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Voodoo Doll Vending Machines
categories: Articles, Funny

Let me introduce you to Whiskey McRabies – compact, cute, and with a mind full of unspeakable horrors.

Become a L33t Haxor
categories: Geeky

Now you can fool your friends in to thinking you’re a skilled hacker just like the terrible actors on NCIS or CSI. Just press Hack! and start typing like a retarded actress.

Wills And Kate – The Freakiest Show On Earth
categories: Articles, Funny

Those of you that haven’t been living under a rock (or living on a large rock commonly referred to as “England”), will know that this Sunday Friday a real life prince is going to marry some girl and make her a princess. There may also be wizards in attendance and a clumsy dragon named Edmund. Live-on-the-scene reporter dizrali takes us there…

Otomata Generative Sequencer
categories: Geeky, Music

Hocus pocus you’re an even better musician.

The Bagger 288

In 1978, deep in the bowels of a secret underground bunker in northern Germany, aging Nazi scientists completed a biological experiment first conceived of in the early years of WWII: genetically combining the DNA of a Jawa Sandcrawler, a circular saw, and Omega Supreme. The result was the Bagger 288.

ToneMatrix Synthesizer
categories: Geeky, Music

Abracadabra you’re a musician.

How Rebecca Black Makes Capitalists Out Of Everyone

If you’ve been wondering what all this Rebecca Black nonsense of late is about, guest writer dizrali has some answers for you. He’s also got something that looks like an iguana head growing out of his left shoulder, but try not to stare.

Arachnophiles: Lovers Of The Unlovable

Having been known to peeiek at the sight of even the smallest house spider, I consider myself just about everything but an “arachnophile”. Today’s article (by guest writer dizrali), delves into the psyche of these outcasts of humanity.

peeiek (verb) – to simultaneously pee ones pants and shriek like an 8-year girl.

Muppets with Human Eyes
categories: Crazy, Pics

This Big Bird eats children and sustains itself with their precious dreams.

Top 10 Consequences of Having Evolved
categories: Geeky

At least I know what to blame my terrible wisdom teeth on… MY GIANT BRAIN.

The Future is FARTS
categories: Geeky

The future is going to hang on whether or not businesses will be able to convince you to pay money for things you can otherwise get for free.

Lego Nintendo Wii Controller
categories: Geeky

Who’s going to be the first person to buy me this world-colliding Wiimote?

Superheroes as Hipsters
categories: Funny, Pics

Spider-Man has never looked like such a dandy.

11 Pounds of Nutella
categories: Crazy

cynnicysm has been plagued with death threats ever since he discovered, and subsequently hoarded the nation’s supply of giant Nutella jars. Thankfully Amazon has averted his kidnapping and murder by a mysterious pantsless man, and now everyone can have enough Nutella to smother a large cat.