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Twitch Streamer Accidentally Burns Down House

“Why isn’t this cardboard box putting out the fire?”

Dog Day Afternoon (at the Pool)
categories: Cute, Videos

What is this, some kind of spa, for dogs?!

Obese Man Goes on Hotel Rampage

Not unlike the Borat movie. My wife!

Adults Try Spaghetti For The First Time

This is almost The Onion level of Buzzfeed satire.

Truck vs. Retractable Barrier

We no longer have to live in fear of the trucks from Maximum Overdrive.

Man Nearly Hit by Falling Window Pane
categories: Crazy, Videos

I would call him the luckiest man in the world, but he still lives in Saudi Arabia.

RPG vs. Bullet Proof Glass
categories: Crazy, Videos

And the winner is…

Heat Testing an Acrylic Bong

I would love to know the thought process that went in to this… if there was one.

Wingsuit Flybys

So I guess everything sounds like a jet when it’s going fast enough.

Driving Through a California Forest Fire
categories: Crazy, Videos

This is why my next home will be made out of water.

Raccoon Uses Rock to Knock on Window

“Rocksy” the raccoon, while ingenious, has no respect for other people’s property.

Giant Russian Sinkhole

I would not feel safe living near that.

Truck Drives in to Raging Flood
categories: Crazy, Videos

This guy is an eternal optimist.

categories: Crazy, Videos

Click to hear how it’s pronounced.