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The Ugly Dance
categories: Funny, Music

Who knew that our resident Angry Husky was such a good dancer? Post your dancers in the comments.

Batman Lost in Translation
categories: Funny, Pics

Oh, so that was the story of Batman Begins. I must have blacked out in the theater.

Giant Halo Elite Costume
categories: Art, Crazy, Pics

Well, that’s it folks. When the aliens get here, I’ll be hiding in the couch.

categories: Funny

Listening to a swarm of angry hornets while watching the World Cup is awesome, but then you inevitably miss that soothing sound of being trapped in an infinite beehive while you’re surfing Dig Your Own Grave. That is, until now!

This Is Photobomb
categories: Funny, Pics

If after checking out this link you get the urge to share any personal photobombs with us, you can do it in the forums. We promise not to laugh. Unless you look funny.

categories: Other

Like any self respecting Hollywood movie star, a website needs to get a good facelift from time to time to keep it competitive with all those young up-and-coming starlets. Today is that day for DYOG. There is more work to come, but today’s update is the first step. If you notice any problems, please leave it in the comments (including your browser info would also be appreciated).

Dog Armor
categories: Funny, Pics

Your trusty canine companion will bravely follow you into battle with his new impenetrable armor. Also, don’t forget squirrel armor for your tiny pal- Mr. Nutters.

The Geocities-izer
categories: Geeky

I fully realize some of you may be too young to have experienced the full glory of Geocities, and that is astounding to my mighty brain, but fear not! Now you can see what the Internet used to be.

Patton Oswalt Hates The Inconsiderate
categories: Funny

My upstairs neighbors seem to think that my backyard is their ashtray. They make me stabby. Also, this has some very NSFW language.

Acrylic Paintings in Real Life
categories: Art, Pics

Alexa Meade paints people so that they appear as if they have just walked out of an acrylic painting. She then further confuses the senses by lacing the town’s water supply with acid.

Anti Duckface
categories: Pics




Fire Festivals
categories: Pics

Can you imagine if you tried to get a permit to do this in North America? They’d make you use red and orange paper streamers and some fans.

Doug Doug Oh Doug Dougy Dougy Doug Doug
categories: Funny, Music

What do tigers dream of when they take a little tiger snooze?

People of Walmart
categories: Crazy, Pics

Just put on a shirt people, and no, not your swastika one!