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The Japanese have no respect for alarm clocks.
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What better way to wake up than be shot in to the sky like a rocket.

Cat Faceplant
Distrustful Cat
categories: Cute, Funny, Videos

Sometimes cats are awesome.

I am putting my screwdriver everywhere.
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After this job interview they would be insane not to hire this guy.

I’m just being honest. This rap video is terrible.
categories: Funny, Music, Videos

Not Cold in the D terrible, but definitely mumbling mixed with Native American folk music terrible.

America’s Future Soldiers

The guy at the end is like a puppy fighting in a war.

More Gifs With Music

2013′s best clips from /r/gifsound. I’d say it’s a toss up between the spinning seal and Darth Vader on an amusement park ride.

The First Blow Up Doll in Space (Probably)

Who knows, maybe astronauts love bringing sex dolls to the space station.

Best News Bloopers 2013

I plan to ring in the new year by watching 15 minutes of news bloopers starting exactly at 11:45pm, and until that time I plan to drink as much Clamato as humanly possible.

Star Trek: TNG Christmas Carol
categories: Funny, Geeky, Videos

Captain Picard and the crew of the USS Enterprise sing Let It Snow.

Wrestler “Freight Train” Talks Smack
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If a train goes off the rails, we all know a train wreck will happen.

Sports Drink or Body Wash?

Can you tell the difference between sports drinks and soap based on name alone?

Baby Fighting Basics
categories: Funny, Videos

You’ve already learned how to defend yourself from dangerous attackers, and in this advanced class you’ll learn self-defence against murderous babies.

Ostrich Loves the Drop

Yes, that is a real ostrich mating dance.