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Hitler Friends Parody

Göring was Ugly Naked Guy.

Simpsons Voice Actors in Other Countries
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And as always, the Germans sound very angry.

How to Make a Hit Pop Song Part 2
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Step 2: Be British and autotuned

How to Make a Hit Pop Song
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Step One: Be British

The Japanese have no respect for comedy.

If you don’t laugh at its jokes it will destroy your family.

Chicken Car Accident
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There’s something hilarious about plucked, dead chickens.

Smokey Bear Returns

He really loves New Eric Foreman.

Bus Comedian Puts Complaining Lady in Her Place

He’s the hero we deserve.

Kids’ Rock Performance Goes Badly

A dream died that day.

Fat Guy Inserts Himself in Britney Spears Video

Gal Volinez has made Work B**ch 100% better. Sorry Britney.

I’m Wikibear! Yaaaayyyy!
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We’ll sail around on rafts made of human corpses.

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You won’t believe these ten weird facts about The Onion’s new parody of clickbait sites.

VW Van Soapbox Derby Racer

From the Red Bull Soapbox Race.

George R.R. Martin Plans a Wedding

Why would you want a tugboat captain to plan your wedding?