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Darth Noodles and Princess Snoogums
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In the ageless battle between Cats and Dogs, the Cat Army has been dealt another serious blow by the awesome might of the Dog Empire. In this video, selfless Dog martyers have proven that even humiliated dogs in Halloween costumes are funnier than humiliated cats in Halloween costumes.

Ninja Warrior
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I don’t pretend to be an expert on Japanese culture, but as I understand it, before a man can ask a woman’s hand in marriage he must become a ninth level Ninja Warrior. These trials of strength are broadcast on television and the losers are thrown into a tank of whales.

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Happy Halloween!
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Hurray, it’s finally here. You might have thought I was joking about what I said yesterday, but it’s actually true. I am a zombie, and I am coming by at 3pm to eat your brains. That’s 3pm PST, and make sure you’re home because I’m getting my chest waxed at 4 o’clock and those ladies get super grumpy when I’m late.

Dark Cut 2
categories: Games

This game is pretty gross, but hey, what’s Halloween without a little blood and body parts? Why, it would be like having Christmas without snow! (and blood and body parts.)

The Last Stand
categories: Games

Look, I don’t want to scare any of you out there, but zombies are coming to eat your brains, and soon. Like tomorrow. Probably around 3pm. We’re planning on grabbing some Taco Bell first, so we may be a little late. Excuse me, they might be a little late. Heh.

categories: Funny, Videos

Halloween is a great time of year to scare the crap out of your friends… because you actually hate them and they’re not really your friends.

Headless Havoc
categories: Games

Halloween is coming, and I for one am so excited that every time I think about it I pee in my pants a little bit. To help set the mood, let’s start the week off with some decapitations!

Sloths Are Players
categories: Crazy, Videos

Apparently this video was created for Alfa Romeo, but I don’t understand it. Maybe their cars are slow.

Mass Attack
categories: Games

The Scales of Justice need balancing. Unfortunately this game has nothing to do with that. But hey, funky music! Boop boop boop boop boop beep boo-dee-dooo…

Eye of the Tiger
categories: Funny, Videos

Rocky’s back, and no I’m not talking about the newest Rocky movie starring a 100 year old Sylvester Stallone. This Rocky fights for America’s heart by being a public nuisance.

Revenge on Telemarketers
categories: Funny

If you hate telemarketers but don’t want to skip taking your antipsychotics in order to mess with them, you may prefer to trick them in to thinking they have wound up in the middle of a homicide investigation.

categories: Music

Musicovery is a webradio application that lets you interactively explore music using many filters such as mood, genre, date, and energy level. If you like discovering new stuff, try unchecking the “Hit” box and check “Discovery”.

The Visitor
categories: Games

Finally a point-and-click adventure that doesn’t involve a supercomputer to calculate the solution by clicking every permutation of every pixel on the screen in every conceivable order just to pass the first level. Plus, it’s getting close to Halloween and this game is frightfully delicious (and magically nutritious).

I cast thee out!

Breathing exercises are important for keeping your lungs in tip-top shape (not true), and this is the best breathing exercise I’ve ever seen. Nothing that makes a person look like this could be useless, right?