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What’s your English name?
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A lot of Chinese names are hard to pronounce for us round-eyes, so it’s a good thing that so many Chinese people create English names for themselves. Though the names they choose often leave something to be desired, in the spirit of togetherness I’ve decided to come up with my own English Chinese name. Just call me Waddles MacRarrar.

Everybody Dance Now
categories: Funny, Videos

This, ladies and gentlemen, is what the local news in America has regressed to.

[V] are all rockstars
categories: Music, Videos

Welcome to Ganesha’s jungle, baby. You’re gonna die.

Touch the Rainbow
categories: Funny, Videos

Tim, like King Midas from Greek mythology, has an amazing power that is both a gift and a curse. I bet he’s tired of eating Skittles.

Cheney Lurks in the Brush
categories: Funny, Videos

What is Dick Cheney doing in there? What is he planning? Is he going to “accidentally” mistake George Bush for some quail?

Nightmare Worms
categories: Crazy, Videos

Another good reason to never leave the apartment.

WARNING: Horrors beyond your wildest imagination that will haunt your dreams after the jump. Seriously.

Train Surfing
categories: Crazy, Videos

It turns out that being an idiot and riding on the outside of moving trains is actually an extreme sport. EXTREME!

The Japanese have no respect for sliding doors.
categories: Funny, Videos

Those crazy Japanese bug men are back, and this time they’re trying to close some patio doors. Should they fail, the bug women are waiting in the wings to blow stinky tube breath in their face.

Happy Birthday Fffuh…
categories: Funny, Videos

The funniest thing ever to be associated with Jimmy Kimmel (excluding Sarah Silverman) is the Nervous Kid.

T-Pain’s Gonna Buy You a Drank
categories: Funny, Videos

Songwriters aren’t even trying anymore are they?

Conservative Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue
categories: Funny, Videos

I know it’s hard to remember the dialogue from your favorite Saturday morning cartoons, but all those cartoon characters of your youth were actually card carrying Republicans fighting the evils of liberalism.

Oh Come All Ye Faithful
categories: Funny, Music, Videos

It’s Christmas Eve, and you know what that means… Twisted Sister!

Papa Smurf Lives
categories: Crazy, Videos

Argyria is a rare condition that turns a person’s skin bluish-gray. It’s caused by ingesting silver dust, which some people believe gives them magical medical powers. In reality, it turns them in to something Gargamel wants to eat.

Zero-G Cat
categories: Funny, Videos

Space, the final frontier… for cats!