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Gunmaster Onslaught 2
categories: Games

Puzzles are great and all, but I understand that some days you just want to get your shoot on.

*Bleep* you baby.
categories: Funny, Videos

Not a lot of people know this, but Sesame Street isn’t for children anymore. In their efforts to reach the coveted young adult demographic, I think they’ve crossed the line.

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Duck, Think Outside the Flock
categories: Games

Rumor has it that this game’s release was delayed due to a major re-work after the original version, Duck, That Monkey is Throwing Excrement, did not fair so well during user testing.

What is oozing out of our ground?
categories: Crazy, Videos

You’ve seen her freak out about rainbows in a sprinkler, and now you can see the rest of her absolutely insane videos on her YouTube account. Did you know that the government has aimed a directed energy weapon at her house that causes it to vibrate?

Bubble Tanks 2
categories: Games

This game demands to be played while puffing on a toy bubble pipe and wearing a musty tweed smoking jacket.

PS: Sorry if you’ve been getting hammered with popups today. I am trying to track down the offending advertiser.

The Return of Weng Weng
categories: Funny, Videos

Agent 00, the small secret agent that looks like a potato, is back with the silliest jet pack scene in movie history.

World’s Hardest Game 2
categories: Games

Doesn’t the existence of this game contradict the very existence of it’s predecessor? I’m not sure the space-time continuum can handle these shenanigans. It’s like it just went back in time and killed it’s own mother for god’s sake.

Sean Penn Picks Up His Daughter
categories: Funny, Videos

If you’ve never seen the ending of Mystic River, don’t even think about watching this video.

categories: Games

Don’t you think this game would be better if it had some color matching?

categories: Funny, Videos

The next time Captain Cool here goes mountain golfing, he should probably bring some tees.

Ringmania 2
categories: Games

In my version of heaven, I’m running around buck naked in a town painted in all primary colors. Every time I push three like-colored objects together they explode in a shower of skittles and puppy dog kisses, to the sound of wind chimes and children’s laughter. Oh, and there are strippers everywhere.

I have no legs.

This video has been making the rounds on the Internet lately, purportedly as the worst fight scene ever, but I think we know the truth.

Soviet Silo Defense
categories: Games

Защищай вас ядерный арсенал из американских свиней. Я ненавижу брюки!

First Time on the Internet
categories: Funny, Videos

I can only assume that the video you are about to see, is of Mad TV alum, Debra Wilson, using the Internet for the very first time.