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Don’t Drink and Drive (a Landspeeder)
categories: Geeky, Videos

This public service announcement seems to be suggesting that if you drink and drive, Dr. Evazan and Pomda Baba will cut you in your sleep. They’re wanted men you know.

Super Genintari
categories: Geeky, Videos

How could someone so annoying create something so wonderful?

‘Tasty or terrible?’ Chihuahua

Just like the kings of old had personal tasters to ensure that what they were about to consume wasn’t poisoned, this guy has a personal chihuahua to make sure what he eats isn’t disgusting.

Beware the Gorn
categories: Funny, Videos

The Worst Fight Scene Ever has some new competition, care of the U.S.S. Enterprise, and her skipper, James T. Kirk.

Charlie’s Back
categories: Funny, Videos

Swim away fugu fish, swim away, or you might get pulled in to the vortex of Steve’s negativity and not enjoy this new Charlie the Unicorn adventure.

Dwarf Soccer Team
categories: Crazy, Videos

Gigantes del Norte is a Brazilian soccer team made up entirely of players suffering from dwarfism. They play against under-13 teams, drawing huge crowds, and it’s all to raise awareness of sizeism.

First Lesson About Height
categories: Funny, Videos

You may think that you’re born with an innate understanding about the height of things, but this video suggests otherwise. It must be learned, through terrible pain.

The Japanese have no respect for personal space.
categories: Crazy, Videos

In Japan, there are (lucky) people that have the job of pushing passengers onto the trains during rush hour. See, the trains are so full that they need to push people inside for the doors to be able to close.

He’s Afraid of Plants
categories: Funny, Videos

Christopher Walken is a man who is afraid of plants. And who can really blame him? One can never know what they’re thinking.

Don’t go to Ibiza.
categories: Funny, Videos

In this NSFW video, Scottish comedian Billy Connolly describes why it was a very bad idea to drink the water in Ibiza 20 years ago. Maybe it’s better now… who wants to find out?

Marilyn Manson Meets Sign Language

An American Sign Language interpretation of Marilyn Manson’s This Is The New S#*t. Obviously Not Safe For Work.

Quake III Arena on an iPod Touch
categories: Geeky, Videos

It’s official, an mp3 player is more powerful than my computer.

categories: Crazy, Videos

When you drive your Flintstones-like pedal car in downtown Toronto, you shouldn’t be surprised when the police pull you over. At least they didn’t try this in America – they probably would have been tasered.

Booger, Kitty and Mousey – The Pansexual Pals
categories: Cute, Videos

Gregory Pike, of Santa Barbara, California, likes to play God. He has constructed a walking animal pyramid out of creatures that cartoons have shown us to be mortal enemies.