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Cute Stuff

Squeaky Frog
categories: Cute, Videos

It both looks and sounds like a dog toy.

Dave the Hockey Loving Hoser Cat

Dave and I are enemies because I’m pretty sure he thinks he’s too cool for me.

Dog Teaching Puppy to Use Stairs
categories: Cute, Videos

While watching this I couldn’t help but see myself as God and you all as insignificant ants.

Grandpa Plays First Person Shooters
categories: Cute, Geeky, Videos

He’s like an adorable little incontinent boy.

Hamster Engulfs Pretzel Stick
categories: Cute, Videos

I can’t believe he ate the whole thing. Get that hamster some Alka-Seltzer.

Feeding Bear Cubs
categories: Crazy, Cute, Videos

If you heard hungry bear cubs in the pitch blackness, you would run away.

(Probably) True Seahorse Facts
categories: Cute, Funny, Videos

Fact: The sea horse is the only horse I can not ride. It is too small.

Tub Cat
categories: Cute, Videos

Not to be confused with Tubcat, Tube Cat or Tubgirl.

Tube Cat
categories: Cute, Videos

In the future all cats will be stored in tubes.

categories: Cute, Videos

It’s time for another Star Wars dog costume!

Startled Red Panda
categories: Cute, Videos

Red Pandas are living teddy bears.

Parrot Car
categories: Cute, Geeky, Videos

Yes, that’s a parrot with a car/portable toilet.

English Bulldog Puppy Dreams
categories: Cute, Videos

Do bulldog puppies dream of adorable little sheep?

Theremin Cat
categories: Cute, Videos

Theremin cat is a close third to Mexican Keyboard Cat and Ron Livingston Keyboard Cat.