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Fox News Becomes a Self-Parody

Watch out fellow patriots, Comrade Obama is trying to foist communism on our great nation. Do not let him bespoil her supple fields of grain.

Bars of Black and White
categories: Games

This game reminded me of two things that you kids will eventually learn as you get a little older: 1) sometimes grownups want to be stuck inside their apartments, and 2) product barcodes are used by the government as a way to communicate our DNA sequences to aliens for the purpose of cloning an empire of galactic slaves.

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Kid High on Nitrous Oxide
categories: Funny, Videos

Dental surgery isn’t all fun and games you know. It’s also a gateway drug into the illicit world of antihistamines and cough medicine.

Mushroom Revolution
categories: Games

The victory of the Mushroom Revolution will be a tangible demonstration before all the Americas that mushrooms are capable of rising up, that they can rise up by themselves right under the very fangs of the monster. It will mean the beginning of the end of colonial domination in America, that is, the definitive beginning of the end for North American imperialism.

Self Defense Basics
categories: Funny, Videos

Gavin McInnes teaches self defense against a formidable opponent.

Brick Ya… err.. Perfect Ba.. no wait.. Super Stacker II
categories: Games

By the end of 2009 you will still be unemployed and in debt, 10 pounds heavier, one year closer to death, and will still have never kissed a girl. But – you’ll be most excellent at stacking things.

Fun Slides Carpet Skates
categories: Videos

Fun slides! Fun slides! Fun slides!

Evolution Squared
categories: Games

Personally I was hoping to evolve an extra eyeball or maybe a second head, but I guess a monocle is pretty cool too. Chicks love monocles.

Save Bandit!
categories: Funny, Videos

Dwight’s fire safety lesson goes obviously and horribly wrong, in this hilarious clip from NBC’s The Office.

Chain of Fire
categories: Games

I’ll be honest, I was looking forward to a lot more screaming.

Super Mario Sunshine Water Jetpack
categories: Crazy, Videos

If you’ve got a spare fire truck lying around, hook it up to this awesome water powered jet pack and fly around the local pond.

The Tower
categories: Games

Protect your heart from hordes of enemy cows.

Yeah, you heard that right.

It’s like I’m walking on sunshine.

As an officially registered website with the Department of Homeland Security, I am legally obligated to spend one day a year warning my viewers about the dangers of drugs and other controlled substances. Consider this video to be that warning.

Bad Breath
categories: Games

Halitosis, more commonly referred to as “bad breath”, can be quite a serious problem if one isn’t vigilant about maintaining proper oral hygiene. Thankfully, I can say that it’s never been a problem for me. Isn’t that right ladies? Uh… ladies?