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Happy Thanksgiving!
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It’s the big Thanksgiving long weekend here in the US, a 4-day celebration of gorging, purchasing, and sitting in horrible traffic. And if any foreigners should ask you what the history behind the holiday is, just give them the universally accepted answer: “Ummmmm… pilgrims?”

Red Code
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It’s just like Starship Troopers, except with no busty babes and no Doogie Howser. Sadly, I’m not sure which I miss more.

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This is your brain on video games.
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When I’m playing video games, I thrust the controller wildly about in the general direction I want my character to go.

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A game based on animals performing ritual suicide is great and all, but to make it really excellent there needs to be a way to make all the cats go first.

The Palindrome Song

If I had a Hi-Fi, I’d listen to this Weird Al song all day.

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You guys really seemed to like that Fantastic Contraption game, so I thought you might enjoy this one too. Personally, I haven’t tried it – way too many buttons. I only need two buttons in my games, PLAY and LAUNCH TACTICAL NUCLEAR WARHEADS.

Burj Dubai Base Jumping
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A Brit and a Frenchman sneak into the still under construction Burj Dubai skyscraper by posing as white people, and then leap off of it.

Credit Crisis
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Some of you young ones may not fully understand the credit crisis, but in a nutshell it’s the reason your dad cries so much these days, and also why you’ll need to become a stripper if you want to go to college.

Submit your score as M.SS (M-minutes, SS-seconds).

Jar Jar Binks Geico Commercial
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Hated Star Wars character, Jar Jar Binks, has fallen on tough times recently (Good.) and has had to turn to acting in insurance commercials in order to pay his massive alimony.

Hot Air Bloon
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FINALLY. A way to kill the monkey.

Danish Johnny Depp

Nobody does a better erotic Dracula than Yenz Von Tilborg.

Boca Raton, baby!

Super Stacker
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Well instead of 2008 being the year of playing with yourself, I think it’s definitely shaping up to be the year of physics puzzle games. So it turns out game developers aren’t perverts, they’re just gigantic nerds.

Extreme Kayaking
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Now that’s what I call extreme! *pterodactyl noise*

Storm the House 3
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In the highly anticipated sequel to Storm the House 2, more advanced storming algorithms combined with the latest in cutting-edge house rendering technology provide the player with a completely new* gaming experience.