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Baby’s First ROFL
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A future stoner if I’ve ever seen one.

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You see? You should have actually paid attention in math class instead of just passing notes and snapping girl’s bras. Now aliens are going to destroy the world and it’s pretty much all your fault.

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The Japanese have no respect for office productivity.
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These eyelid stickers will allow you to get that much needed shuteye in the workplace, without arousing the suspicion of your less intelligent coworkers.

Smokin’ Barrels
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Yeeehaw! It’s time to dust off that cowboy hat and put on your sexiest pair of assless chaps. Thanks to this game, you can now live out your embarrassing wild-west gunslinger fantasy from the safety of your own home. And who knows, if you keep practicing maybe one day you’ll be as good as this guy.

Free CD Boner
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This seems like a good example of why companies should reconsider outsourcing their call centers to magical foreign lands.

Presidenti Happy Day

Today in the US, it is Presidents Day. A day we celebrate in honor of George Washington, the first President of the United States of America. To pay him our respect, we sleep a lot, don’t do any work, and refuse to bathe or wear pants.

The Great Kitchen Escape
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Quick! Escape the kitchen before it’s too late! Lord knows you wouldn’t want to accidentally make yourself a delicious sandwich.

Best of Conan O’Brien
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Fun Administrator Fact: My favorite Late Night moment was when Conan propositioned Jeri “Seven of Nine” Ryan.

Spin the Black Circle
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Remember that game Spin The Bottle we used to play as kids? The one where you’d sit in a circle and spin a bottle, and whoever it landed on would have to make out with a girl in the closet? Only your friends tricked you and instead you made out with another guy, permanently scarring you and causing lasting trust and relationship issues that haunt you to this day? Well this game is nothing like that.

Eeyore Can Be Scary
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Children are like adorable little mental patients. They can go from fear, to joy, to full blown terror in the span of 10 seconds.

Tribal Jump
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Jump from skull to skull to make your way down the river. You know, just how you’d make your way down a river in real life.

It’s my room in a box.
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The perfect product for all the perma-bachelors out there, Casulo is an entire bedroom set in a box. It will come in really handy if you have a habit of not paying your rent and need to do a lot of midnight moves.

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So long as there is breath in my lungs and movement in my fingers, I will never be able to resist the siren song of the colored block game.

Bob Henry’s restaurant will dazzle you.
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The only definitive thing I can say about this video is that it does not make me want to eat a steak.