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Distracted Driving Test
categories: Games

Texting while driving? Can anyone actually do that? My hands are way too busy flipping people off and putting on eyeliner.

24 Hour News Networks Will Be the Death of Us All
categories: Videos

Yeah, I’d say this is pretty accurate.

The Littlegrey Network Forums Weekly Thread Pick:
How to Raise a Dragon
categories: Games

It actually takes very little to raise a dragon. Just leave it in a room with some canned ravioli, toilet paper, and a television. It will turn out fine – just like me. Now if you’ll excuse me, my Hannah Montana torrent is almost done and I need to get into my polar bear suit before I can watch.

Vegetarians ARE Annoying
categories: Funny, Videos

Not so fun when the shoe’s on the other foot, is it jerks?

William and Sly
categories: Games

The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy fairybug runestone thing.

Space Alien Furniture Store Commercial
categories: Funny, Videos

A professional in an astronaut suit is still a professional.

Rabbit Wants Cake
categories: Games

Do you want to know what else the rabbit wants? Your blood.

Squirrel Cam
categories: Crazy, Videos

Wild squirrels, dioramas, nuts, madness!

Demolition City
categories: Games
Bear Cub Scared By Lion
categories: Cute, Funny, Videos

Bear cubs apparently do not have the fastest reaction times.

Red Remover
categories: Games

Everybody knows the best way to remove red is using cold water and regular soap. Removing it before the item is washed and dried is essential. Just ask Horatio Caine.

The Professor Brothers – Sodom & Gomorrah
categories: Funny, Videos

Genesis 19: Total insanity.

(NSFW because of swearing)

Vase Breaker
categories: Games

So this orc walks into a bar with a duck, and he says to the bartender… Actually wait – before I go any further are we sure that’s an orc? Is there a nerd out there who can confirm whether that’s an orc or not?

Couch Airbag Prank
categories: Funny, Videos

Initially I was disappointed that the prankee did not going flying even higher, but in retrospect I think anything more powerful would have probably disintegrated his colon. I say this as a medical professional.

NSFW due to the inevitable painful swearing.