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Uh oh, fifteen minutes to Judge Wapner.
categories: Funny, Videos

Bill Gates was not looking forward to meeting the Judge that morning.

Bowja the Ninja (in Bigman’s Compound)
categories: Games

If you should ever encounter a ninja in the wild, don’t run – just pick him up gently with both hands. When he says hello, give him a little kiss on the forehead, then wrap him in your shirt and shove him down the back of your pants. And there you go! You’ve made a new friend.

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The Amazing Roller Skating Boy
categories: Crazy, Videos

Six-year-old Indian boy, Aniket Chindak, holds the unofficial world record for limbo-skating and can skate along at no more than eight inches above the ground.

Happy Canada Day!
categories: Games

In the spirit of working as little as possible, I’ve decided to start celebrating Canadian holidays. And in honour (<-- check that spelling!) of Canada Day I really wanted to post a game about poutine, but surprisingly I couldn't find one. So instead I've settled for a game about a beaver. It may not be great, but what can you do? Oh I know... BLAME CANADA.

Muhammad ‘The Cat’ Ali
categories: Cute, Videos

Don’t step in to the ring with this feisty feline. He’s got the eye of the tiger.

Diesel and Death
categories: Games

Although my motocross racing days are behind me (thanks to a massive groin injury), I can still enjoy this… hmmm? Oh, no, the groin injury wasn’t caused by racing. How? Well, I really can’t get into it here… but let’s just say it involved Petra Nemcova, 20 gallons of grape jello, and a full grown whippet.

Catch of the Century
categories: Funny

When Dimitri the Lover left Olga two messages on her answering machine, she clearly didn’t know what she was missing by not calling him back.

categories: Games

I know I said I was done with tower defense games, but I swear this isn’t one. I have play tested it thoroughly, and I can guarantee that there is not a single tower in the game, nor do you do any sort of defending. It’s actually more of a OH THE WEB OF LIES PLEASE FOGIVE ME

Trying to Beat the Train
categories: Crazy, Videos

For those of you playing along at home, you’ll want to remember not to slow down and stop as you travel over the railroad crossing.

Bloons ‘The Blood of a Thousand Monkeys’ Edition
categories: Games

hhheeeeeeeeeee’ssssss baaaaaaack…

Cat Eggs
categories: Cute, Videos

I’ll bet you didn’t know that this is where cats come from.

Pillage the Village
categories: Games

Yeah, I know it’s old, buy hey – so is your mom!

Singing Dog
categories: Cute, Funny, Videos

Frank Sinatra, eat your heart out.

categories: Games

Missile Command + magnetic fields + eye of newt + 2 tbsp salt = M.I.R.C!