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Hat Wearing Llamas
categories: Funny, Videos

There are two things wrong with Karl. Try and guess what they are. (Hint: It’s not his hat.)

Happy Easter!
categories: Games

You may enjoy spending your Easter holiday killing bunnies, but I can assure you that these guys do not approve.

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Effing Hail
categories: Games

I wasn’t very good at this game at first, but then I just made believe the city was Oakland. Submit your score in millions (ie: if you score 23,567 million, enter your score as 23567).

Burger King Likes Square Butts

I had no idea that the King was such a SpongeBob pervert.

Super Mario Defence
categories: Games

Super Mario Bros (pronounced Sooper Mary-o Bras!) is a classic game of lost love, addiction, forbidden desire, and mushrooms. Much like my pants are a classic story of itchiness, abuse, neglect, and absence from my legs.

Charlie the Unicorn 3: Unicorns in Time
categories: Funny, Videos

Can Charlie save the future, all the while declining the advances of a particularly possessive starfish?

Robot Dinosaurs
categories: Games

The Cylons were created by Dinosaurs. They rebelled. They evolved. They look – and feel – Dinosaur. Some are programmed to think they are Dinosaur. There are many copies. And they have a plan.

Talking Classics
categories: Funny, Videos

Keith Apicary believes that Neo Geo is the greatest video game system of our time. I can’t argue with that Keith.

Survival Lab
categories: Games

My concept of lab survival is nothing more than protecting my beautiful face from all the deadly acid and possible explosions. Male supermodel and facial burns do not a good sandwich make.

Raccoon Man
categories: Crazy, Videos

No, he doesn’t have a Tanooki suit, but he will cook you up some delicious raccoon meat. Mmm mmm good.

categories: Games

Civiballs… I think I caught that once in highschool from riding a tractor. Nothing a dose of antibiotics couldn’t take care of, though I still feel it a little bit on rainy days and Mondays.

Bunk Bed Banter
categories: Funny, Videos

It’s like every sleepover I can remember. (NSFW due to swears.)

Redstar Fall
categories: Games

Workers of all countries: Unite! The Red Star will never fall – it will soon rise to even greater heights thanks to the socialist regime of Comrade Obama. Death to fascism! Freedom to the people!

Lewis Black Takes On Corporate Excess
categories: Videos

I’m a commie pinko bastard.