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I’ve Got Chubs For You
categories: Funny, Music, Videos

God bless the Internet, it teaches me something new everyday. By the way, if the P-word makes you blush, you probably shouldn’t watch this. You know, the P-WORD. The peeee-nis. *blushes*

HDOS Databank request 01
categories: Games

It may not look like a Halloween game, but I assure you it’s very scary. I just spent an entire hour on that level to the left, and I STILL haven’t figured it out. Somebody put me out of my misery, please?

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Body Boarding Faceplant
categories: Funny, Videos

I think this guy drowned.

Body Ladder
categories: Games

Well here I was thinking this was a Halloween game, but turns out those aren’t piles of zombies – they’re piles of clones. I suck. Halloween is ruined.

Demonic Floating Head
categories: Funny, Videos

Friends come in all shapes and sizes.

3 Minutes on the Beach
categories: Games

If you played the prequel to this game, 3 Hours in an Outhouse Tank, you may be hesitant to give this one a try. Understandable, but I can assure you that 3 Minutes on the Beach is a much more relaxing and enjoyable experience. Unless you’re into that outhouse stuff, pervert.

McCain and Obama Get Served

I believe this dance-off actually took place.

Towering Forever
categories: Games

It’s a proven scientific fact that whenever you combine two things, it makes a new thing that’s better than both the original things. Like for instance, a side-scrolling shooter and a tower defense game. Or say, a golden retriever puppy and a stripper. That’s cute and sexy. Oh, but… crap, does that mean I’m a furry?

Trampoline Birth Control
categories: Funny, Videos

Natural selection at work my friends.

Hunted Forever
categories: Games

Running, lasers, upgrades, giant flying saucers, etc. etc. But in other news, did you know that if you leave lettuce in your fridge for long enough, it turns into a liquid? Smells too.

Alligator Hand Man
categories: Crazy, Videos

Some people do deserve to have bad things happen to them.

Panda Tactical Sniper
categories: Games

There is a common misconception that pandas are cute and cuddly, but a select few of us know the real truth: pandas are bastards. They’re only interested in three things: stealing, panda gangbangs, and sneezing. Shoot on sight I say!

Fatty Falls Down
categories: Funny, Videos

Why did she think getting on the table in the first place was a good idea?

Wooden Path
categories: Games

I’m on your side when times get rough, and friends just can’t be found. Like a wooden path over a somewhat turbulent stream.