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I feel a little bad posting this game, since it’s such a screaming clone of Winterbells, but I love the gameplay and this version has leaderboards we can use. But at least the guy came up with an original theme – bloons and a monkey. Oh, wait…

Are we the baddies?
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British comedy duo Mitchell & Webb ask the question at least some SS soldiers must have been wondering.

The Littlegrey Network Forums Weekly Thread Pick:
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This game, much like your mom, requires Flash Player 10 or it’s going to go all menopausal on you.

The Japanese have no respect for acorns.
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I’m not sure what Acorn Cat and Pyjama Pig are saying, but it sounds pretty important.

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Always looking out for the future careers of my loyal young viewers, today’s game is all you need to get a jump start in the exciting field of bathroom renovation.

Stop Motion Paper Waterslide Animation
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This reminds me of a waterpark I went to as a kid, only this looks less scary.

Megaman X: RPG Chapter 0
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Fans of the original Megaman, Megaman X, and being total nerds, will love the way this game seamlessly ties all those elements together. Wait, does that say Chapter 0? We call that a “Prologue” where I come from*.

*I come from Smart People Town.

Spinny McMeow Meows
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This is one cat that’s not afraid of the spinning teacup ride.

Frontline Defense: Ass First
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The full title wouldn’t fit so I had to abbreviate it.

Everything is Better in Slow Motion
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I eat Jell-O in slow motion every chance I get. Nom… nom… nom.

Palisade Guardian
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A popular corollary to Godwin’s Law states that anyone who uses a Nazi comparison in an internet argument automatically loses said argument. A less popular corollary to Godwin’s Law (created by me) states that anyone who plays a flash game involving Nazis is a douche. So go ahead and click the link McDouche.

Toby Jones Wants to Fry Your Stuff and Massage Your Feet
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Toby Jones is back with Jones’ Good Ass BBQ & Foot Massage. As long as it’s fryable or edible, he’ll make it deliciousitible. And then if you pay him enough, Toby or one of his foot specialists will massage your feet in sensual sauces.

Sneak Peek: Xaat Disi
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Teale Fristoe, the man and the magic behind Arachnophilia, is hard at work on a new game called Xaat Disi: The Salmon Run Game. Today we’re offering you a special 2 level sneak peek. You may see a short survey after you play – filling it out will help Teale make the game better, and help me deal with these painful foot bunions.

The Japanese have no respect for alien modesty.
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The Japanese alien schoolboy, Inochi, goes through the trials and tribulations of early adolescence.