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Tube Cat
categories: Cute, Videos

In the future all cats will be stored in tubes.

categories: Cute, Videos

It’s time for another Star Wars dog costume!

Startled Red Panda
categories: Cute, Videos

Red Pandas are living teddy bears.

Parrot Car
categories: Cute, Geeky, Videos

Yes, that’s a parrot with a car/portable toilet.

English Bulldog Puppy Dreams
categories: Cute, Videos

Do bulldog puppies dream of adorable little sheep?

Theremin Cat
categories: Cute, Videos

Theremin cat is a close third to Mexican Keyboard Cat and Ron Livingston Keyboard Cat.

Cattle Grid Dog

Video could also be titled “Temporarily Paraplegic Dog”.

A Tiger Cub, A Dog and a Sofa
categories: Cute, Videos

These two are destined to become the greatest of animal friends, until one day the tiger is 20 times the size of the dog and eats it.

Baby Walruses Love Cuddling
categories: Cute, Videos

They also look like giant, adorable worm creatures.

Turtle Fight
categories: Cute, Funny, Videos

Everything about turtles is slow and adorable. (Except snapping turtles. Then it’s slightly faster and terrifying.)

Bike Riding Cat… Sort Of
categories: Cute, Videos

This cat likes bikes almost as much as it likes bicycle hipsters.

Baby Stingrays
categories: Cute, Videos

These things literally look like something out of The Muppet Show.

Cat Crash Testing
categories: Cute, Videos

Oh, the humanity! I can’t look away, ladies and gentlemen. It’s a mass of adorable, furry wreckage.

Canine Mailman Helper

Bubbles the dog is about as helpful as Secretary Cat.