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Man Almost Crushed by Ferry

What’s your hurry, guy?

Two Minutes of Osprey Carrier Launches

It’s a helicopter… It’s a plane… It’s an LSD flashback!

Three Minutes of Carrier Launches

America, *#$% yeah!

Gay of White Walkers
categories: Funny, Geeky, Videos

Gay or not, wights are really damn scary.

That Yellow Bastard Causes an Accident

The funny thing is that he looked like that before the accident.

Family Gets Hit By Train

How dumb do you have to be to do this?

Poodle Rides a Harley

But does it like it?

Not Quite as Fat of Thrones

The Many-Faced God is definitely not on my side this season.

Moving in the Wind

Just think of this video the next time you’re yelling at your girlfriend while moving apartments.

Trash the Dress Near Drowning

Who could have possibly foreseen this? /s

Gay of Thrones Trial

Thank god they didn’t mention the Sh*%#y Sand Snakes. Hisssssssssss

Cat REALLY Loves Ice Cream

French vanilla is orgasmic.

Kendo with Lightsabers

Vruuuummmm. Psschicscch.

Spot the Fish
categories: Videos

I thought it was the rock.