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By just reading the title you might assume this game is about poops – but don’t worry, that would be gross. It’s actually about a water logged corpse.

I love to take a bath in a casket
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Before he married his step-granddaughter, Morgan Freeman played Count Dracula on The Electric Company.

The Littlegrey Network Forums Weekly Thread Pick:
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I wonder what an actual ninja brawl would sound like. Probably like old ladies whispering.

Vortex Cannon

I don’t want to nitpick, but I would assume the 3rd Little Pig used mortar when building his brick house. Also, I don’t think the Three Little Pigs counts as a legend.

Get Off My Lawn
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And by “lawn” I mean the 3 foot radius around my computer. And by “get off” I mean just take a step back so you’re not in my personal space, but please stay and talk to me because I’m lonely. So very very lonely.

Doc Bottoms Aspray
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Just one question: Does the A stand for ass?

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This message has been brought to you by the gems in my inbox.

Walking Box Prank
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Fact: People get mad easily when lifting things as a team.

Photo King
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Although I have lots of practice taking naked pictures of myself in the mirror, I was never smiling in any of them – until the phalloplasty, that is.

Solar Eclipse From Space
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A solar eclipse doesn’t look so world ending when viewed from space.

Cat Cat Watermellon
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Sometimes when I play a game I can hear a song for it in my head right away. Like this one goes: cat, cat, cat – ticka-ticka – cat, cat cat (robotvoice)WAAAATERM-E-L-L-O-N *guitar solo*

Star Wars Gets Served
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Another little piece of me died watching this.

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What is your favorite part of point and click adventures?
a) Pointing
b) Clicking
c) Adventuring

LATFH: Look at this @#*! hipster
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I have no time for hipsters.