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One Year Later: Update on the Tortoise and the Baby Hippo

A year after they first met, Owen, the baby hippo that survived last December’s Tsunami, and Mzee, a 130-year-old tortoise are still best pals. They live together at the Haller Park preserve in Mombasa, Kenya.

Last year when Owen first arrived, the tortoise resisted his companionship, but the persistent Owen kept following him around the park, into the pool and trying to sleep next to him. Mzee relented after several days. As the bond grew, the tortoise even returned signs of affection. They are now inseparable.

Conservation workers soon plan to introduce Owen to a 13-year-old female hippo named Cleo, hoping to see the two develop a strong relationship. The female hippo has lived without companionship from her species for more than a decade. The delicate process will begin with getting the two animals to meet and get used to each other’s smell before they moving them into a larger enclosure together with the tortoise.

Scholastic Press has just announced it is releasing a book about the real life story of Owen and Mzee:

The True Story Of A Remarkable Friendship (Owen and Mzee)

If you’re interested, you can buy it here.

You can find lots more cute pics and updates on the official blog of Owen and Mzee’s caretaker, The Care-taker’s Diary. And see our previous article on Owen and Mzee (with more pictures!).

Mzee used to be bigger than Owen:
Mzee used to be bigger than Owen

Now Owen is much bigger!
Now Owen is getting bigger!

Still inseparable:

Now that is love (I think):

Posing for the camera has almost become second nature:

Don’t forget Mzee is cute too (give him a break, he’s 130):

And don’t forget, for plenty more facts and pictures, you can now buy the book!

Still not satisfied? For another blast of (unrelated) baby hippo cuteness check out this pic:


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