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Giant Halo Elite Costume
categories: Art, Crazy, Pics

Well, that’s it folks. When the aliens get here, I’ll be hiding in the couch.

Frank Serpico Watches His Movie
categories: Crazy, Videos

Who wants a piece of Serpico? ‘Cause I’ll give it to you! I’ll give a piece because you’re forgetting about this! And you’re forgetting about… whatever the hell that is! But you’re forgettin’ about it! And I’m gonna take this right to the mayor! And you’re gonna remember!

Japanese Spider Crab Molting
categories: Crazy, Videos

Apparently the ocean has horrifying sea spiders now.

Grizzly Bears Are Serious Business
categories: Crazy, Videos

Leon Lorenz, a B.C. filmmaker, was charged by a mother grizzly bear, and now I think we know where the tales of snarling monsters came from.

Red Bull Air Race Windsor Flythrough
categories: Crazy, Videos


Earthquake Warning!

Holy @#&*, is Frankie MacDonald’s source on this reliable?

Airbags in a Clothes Dryer
categories: Crazy, Videos

Canada’s biggest redneck decides to see what happens if an airbag goes off in a closed dryer.

Harrier Crash Lands in Kandahar
categories: Crazy, Videos

I think the front fell off.

2 Fast Super Furious Drift Highway

Looks like someone’s found themselves in the D-Dimension.

Secretly Terrifying Animals
categories: Crazy, Pics, Videos

Don’t worry, Donald Sutherland will save us.

Marble Madness
categories: Crazy, Videos

And this time, it’s not just a game.

Longboarding Down a Bobsled Track
categories: Crazy, Videos

Sure, this might look impressive, but in my daily life as an International Webmaster of Mystery, I routinely skateboard down killer volcanoes erupting sharks and jellyfish.

Hand Mounted Flamethrower
categories: Crazy, Videos

When you absolutely, positively got to accidentally set yourself on fire.

Stuck on a Chair Lift During a Blizzard
categories: Crazy, Videos

Skiing: Put on your fanciest, most expensive winter wear, board the ski lift, and then get blasted in the face with snow blowing over 100 miles per hour.