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A popular corollary to Godwin’s Law states that anyone who uses a Nazi comparison in an internet argument automatically loses said argument. A less popular corollary to Godwin’s Law (created by me) states that anyone who plays a flash game involving Nazis is a douche. So go ahead and click the link McDouche.

Toby Jones Wants to Fry Your Stuff and Massage Your Feet
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Toby Jones is back with Jones’ Good Ass BBQ & Foot Massage. As long as it’s fryable or edible, he’ll make it deliciousitible. And then if you pay him enough, Toby or one of his foot specialists will massage your feet in sensual sauces.

The Littlegrey Network Forums Weekly Thread Pick:
Sneak Peek: Xaat Disi
categories: Games

Teale Fristoe, the man and the magic behind Arachnophilia, is hard at work on a new game called Xaat Disi: The Salmon Run Game. Today we’re offering you a special 2 level sneak peek. You may see a short survey after you play – filling it out will help Teale make the game better, and help me deal with these painful foot bunions.

The Japanese have no respect for alien modesty.
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The Japanese alien schoolboy, Inochi, goes through the trials and tribulations of early adolescence.

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It seems like it’s been forever since we’ve seen a physics based ball puzzle game. What’s it been? A week? The game designers union must be on strike or something.

Nine Legal Drugs with Crazy Side Effects
categories: Crazy

Warning: DYOG may cause increased gambling, sexual, or other overpowering urges. The way DYOG works is not entirely understood.

I Love Traffic
categories: Games

Do you know what else I love? Papercuts. I love them.

Pac-Man Makes a Mess
categories: Funny, Videos

French ‘Tom Green’, Rémi Gaillard and friends play Pac-Man in a supermarket, with predictably disastrous results.

Oozing Forever
categories: Games

I would like to dedicate today’s game to my nose, and to anyone else who is suffering from seasonal allergies. See you on Monday, if I haven’t drowned in my own mucus by then.

The Death Report
categories: Geeky

While you were entering this world, who was departing?

Hue Test
categories: Games

After all the color blinders complaining about games they can’t play because they’re color blind (wa wa wa), I’ve decided to post a game perfectly suited to their vile disease. (And the game isn’t broken – you just have to choose your country from the list in the bottom before playing.)

Photoshop Disasters
categories: Funny, Pics

When the world of professional photo retouching meets the world of everyday incompetence, only good things can happen. You have to dig through some of the posts to find the real gems, but they’re in there.

Flash Toy 4th : Destructionism-2
categories: Games

With a title like that, this game needs no description.

Mega Ramp
categories: Crazy, Videos

The hospital nearest to Bob Burnquist noticed a sudden upsurge in the number of trauma patients.