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Nine Unfortunate Theme Parks
categories: Geeky, Pics, Videos

There’s apparently a theme park for every occasion. Have an unhealthy fecal obsession? Want to (not) get raped by a guy dressed as Mario in his basement? Want to visit a fake ocean directly beside a real one? These parks and many more await you. (Warning: Some parks awaiting you are not work safe.)

The Japanese have no respect for office productivity.
categories: Geeky, Pics

These eyelid stickers will allow you to get that much needed shuteye in the workplace, without arousing the suspicion of your less intelligent coworkers.

Tips for New Mothers
categories: Funny, Pics

Secret research I have conducted has shown that fully 58.98864% of my readership is pregnant women, so I’ve decided I should do my part to help ensure that the children of tomorrow are not as hopeless as the children of today.

30 Pound Lego Star Wars Model
categories: Art, Pics

Lego master Mark Kelso has created a scale model of the Invisible Hand, General Grevious’ ship from Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. The only thing that could make this cooler is if he made a model of a ship from a Star Wars movie that people actually liked.

Happy New Year!
categories: Pics

I was trying to find some nice “Year in Review” set of pictures to link to, but according to the major media outlets all that happened in 2007 was that Mother Nature freaked out on us a few times, people killed each other, Paris Hilton went to jail, and Britney Spears shaved her head. I think we got off easy.

Michael Vick’s Just Desserts
categories: Funny, Pics

Unable to literally feed Michael Vick to the dogs, an enterprising eBay user came up with the next best thing.

Puppy Love
categories: Cute, Pics, Videos

In yet another sign that God loves dogs more than cats, a puppy was born in Odate, Japan with a perfectly shaped heart pattern on his fuzzy little back. Let this be a message to all you cat lovers out there – give up! With God on our side you can’t possibly win the great battle ahead.

7-Eleven Becomes Kwik-E-Mart
categories: Crazy, Pics

In order to promote the upcoming Simpsons movie, 7-Eleven has converted eleven U.S. stores (and one in Canada to be announced today) in to Kwik-E-Marts. Inside you are able to buy Buzz Cola, Squishees, Frosted KrustyO’s and Simpsons inspired donuts. 7-Eleven should just ditch their name and do this to every store.

categories: Funny, Pics

The New York Times recently did a neat photo essay comparing real-life gamers to their in-game avatars. It’s worth knowing that the next time you’re playing Lineage II and feeling all proud of yourself for chatting up some cute little number in pigtails and a miniskirt, it’s probably just Mr. Bubble-Tea over there.

Make Your Own McDonald’s Sign
categories: Pics

This site is about protesting the inclusion of Hummer toys in Happy Meals, but I don’t really care about that. Don’t get me wrong, I have no love for the H2, but I’d rather just use their site to create silly signs.

The Adventures of Mr. Lee
categories: Cute, Pics

Mr. Perthold attached a small camera around the neck of his pet cat, Mr. Lee, to see where he went and what he did when he disapeared during the day. And it is a magical world of cat friends, secret hiding spots, and (omigosh!) snakes! It’s a world almost as magical as my world of cubicle walls, LCD monitors, fluorescent hum, and… and… *cries*

East Bound and Down
categories: Funny, Music, Pics

Since I know how much you guys love YTMND, here’s the real story behind Ben Carpenter’s wheelchair adventure.

Jen Freaks Out. huuuuuuhuuuuuhhhh
categories: Crazy, Pics

Twenty-two year old Ben Carpenter had the ride of his life after his wheelchair got lodged in the grill of a semi-truck, which pushed him down a highway for four miles at 50 miles per hour. Ben seemed pretty unfazed by the whole thing, unlike Jen, who called 911 to report the strange sight. She should try some meditation.

In Loving Memory
categories: Funny, Pics

When someone you love dies, it is only common sense to get their face tattooed onto your arm. And when you do, spare no expense. Or, spare a lot of expense and get it done at the tattoo parlor behind the Discount Tobacco off Route 8.