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Tentacle Wars
categories: Games

Well I hate to break this streak of Christmas themed games, but when I see a game called Testicle Wars, it pretty much demands to be posted. I mean – what kind of pervert dreams up a game about dueling male reproductive organs?? What kind of pervert indeed.

Civilizations Wars
categories: Games

Destroy the other tribes so you can rule the jungle (until the Spanish come and take everything).

Pixel Legions

Many times after a long day of nerding out on the computer I fall asleep with something that looks a lot like this game burnt into the back of my eyelids. When it’s still there in the morning, that’s my cue to take a vacation day.

Cloud Wars
categories: Games

Everything I tried to write for this post ended up sounding like the awkward conversations I have with my neighbors in the elevator. It starts off with comments on the weather and ends with a description of my morning bowel movement.