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Happy President’s Day?
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You know, when someone tells me this is the weirdest president we ever had I like to remind them that Carter claimed he saw an UFO, Johnson loved to present his johnson (teehee) to unassuming people, Kennedy was a pill popper, Reagan was obsessed with horoscope.. Not to mention Washington -that motherf*cker had like thirty goddamn d*cks!

Dad Saves Christmas

After nearly ruining it.

Elephant “Attacks” Safari  Car
categories: Videos

I think the nonchalant elephant was wondering what all the screaming was about.

Fat Woman Steals Halloween Candy

Also reveals how she got so fat in the first place.

SUV Jumps Drawbridge

We got a regular Evel Knievel over here.

Garbage Flood

No Middle East for me, thanks!

Railway Track Cutting Fail

Shouldn’t have been standing there.

Guy Gets Massive Synthol Muscle Injections

Looks totally natural, bro!

Hiking Suspension Bridge Collapses

This is why you cross one at a time.

First Person Wingsuit Flight

I understand the appeal now.

9G Centrifuge Test

Squeeze the legs, squeeze the butt!

Terrible Day at the Beach
categories: Crazy, Videos

Maybe it will get better once the tide comes in.

Chinese Hair Washing Machine

Well this looks like a big improvement over doing it manually.

Giant Chinese Traffic Jam
categories: Crazy, Videos

I guess they shouldn’t have sold all their bicycles.