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Burrito Bison Revenge
categories: Games

I understand the concept of burrito revenge: it happens the morning after eating nine Taco Bell beef burrito supreme menus. If anyone knows how the bison fits into this story, let me know. Come to think of it, better not – this is a family site.

The Visitor Returns
categories: Games

To get you into the holiday mood, a game about an alien worm decapitating, dismembering, and ingesting various life forms. It’s a Festivus for the rest of us!

Theme Hotel
categories: Games

Well this is fun, but if I was really building my own hotel I would include an incinerator for washing the bed sheets. Also useful for dead hooker infestations.

Tasty Planet Dino Time
categories: Games

Travel back in time a few thousand years to the golden age of dinosaurs, Jesus, and an originalist interpretation of the United States Constitution, and rekindle your binge eating disorder for the good of all mankind.

Moby Dick 2
categories: Games

When I was a kid my dad always used to refer to my mom as “the great white whale”. I assumed it was a moniker of power and respect, but when I tried to use it she threw a frying pan at me.

Ducklife 3
categories: Games

I have to admit that the word ducklife doesn’t really generate the thought of poor animals training for an Iron Man competition in Hawaii. That sounds more like something geese would do.

Burrito Bison
categories: Games

The moral of the story is: nothing good ever happens at geographical locations that contain the word candy.

You: Admin, you are lame and we hate you for posting two upgrade games in a row. Also, we never read your intros.

Monster Corp
categories: Games

I’m not even sure what this game is about. I tried to play it numerous times last night, but I couldn’t stop myself from rubbing my crotch against DigYourOwnGrave’s Facebook page with 1000 likes instead.

Vector Stunt

I know you guys were looking forward to the latest Hannah Montana Kissing Cousins game, but you’re going to have to settle for this new DYOG exclusive instead. If you want a mental picture of this beast, imagine Vector Runner mixed with Dolphin Olympics, but with more vectors and an extra serving of dolphin sexual assault.

Feed Us
categories: Games

In one of my past lives I was ruler of a small kingdom in Eastern Europe. I was a benevolent and generous ruler, so when the peasants gathered around my castle with torches and pitchforks yelling Feed Us I just wanted to comply. Unfortunately for all involved, Feed Us sounds an awful lot like one of the stages of prenatal development.

Dr. Mario Song

He is Dr. Mario and he is saving lives.

Learn To Fly 2
categories: Games

Seeing a penguin with his head wrapped in bandages reminds me of the time I got some discount liposuction done in Tuktoyaktuk. Instead of giving me an anesthetic they just made me lie naked in the snow for an hour. And they stole my wallet. And never operated on me. Good times, good times…

Private: Spectrum Runner
categories: Games

Today’s game is a preview of the latest DYOG exclusive – it’s like Vector Runner meets Audiosurf meets a party in my undies. I’ve linked to the game on Kongregate because I entered it into a contest they’re having. If you have a Kong account do me a solid and give it a good rating!

Reimagine :The Game:
categories: Games

If I had to re-imagine my world it would probably have moving walkways everywhere, every Wednesday it would rain Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, and wearing pants would be illegal.

categories: Games

One of the oldest and most popular games on Dig Your Own Grave is Cubefield. It’s so simple a two-fingered monkey could play it, but at the same time it’s so fun that you will spontaneously burst into tears of joy while playing it. And, we’ve just set it up with our new High Scores system, so you might want to check that all out before you officially become the lamest lame-o on the block.

Mass Mayhem 3
categories: Games

Some people consider randomly blowing up pregnant ladies and small children to be mass mayhem, but I don’t think that even comes close to when I smeared honey all over my body and crashed a bear party. I’ll let you interpret bear any way you like.

Bubble Tanks 3
categories: Games

It’s only a matter of time before the Bubble Boys of the world form a union and design real life Bubble Tanks during their next conference in Las Vegas.
Then they’re going to conquer the world just like the Moops did.

Otomata Generative Sequencer
categories: Geeky, Music

Hocus pocus you’re an even better musician.

Flood Runner 3: Armageddon

This game actually contains three things on my bucket list: surfing, surviving Armageddon, and punching a giant squid in the face.

categories: Games

The creators of the game Apple Shooter finally finished processing the results of the survey they conducted during its release. Since the results were 98.3% in favor of “yes, I would rather shoot an arrow into my friend’s face and/or crotch than into an apple”, they decided to create a similar game, only this time with guns.

Happy Thanksgiving Turkeys!

You’re a turkey and I’m in love with you
Gobble Gobble, that’s the thing that you do
You’re a turkey, you can’t even fly
You’re a turkey, why would you even try?

Epic Combo!
categories: Games

If a week ago someone told me I would be smashing cute little turtles with a giant sledge hammer, I would have clenched my fists in rage and shown them that (rejected) poster I made for PETA where I’m lying naked with a porcupine covering my funny parts (ouch). But that was a week ago.