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FWG Knight
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Dragons. Goblins. Slaughter Bonus. ‘Nuff said.

Marilyn Manson Meets Sign Language

An American Sign Language interpretation of Marilyn Manson’s This Is The New S#*t. Obviously Not Safe For Work.

The Littlegrey Network Forums Weekly Thread Pick:
WhiteboardWar: ChopRaider
categories: Games

I’ll admit this is a pretty cool use of a whiteboard, but I generally like to keep the one in my cubicle free for important messages like SOMEBODY SAVE ME and PLEASE FIRE ME.

Quake III Arena on an iPod Touch
categories: Geeky, Videos

It’s official, an mp3 player is more powerful than my computer.

Damn Birds
categories: Games

It should come as a shock to no one that the creator of today’s game is this guy.

categories: Crazy, Videos

When you drive your Flintstones-like pedal car in downtown Toronto, you shouldn’t be surprised when the police pull you over. At least they didn’t try this in America – they probably would have been tasered.

categories: Games

It’s the one year anniversary of everyone’s favorite game, IndestructoTank! To celebrate, the creator has released a special Anniversary Edition. This version features improved gameplay, new features, slick graphics, and a crazy new twist: in this version your tank is INDESTRUCTIBLE! Yes, I know! It’s crazy!

Booger, Kitty and Mousey – The Pansexual Pals
categories: Cute, Videos

Gregory Pike, of Santa Barbara, California, likes to play God. He has constructed a walking animal pyramid out of creatures that cartoons have shown us to be mortal enemies.

Magic Pen
categories: Games

Finally, a game that scientists and creationists can both enjoy equally. The logical among you will appreciate the realistic simulation of the Laws of Physics, while the faithful can marvel at the mystical crayon powered by the magic of Jesus.

Monkey + Motorcycle = Fun
categories: Crazy, Videos

Oh India, is there anything you won’t have your performing street monkeys do?

categories: Games

Touch all the black and white shapes before they reach the bottom of the screen. But don’t touch any of the colored ones, or this cute little puppy gets it.*

* it = big kiss on the forehead

Run these guys into your jet walls.
categories: Geeky, Videos

The famously awesome Light Cycle scene from Tron recreated using cardboard and construction paper.

The World’s Hardest Game
categories: Games

I can neither confirm nor deny that this is the world’s hardest game, simply because I cannot get past the first level.

Tourette’s Camp
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