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Weiner Dog Licks Drunk Guy’s Mouth

Based on the dog’s enthusiasm, that guy must have had a mouthful of Kibbles ‘n Bits.

Parents Say They Ate the Halloween Candy
categories: Funny, Videos

Hell hath no fury like a candyless child.

The Worst College Recruitment Video Ever
categories: Funny, Music, Videos

At least now you know one school you definitely shouldn’t go to.

Dracula’s Lame Monster Mash

Fun Fact: Dracula is the lamest of the monsters. Even lamer than Swamp Thing.

Coffee Commercial Husbands

1950s women sure were bad at making coffee.

QWOP The Movie 2

The real life QWOP movie gets a sequel.


What would happen if Superman and Batman teamed up?

Yeah, baby!

Conan O’Brien demonstrates more local news anchor shamefulness. YEAH, BABY!

Game of Thrones Lip Dub

If Game of Thrones was actually about a medieval themed amusement park it would still be awesome.

How Not to Exit a Parking Lot
categories: Funny, Videos

What’s worse, this driver or the woman who can’t back out of her own garage?

Three Year Old Regrets his Dietary Decisions
categories: Funny, Videos

This little boy is going to make a great woman one day.

Columbian Breaking Bad Remake

Why watch the real thing when you can watch a telenovela version that looks like it may have been filmed by college students?

Garbage Truck Malfunction
categories: Funny, Videos

Maybe they should design these things to not violently fling the garbage can.

Skeleton at the Drive Thru

Creepy moving skeletons are a lot scarier than invisible ghost drivers.