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120 Years of Electronic Music

120 years of electronic music machines.

Sons of Butcher – F@ck the SH#t!

This band is almost as cool as Robby Roadsteamer. Almost.

PS: Audio is NSFW.

Mortal Kombat Theme
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I’m not usually into these homemade webcam music videos, but howdy-do this one is tasteful, artistic, technically impressive and catchy as all heck. I’m smitten!

Barney vs. Tupac

Who will win this fantastical musical showdown? Trick question, everybody wins.

warning: audio is NSFW

Chronic-les of Narnia Rap (Lazy Sunday)
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Hysterical. Viral. Dropping the Hamiltons at the movies. West Side.

The funniest Family Guy joke
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Peter sings Cleveland a song to comfort him after his wife had an affair and subsequently left him.

Puffy Drops the P
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“…when I’d called someone on the telephone it took me a long time to explain who I was”

That was probably because his mouth was stuffed with cocaine and gold bullion. I have that problem too. But all joking aside I did feel pretty uncomfortable the last time I ran into Diddy. Hopefully with the help of the international media we can finally sort out this very messy situation.