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Fatty Feels Left Out
categories: Funny, Music, Pics

I know, I know, this is incredibly cruel. But the music! And the picture! I can’t help but laugh. I’m going to hell aren’t I?

Arnold’s got hoes
categories: Funny, Music, Pics

Most people aren’t aware that the Governator is a big fan of hippity hop, but that’s all going to change with the release of his cover of Ludacris’ Area Codes. It’s all just clicks and whistles to me though.

Best Haircut Ever?
categories: Funny, Pics

Something about this picture triggers my gag reflex. Maybe it’s the nostrils. Or the fuzzy glasses. Maybe it’s that all-too-silky goatee hair. Or maybe it’s the jealousy. Best. Haircut. 3VAR!

If you go down to the park today…
categories: Cute, Funny, Pics

This picture really requires no introduction, but let’s just say that it involves lightsabers and squirrels!

Lord of the Rings: DVD vs. HD
categories: Geeky, Pics

Up until now I’ve never really known the difference HDTV could make. This site uses The Lord of the Rings to show a frame by frame comparison of plain old DVD against HD. And the results are… Elventastic? Hobittrific? Bilbo Baggins!

The Bottom Line: for bigger, hairier hobbit feet – go HD.

Vintage Ads
categories: Crazy, Pics

You can learn a lot of useful things from looking at old advertisements. For instance, you shouldn’t pee through a fence in a yard full of geese, and you shouldn’t have sex with prostitutes. Also, it’s never too early for a baby to start shaving or smoking. And they’ll never have to worry about feeling over-smoked. That’s the Miracle of Marlboro!

You control the Einstaction!
categories: Pics

Make Albert Einstein write whatever you want on the chalkboard of this iconic picture. Will you turn him in to a brilliant botanist, or an uncouth upperclassman?

Google Sightseeing
categories: Geeky, Pics

Google Sightseeing takes you on a top-down tour of the world using Google Maps directly in your web browser. Each weekday your guides Alex and James introduce new weird and wonderful sights as suggested by the reader community. And if that sounds boring to you, then perhaps you’d be intrested to know you can also find naked people.

Happy Thanksgiving!
categories: Pics

Those of you not from the U-S-of-A might not be aware that today is Thanksgiving. A day when we give thanks to the baby jesus for fighting off Napolean and the Wild Turkey Army and for saving us from being pecked to death and also from our own sins. Or something like that. And we celebrate it by not updating websites and by eating ourselves into comas. Rejoice!

Rapist Search
categories: Funny, Pics

WARNING! There’s a dangerous serial rapist on the loose, and ABC’s Local Channel 7 News is hot on the case! With your help maybe they can finally track down this elusive deviant.

Disapproving Rabbits
categories: Cute, Pics

Pictured here are Latte, Hazel, and Cinnamon, in various states of rabbit disapproval. Do you find them amusing? Guess what, they DO NOT approve.

Fried cabbage with shrimp
categories: Funny, Pics

In today’s modern world of globalism, outsourcing and unemployment fuelled murder-suicide, sometimes things can get a little lost in translation. The question remains: Would you have eaten it?

Giant Insects Take Over German Countryside!
categories: Pics

Germany has been taken over—conquered, if you will—by a master race of giant insects. There is no stopping them; the insects will soon be here. And I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords. I’d like to remind them that as a trusted Internet personality, I can be helpful in rounding up others to toil in their underground sugar caves.

The Brick Testament
categories: Art, Crazy, Pics

I’ve never been much into reading the Bible. When given a choice between a) Tivo and burning in the eternal lake of fire, or b) reading a really long book with lots of names, Tivo wins every time. But now thanks to The Brick Testament I can enjoy the most violent lessons of the Bible in easy to follow LEGO format. And as an added bonus I am no longer condemned to eternity in Hell! (right?)