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The Japanese have no respect for feline weight lifting.
categories: Cute, Videos

Now this is an Olympic event I can get into. The suspense!

Straw Hat Samurai
categories: Games

It’s time to dust off your copy of Hagakure and put that warrior spirit to good use. There’s a plague of evil wannabe samurais loose in the fields, and they need their bodies separated from their heads – post haste!

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Violent Vocoder
categories: Funny, Music, Videos

So this is why so many hip-hop songs are obnoxiously vocoded these days.

Gravity Ball
categories: Games

I’m still not sold on this whole gravity business. I know a while back we determined that gravity makes pooping more pleasant, but beyond that I’m still not seeing many positives. In my version of heaven I’m just floating around town in my underwear. Oh, and don’t forget about the puppies. There are floating puppies everywhere.

The Cat and the Furious: Tokyo Drift
categories: Cute, Videos

All that’s missing is a stove for the cats to slam into.

The Gaming Quiz
categories: Games

So you call yourself a gamer?

Rules of the Road
categories: Funny, Videos

Driving is really confusing, but this video straightened some things out for me. Now I never leave home without a bag of fireworks and a lighter.

Ether War
categories: Games

There is a great war waging among the stars above us. A war that only non-epileptics can win.

Sarah Palin Wants to Phone a Friend
categories: Funny, Videos

I remember the good ‘ol days when Vice Presidential picks weren’t publicity stunts.

categories: Games

I have been called many things in my time… lover, fighter, hero, douchebag, and yes, even a maverick.

Children’s Programming Meets Stephen King
categories: Crazy, Videos

Learn about the importance of personal hygiene from a couple of creepy marionettes and a scary clown.

Microbe Kombat
categories: Games

There’s nothing I like more on a Friday night than kicking back with a good flash game, a buttery Chardonnay, and a brick of aged Swiss. What about you?

Kitten’s Got Water Wings
categories: Cute, Videos

This cat loves baths more than I do. Maybe we should bathe together, or would that be wrong?

categories: Games

Way back in 1972, a company called Atari released what many people believe was the first ever video game. And today, 36 years of human and technological advancement has finally brought us the sequel.