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The premise of this game sort of feels like a stress dream to me. I’m running around, slowly painting myself into a corner, and when I finally have no place left to go I fall into oblivion only to start the whole thing over again. Why can’t someone make a game about massaging super models? on CNN
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There’s a what going on in Ira… wah?

The Littlegrey Network Forums Weekly Thread Pick:
Pick the Perp
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When in doubt, pick the… nevermind.

Secretary Cat
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Looks like someone needs to go back to the typing pool.

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You take a block from the bottom, and you put it on top, you… take a.. somethin and a somethin.. and.. uh… Jenga, Jenga, J-J-J-Jenga.

Judge Judy and the Case of the Fat Toilet Woman
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You’ve got to be a pretty awful person to humiliate your friend on national TV over the cost of a new toilet, but at least it makes for good television.

Fat Slice
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I’d like to order a fat slice of love. Double cheese and extra-saucy please.

Giant Mexican Bathtub Worm
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Honestly Mexico, you’re coming up with a lot of reasons for me to never visit you.

Little Wheel
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We’ve all seen The Matrix, Terminator, Battlestar Galactica… so what, now we’re supposed to help the robots? Ha ha, no way! Nice try robots!

Sleeping Kittens
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Brought to you by Ambien.

Polygonal Fury
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In this exciting team-based tactical shooter, you play as Ervil LeBaron, fighting your way through hordes of vicious enemies accompanied by your 16 AI-controlled wives. Collect powerups and gold to upgrade… oh wait, Polygonal Fury. Sorry, wrong game.

Talking Classics & Friends
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Keith‘s friend Arthur Fielding drops by, but does he actually know anything about video games?

Ultimate Assassin 2
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Well look at that… two assassin games in a row. Coincidence? Or do you think someone is paying me $1 for every time I say the word ass in a post? Because so far this week I’d already be at ass – I mean eleven. Actually twelve including that last ass. Thirteen!

Mega Shark vs. Plane
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“I’m getting married in two days.”