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Extreme Kayaking
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Now that’s what I call extreme! *pterodactyl noise*

Storm the House 3
categories: Games

In the highly anticipated sequel to Storm the House 2, more advanced storming algorithms combined with the latest in cutting-edge house rendering technology provide the player with a completely new* gaming experience.


Video Fantastica! Today's Top Video:
The Littlegrey Network Forums Weekly Thread Pick:
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This is pretty much the reason Mr. Administrator doesn’t play Monopoly anymore.

categories: Games

Ah, sweet sweet crude, aka petroleum, aka “The Black Gold”. Not to be confused with “The Brown Gold”, known to many by it’s consumer name, Nutella. I would smear that stuff into my eyes if it made the taste last longer (it doesn’t, I tried).

The Japanese have no respect for children.
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This blackface (redface?) looking fellow is an octopus from a 1970s Japanese children’s television show, proving once and for all that the Japanese have always been really weird.

Warzone Tower Defense
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There, I said it so you don’t have to. Now we can use the comments section to talk about our favorite types of cookies!

Robot Man

I’m not sure, but this video makes me suspect that my family has been replaced with robots.

Where on Earth
categories: Games

Okay, I realize yesterday’s game might have been a little too academic for some, so today we’re just going to blow holes in stuff. Blow holes in your knowledge of architecture and geography that is! Huzzah!

The 1950s Were Harsh

Listen guys, you’re going to have to start taking better care of yourselves if you want me to behave like a human being.

The irRegularGame of Life
categories: Games

Having been a keen student of evolutionary algorithms during my academic years, I was able to really apprecia… wait, what? No, I’m serious. I did! What, have I ever lied to you guys?

Death Goes Trick or Treating

You might think that you have to wait until next Halloween to try out this prank, but it would probably go over even better during the Christmas season.

categories: Games

I think this game is broken. I can’t find the Yahtzee button anywhere.

Ragdoll Stuntman
categories: Crazy, Videos

And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you don’t let your son become a stuntman.
(NSFW due to the swearing during the inevitable.)

Factory Balls 2
categories: Games

Count me out folks. As you know, I don’t do games involving balls and crushing, and by association I also don’t do games involving balls and factories. Bad things can happen in factories. Bad, bad things.