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Return to Blood Mountain
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Simple as it may be, this is probably my favorite Aqua Teen Hunger Force moment. Ho ho, the screams.

Japanese respect pooping?
categories: Crazy, Videos

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I may need to reconsider my sweeping assumption that the Japanese have no respect for pooping. Because this, my friends, is awesome.

Even the Blind have to Urinate
categories: Funny, Videos

Being blind should give a person license to pee wherever and whenever they want. It’s only fair. We get to see, and they get to pee… on us.

Heroic Dog Defeats Balloon Invasion
categories: Cute, Videos

This dog and I have a lot in common. We both hate balloons because of their terrible, terrible smell. We also both have fleas.

categories: Funny, Videos

From the same people that brought us this disturbingly delicious Ducktales intro, comes an Islamic fundamentalist re-imagining of the Cheers opening theme.

Chris Farley Meets Women
categories: Funny, Videos

Are you single and lonely? Then let Chris Farley teach you the secrets to picking up women. (NSFW due to one very loud swear word.)

Lasagna Cat

A new Internet phenomenon is emerging – live action reenactments of classic Garfield cartoons followed by mind altering music videos staring the characters. I have no idea who is responsible for these videos, or why, but I suspect foul play and I have no doubt the Japanese are somehow involved.

Spread Those Wings
categories: Funny, Videos

I wish I had access to Tim and Eric’s Dance Instruction Tape for Children when I was a lad. Perhaps then I wouldn’t have such a crippling fear of social dance situations.

I wanna cast Magic Missile.
categories: Funny, Videos

This video is actually a favorite of mine from back in the time before I had broadband Internet access. It is the tale of a group of intrepid young video game characters playing Dungeons & Dragons for the first time.

Which of the following best describes Day Man?

a) Fighter of the Night Man.
b) Champion of the sun.
c) Master of Karate and friendship for everyone.
d) All of the above.

It’s the final countdown… for my ears.

In a Battle of the Bands between these guys and Complete, who would win?

Trick question – we all lose.

Don’t be a chubby.
categories: Funny, Videos

Anti-Gym, of Denver Colorado, is billed as the Extreme Cheddar version of the normal health club, and they have the Extreme banned-from-TV commercial to back it up.

Joe Rogan and the Secret of Giza

You know, I think there just might be something to Joe Rogan’s theory of how the pyramids were created. Bewarned though, he swears like a (drunken) sailor (earl-aye in the morning).

Hoogie-Boogie Land

Texan rockers Complete are going to take us on a musical journey – a journey to the mystical Hoogie-Boogie Land. A land where there is no war or hate, and your ears hurt all the time.