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Crazy Dragon Ball Z Chicken McNuggets Woman
categories: Crazy, Funny, Videos

If you get her really mad, she’ll show you her final form – Michael Douglas in Falling Down.

The 1988 Crystal Light National Aerobic Championship
categories: Funny, Videos

They never…stop… moving.

The Japanese have no respect for Jurrassic Park
categories: Funny, Videos

If a velociraptor jumped out in front of me, I probably wouldn’t notice its human legs either.

Derp Dog


Magic Beard Stop Motion Animation
categories: Art, Funny, Videos

I have a magic beard. It covers my magic no-chin.

Raccoon Stealing Cat Food

Part cat, part monkey, part human.

Drunk Animals
categories: Cute, Funny, Videos

Trust me, you haven’t lived until you’ve seen a drunk ostrich.

Bug Eyed Autocross
categories: Funny, Videos

The best way to tell if someone is an alien is to drive them around in a car really fast.

Too Many Condoms in One Parking Lot
categories: Funny, Videos

How many condoms is too many? Six. Six condoms.

The Japanese have no respect for ass blasts to the face.
categories: Funny, Videos

I’ve heard that Flour Farts are a Japanese delicacy.

Dog Slides Down Stairs
categories: Cute, Funny, Videos

Why walk when you can slide?

Bubble Wrap Bike
categories: Funny, Geeky, Videos

Like popping bubble wrap? Now you can pop all the bubble wrap in the world!

The Flamingo’s the Word
categories: Cute, Funny, Videos

This is what happens when a flamingo breaks.

Malicious Fecal Distribution
categories: Crazy, Funny, Videos

What exactly is malicious fecal distribution? Pretty much exactly what you think it is.