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Reese Witherspoon Surprised at Own Teleportation

Or maybe she just does a lot of cardio.

Getting Caught Jerking Off in the Future
categories: Funny, Videos

Hopefully you future moms out there close the door faster.

Star Wars Olympics

The Olympics are over, and I think we can all agree that the only event worth watching was the AT-AT Moguls.

Tumbleweed Terror
categories: Funny, Videos

You wouldn’t think tumbleweed phobia would be a real thing, but then again you wouldn’t think pickle phobia would be real either.

How do 30 inch rims handle ice?
categories: Funny, Videos

Not well. Not well at all.

The Truth About Diamond Engagement Rings

tl;dw. It’s a all a big scam by De Beers.

Guuueesss whaaaaat…
categories: Funny, Videos

It’s Presidents Day, and you know what that means. Now bend over and take it.

The Japanese have no respect for alarm clocks.
categories: Crazy, Funny, Videos

What better way to wake up than be shot in to the sky like a rocket.

Cat Faceplant
Distrustful Cat
categories: Cute, Funny, Videos

Sometimes cats are awesome.

I am putting my screwdriver everywhere.
categories: Funny, Videos

After this job interview they would be insane not to hire this guy.

I’m just being honest. This rap video is terrible.
categories: Funny, Music, Videos

Not Cold in the D terrible, but definitely mumbling mixed with Native American folk music terrible.

America’s Future Soldiers

The guy at the end is like a puppy fighting in a war.

More Gifs With Music

2013′s best clips from /r/gifsound. I’d say it’s a toss up between the spinning seal and Darth Vader on an amusement park ride.