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Who’s that?
categories: Cute, Videos

Animals discovering reflections for the first time are sooo cute. Well, except when birds smash in to your windows.

Banana Ghost Wants Bananas
categories: Funny, Videos

Ghosts aren’t as scary in the light, which is why I have all my rooms bathed in 15-million candlepower spotlights. Incidentally, that’s probably why I can’t see colours anymore.

Tube Vision 2008
categories: Crazy, Videos

If you want to try surfing, but are afraid of the rampant localism, and anything to do with the ocean, then this surf cam video is for you.

Happy 4th of July!

The United States may be the land of the free, but I ask you – can a man truly be free if he’s wearing pants? A pair of bulky, billowing demin tubes? No! So before you head out tonight, celebrate your freedom properly and whip those suckers off. FREEEEEEDOOOOOOOOOOMMmmmmmmmm…*cough*…mmuh!

Uh oh, fifteen minutes to Judge Wapner.
categories: Funny, Videos

Bill Gates was not looking forward to meeting the Judge that morning.

The Amazing Roller Skating Boy
categories: Crazy, Videos

Six-year-old Indian boy, Aniket Chindak, holds the unofficial world record for limbo-skating and can skate along at no more than eight inches above the ground.

Muhammad ‘The Cat’ Ali
categories: Cute, Videos

Don’t step in to the ring with this feisty feline. He’s got the eye of the tiger.

Trying to Beat the Train
categories: Crazy, Videos

For those of you playing along at home, you’ll want to remember not to slow down and stop as you travel over the railroad crossing.

Cat Eggs
categories: Cute, Videos

I’ll bet you didn’t know that this is where cats come from.

Singing Dog
categories: Cute, Funny, Videos

Frank Sinatra, eat your heart out.

Learning to Ride
categories: Funny, Videos

Why is it that the dominant instinct people have when they get on a motorcycle for the first time, is to gun the throttle and run into something?

The Japanese have no respect for the spin cycle.
categories: Funny, Videos

crazy japan man
cool yourself, jump in the ice
shiny red panties

Dog Lobster
categories: Funny, Videos

He’s Gon Getchoo!

The Best Cat is a Dead Cat
categories: Crazy, Videos

Or at least a cat that looks dead.