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Head Trick
categories: Videos

If I could perform this magic trick I would use it for one purpose only: scaring small children. That girl DOES deserve a gold medal.

Real Life vs. The Internet

Characters from Halo explain the difference between real life and the internet. It’s quite accurate I think. It’s also pretty funny, primarily due to excessive use of the word ‘masturbate’.

Fluffy the Ceiling Fan Cat
categories: Funny, Videos

This sort of reminds me of when I was a kid and my dad would pick me up by the arms and swing me around in a circle. Fun stuff. Except usually my dad wouldn’t hurl me into a wall at the end. Also, I’m not a cat.

George Bush Spin Doctor
categories: Funny, Videos

“I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully…”

Absolutely Furious Masturbation
categories: Funny, Videos

“This Texas Tech University freshman got the once in a lifetime opportunity to be the football team’s “bell ringer” during their games…”

And then things get funny. I won’t say why but it has to do with masturbating, and masturbating is almost as funny as farting.

Going Home
categories: Art, Videos

I like bicycles, so I think this is pretty cool. It’s also quite nauseating, so if you’re trying to lose weight…

How to Not Look Asian
categories: Crazy, Videos

I stayed up late researching this one for our asian audience. You guys can thank me later, I gotta go to bed now.