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Food Babies
categories: Crazy, Videos

Martha Stewart’s at it again. First she obstructs justice, and now she eats babies.

The Japanese have no respect for the wait staff.
categories: Crazy, Cute, Videos

Yatchan and Fukuchan are two macaque monkeys that serve customers hot towels and drinks at the Kaoru Otsuka restaurant north of Tokyo. They’re given soya beans as tips.

The Japanese have no respect for soccer.
categories: Funny, Videos

I don’t know, I think forcing the players to wear binoculars actually improves the game.

The Japanese have no respect for rhinoceroses.
categories: Funny, Videos

How does one prepare for the inevitable rhino escape at a zoo? With constant and mandatory emergency drills which accurately depict the terror that a real rampaging rhinoceros would convey.

Thriller Acapella

Twenty years in the future, Webster’s will reference this video under the definition of Halloween.

Electro Gypsy
categories: Music, Videos

If you love trousers made of leather, or just not wearing any trousers at all, you’ll love this song. Yama yama ha.

I’ve Got Chubs For You
categories: Funny, Music, Videos

God bless the Internet, it teaches me something new everyday. By the way, if the P-word makes you blush, you probably shouldn’t watch this. You know, the P-WORD. The peeee-nis. *blushes*

Body Boarding Faceplant
categories: Funny, Videos

I think this guy drowned.

Demonic Floating Head
categories: Funny, Videos

Friends come in all shapes and sizes.

McCain and Obama Get Served

I believe this dance-off actually took place.

Trampoline Birth Control
categories: Funny, Videos

Natural selection at work my friends.

Alligator Hand Man
categories: Crazy, Videos

Some people do deserve to have bad things happen to them.

Fatty Falls Down
categories: Funny, Videos

Why did she think getting on the table in the first place was a good idea?

David Attenborough Hates Nature
categories: Funny, Videos

Join David Attenborough in his journey across the world to see dead koala bears, a walking artichoke, and really gross squirrels.

(NSFW due to swearing.)