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Cat Eggs
categories: Cute, Videos

I’ll bet you didn’t know that this is where cats come from.

Pillage the Village
categories: Games

Yeah, I know it’s old, buy hey – so is your mom!

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Singing Dog
categories: Cute, Funny, Videos

Frank Sinatra, eat your heart out.

categories: Games

Missile Command + magnetic fields + eye of newt + 2 tbsp salt = M.I.R.C!

Learning to Ride
categories: Funny, Videos

Why is it that the dominant instinct people have when they get on a motorcycle for the first time, is to gun the throttle and run into something?

Hedgehog Launch
categories: Games

No matter how cute you try and draw a cartoon hedgehog, it will never, ever, ever ever ever, look as cute as a real life hedgehog. I think it’s one of the laws of physics.

The Japanese have no respect for the spin cycle.
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crazy japan man
cool yourself, jump in the ice
shiny red panties

Dog Lobster
categories: Funny, Videos

He’s Gon Getchoo!

Slide Roadway
categories: Games

Now personally I would just drive around the entire mess to get to the flag, but if renegade shopping carts, giant palmetto olives, and gaping cavities in the earth are your cup of tea, then by all means – whatever floats your boat.

The Best Cat is a Dead Cat
categories: Crazy, Videos

Or at least a cat that looks dead.

Cursor Attack 3
categories: Games

I’ve been trying to tell you kids for years now that cursors are pretty much useless. Back in the days of THE DOS OPERATING SYSTEM, we didn’t need cursors. When we wanted to open up the internet we would just… uh… hmmm… what the hell did we do?

Hillbilly Roller Coaster
categories: Crazy, Videos

If you’ve got a thirst for thrill rides even more dangerous than those manned by travelling carnies, head on down to Indiana and give Joph Ivers’ backyard coaster a try.

Game Achievments
categories: Games

Good news OCDers, today we’ve launched a new feature that lets you earn shiny achievements for your profile by playing Dig Your Own Grave games. So get to it! Anyone who doesn’t have them all by the end of the week is, as the French would say, une odeur de cochon avec de petites testicules.

Man Babies
categories: Funny, Pics

Little did the resident’s of Boise, Idaho know, but the State government had secretly started dumping nuclear waste beneath the town.