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Will you and your city survive a nuclear holocaust? Probably not.

Scale Of The Universe 2012
categories: Games, Geeky

Yesterday you learned how to hack, and today you can compare the size of duckweed to the size of the Homunculus Nebula. And if you were wondering where my genitals fit on this scale, they’re somewhere between Sirius A and the Aldebaran star.

Goths Up Trees
categories: Funny, Pics

Someone call the fire department.

The Six Most “Special” Edition Comics
categories: Funny, Geeky

Batman is the Michael Kors of costume design.

Hairpiece or Herpes?
categories: Funny

Brought to you by the makers of Bacon or Beer Can?

Ninja Turtle Noses
categories: Geeky, Pics

Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses
Teenage Mutant Ninja Noses
Noses in a half-shell
Booger power!


Look – you guys are busy, I get that. You don’t have time to play every little Flash game I throw up here. But because my heart overflows with love for each and every one of you, I am launching a new segment: Flash Game Reviews! Now you can spend 10 minutes reading about a game that would otherwise take you 30 seconds to play. Please join Dizrali and I as we explore our very first specimen…

categories: Geeky

For those of you who never got to experience the blissful sound of a dial-up modem connecting, this site will allow you to live the late 90s through the magic of terrible human impressions.

You Are Not a Photographer
categories: Pics

“You are not a photographer” and “You are not a model” are statements that college aged males should utter more often.

categories: Funny

A TV Channel of endless animated gifs. You’ll never see your kids again.

Bachmann Eyes
categories: Crazy, Pics

What if other celebrities had Michelle Bachmann’s eyes from the infamous Newsweek cover?

Seven Things We’re All Doing Wrong
categories: Geeky

You can take my tall toilet when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.

Do not shake the baby?
categories: Crazy

Sometimes something is so wrong it’s… still wrong. I lasted about a minute.

Literally Ubelievable
categories: Funny

People on Facebook who think The Onion is real.