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Soulja Boy Songsmith
categories: Funny, Music, Videos

Since I learned yesterday how much you guys love Soulja Boy, here’s the Songsmith version of his hit song Crank That.

categories: Games

I wonder what an actual ninja brawl would sound like. Probably like old ladies whispering.

Learn to Fly
categories: Games

I was actually thinking the other day that a penguin would make the perfect pet – if it wasn’t for the constant pooping. You could bring him in the bath, he wouldn’t take much room on the bed, I bet he’d love watching tv and sharing popcorn… It really is a shame about the pooping.

Hex Empire
categories: Games

This game reminds me of the hours days okay fine, weeks I flushed down the pooper playing Civ3 and Dice Wars. The desire for revenge I feel when territory is stolen from me immediately overrides all natural instincts to eat, bathe, blink, and feed the goldfish. Forgive me Bubbles and Lexus! FORGIVE ME!

The Neverending Party
categories: Funny, Videos

“Say my name Bastian! Say my name!”