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Best News Bloopers 2013

I plan to ring in the new year by watching 15 minutes of news bloopers starting exactly at 11:45pm, and until that time I plan to drink as much Clamato as humanly possible.

Star Trek: TNG Christmas Carol
categories: Funny, Geeky, Videos

Captain Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise sing Let It Snow.

Wrestler “Freight Train” Talks Smack
categories: Funny, Videos

If a train goes off the rails, we all know a train wreck will happen.

Sports Drink or Body Wash?

Can you tell the difference between sports drinks and soap based on name alone?

Baby Fighting Basics
categories: Funny, Videos

You’ve already learned how to defend yourself from dangerous attackers, and in this advanced class you’ll learn self-defence against murderous babies.

Ostrich Loves the Drop

Yes, that is a real ostrich mating dance.

Chatroulette Wrecking Ball
categories: Funny, Music, Videos

Based on all the people singing along, people must love this Miley Cyrus song more than Call Me Maybe.

Breaking Bad Alternate Ending

Watch the shocking video AMC executives don’t want you to see.

Weiner Dog Licks Drunk Guy’s Mouth

Based on the dog’s enthusiasm, that guy must have had a mouthful of Kibbles ‘n Bits.

Parents Say They Ate the Halloween Candy
categories: Funny, Videos

Hell hath no fury like a candyless child.

The Worst College Recruitment Video Ever
categories: Funny, Music, Videos

At least now you know one school you definitely shouldn’t go to.

Dracula’s Lame Monster Mash

Fun Fact: Dracula is the lamest of the monsters. Even lamer than Swamp Thing.

Coffee Commercial Husbands

1950s women sure were bad at making coffee.

QWOP The Movie 2

The real life QWOP movie gets a sequel.