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The Japanese have no respect for English.
categories: Funny, Videos

I wonder what English speakers sound like when they try and speak Japanese?

Helicopter 2: Electric Boogaloo
categories: Crazy, Videos

Power companies prefer not to shut off high-tension electrical lines just for maintenance, so instead they round up homeless people from the streets of New York and get them to work on the live lines in exchange for a bag of bagels and a thimbleful of scotch.

Made In China
categories: Crazy, Videos

You might be thinking that now is the time to buy that cheap Chinese automobile, but as this crash test video shows, you should probably hold off for a while and protect your precious bones.

Patagonian Cavy
categories: Cute, Videos

My exhaustive world search for the cutest sounding animal is finally over.

Happy Memorial Day!
categories: Videos

If you don’t live in the US, you might be wondering what the Memorial Day holiday is. In a nutshell, it’s a day where we stay at home and celebrate great memories. Like I was just thinking about the cheeseburger I ate last night. Man, that was delicious. And that day at the waterpark when I was eight – good times!

More Baby Sloths
categories: Cute, Videos

Baby sloths are much cuter than baby humans, so I hope one day to be the father of a human-sloth chimera.

Monster Camp

When I see this documentary about live-action role playing, I’ll be in the front row wearing my robe and wizard hat.

Bread Body Part Bakery
categories: Crazy, Videos

Kittiwat Unarrom makes realistic body parts out of bread, raisins, cashews and chocolate at his bakery in Thailand. They look very realistic… and delicious.

Simpsons Quake III Arena
categories: Geeky, Videos

The only thing that could make this Quake III Simpsons Map any better would be to include a time machine back to the year 2000, when people actually played Quake III.

Bob Ross – The Lost Episode
categories: Funny, Videos

I think ‘ol Bob must have been off his meds the day they taped this episode.

The Japanese have no respect for taxis.
categories: Crazy, Funny, Videos

I’m not sure what they’re saying, but I have a feeling this guy will be buying himself his own car after this cab ride.

The Japanese have no respect for Indiana Jones.
categories: Funny, Videos

I think as a practical joke on the Japanese, we should convince them to film one of their hidden camera shows in Texas.

Dancing Kittens
categories: Cute, Videos

Don’t be fooled. Shortly after this video was taken, the cameraman’s eyes were scratched out by twenty tiny claws, his couch was peed on, and the lead kitten dropped a deuce in his coffee. You turn your back for one second and that’s when they strike.

Highway Sandal Skating
categories: Crazy, Videos

Clearly a case of what happens when you have a country with a median age of 21 years, at least 13% unemployment, and a lot of petrodollars with not much to do by way of youth-activities.