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GemCraft – Chasing Shadows

The path of GemCraft continues, bigger and meaner than ever…

T: Build tower
R: Build trap
A: Build amplifier
W: Build wall
Hold Shift to place multiple buildings
Drag to place a row of walls
G: Combine gems
Q: Swtich time speed
Space: Pause time
N: Start next wave
D: Duplicate gem
U: Upgrade gem
Dot: Show/hide info panels
X: Destroy gem for mana
Click on empty building: Insert first gem from inventory
Tab or – : Drop gem to inventory
Numpad 1..9: Create gem
1..3: Strike spells
4..6: Gem enhancement spells
B: Throw gem bombs
Hold Shift + B: Throw gems by clicking from inventory
B + hold Shift: Use mana to throw clone bombs of the first gem in the inventory
Mouse wheel or Up/Down over Gem bomb button: set number of bombs to throw on wave/spark stones in clone bombing mode
Mouse wheel over gem: decrease gem range
Select target, then Arrow keys: Cycle through targets
Right click or Shift-click on gem: Adjust target priority
Alt-click or Ctrl-click: Ignore gems, force selecting targets
Esc: Options screen
WASD, Arrow keys, Mouse drag: Navigate world map
PageUp/PageDown or Mouse wheel: Zoom world map

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