus
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So let’s look at what we have here… A big burly man. Tight pants. No shirt, leather vest. Handlebar mustache. Hangs out with a… bear. Look at that, I solved the mystery of Reemus without even pressing Play.

Made In China
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You might be thinking that now is the time to buy that cheap Chinese automobile, but as this crash test video shows, you should probably hold off for a while and protect your precious bones.

Bloons Pop Three
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It’s tough for me to decide what I like better, Bejeweled clones, or Poppit clones. It’s kind of like trying to decide between death by fuzzy puppy kisses, or death by Brazilian supermodel kisses. It just depends on my mood.

Patagonian Cavy
categories: Cute, Videos

My exhaustive world search for the cutest sounding animal is finally over.

Happy Memorial Day!
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If you don’t live in the US, you might be wondering what the Memorial Day holiday is. In a nutshell, it’s a day where we stay at home and celebrate great memories. Like I was just thinking about the cheeseburger I ate last night. Man, that was delicious. And that day at the waterpark when I was eight – good times!

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This is an interesting little game, but you should turn off the sound before playing. There’s some sort of subliminal message in the music… at first I thought they were saying “killers”, but now I’m pretty sure it’s “crullers”. I don’t know about you, but pastries terrify me.

More Baby Sloths
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Baby sloths are much cuter than baby humans, so I hope one day to be the father of a human-sloth chimera.