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Bubble Pop
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A new day is dawning on The Great Fish Week of 2008. We’ve nearly reached the end, and I tell you I couldn’t be more excited. In celebration, I’ll be shoving a live trout down my trousers, and I suggest you do the same. It’s delightful!

Guns Are Scary
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The foundation for any lasting marriage begins with a mutual appreciation for practical jokes involving firearms. It ends shortly thereafter in death or divorce.

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Dolphin Cup
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You thought I was kidding about Fish Week didn’t you? Honestly I had my doubts as well, but I tell you – it doesn’t matter how crazy your dream is, with a little elbow grease and some help from your friends, anything is possible. Especially if one of your friends is the baby Jesus.

Tilt-Shift Miniature Faking
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Believe it or not, all of these photos are of real, life-size objects and locations. They have been made to appear like miniature models through the process of tilt-shift miniature faking.

Battle Fish
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Looking at today’s thumbnail, two questions may spring to mind: 1) is it Dig Your Own Grave Fish Week or something? And 2) is that goldfish swinging a mace? The answers to your questions are 1) I’m thinking about it and 2) hell yes.

The Japanese have no respect for implosions.
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Kajima Corporation has developed a new method to demolish tall buildings. They replace the pillars at ground level with computer-controlled metal columns. A crew then demolishes the entire floor by hand, leaving the structure resting on the mechanical pillars, which are then lowered until the next floor is at ground level. They repeat this operation until they get rid of all the floors.

Feed’N Frenzy
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Unfortunately my degree in advanced human neuroscience didn’t cover fish anatomy, but my suspicion is that Fishy McFisherson here might have a tapeworm.

Hollywood Muppets
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What Muppet does (non) funny-man Jimmy Kimmel look like? What about Dave Chappelle or Carrot Top? The answers to these questions and more await you in TMZ’s star-studded Muppets lookalike gallery.

Shift 3
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Shift 3 is out! Now featuring Adventure Mode. Plus some groovy player packs! And a pack of Lime Jello! Plus a 3-way sprocket wrench! And a hooker!

Stop the Chairs!
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“Professional” wrestling is hard core, and full of chairs.

The Last Stand 2
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There is really no reason to fear us zombies. We’re just like you. We like sleeping in late. We read the paper in the morning over a danish and a cup of dark roast. Okay, it’s a brain danish. And a cup of dark brains. And it’s not so much “sleeping” as it is hunting human flesh. But it’s all good, we’re cool homie. What’d you say your address was?

Drive-Thru Banking
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Ah, so that’s what they mean by ‘Low Clearance’.

Pandemic II
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I’ve got a fever, and the only prescription is:

a) coated 200 mg Advil tablets.
b) more cowbell.
c) raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens.

The Buffet Song

A creepier song about buffets will never be penned.