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Canada Goose Attacks
categories: Crazy, Videos

Let this be a lesson to you world. You don’t mess with Canadians or their geese.

Yelling America’s Next Top Model in a Crowded Theater
categories: Crazy, Videos

There’s a lesson here: Avoid crowds and excitable women at all costs. (Also, don’t freak out about a smoking car. It’s not a bomb.)

Pow Pow Power Wheels
categories: Crazy, Videos

Power Wheels are some of the most ostentatious and useless toys around… until you put a gasoline motor in them.

UroClub Commercial

Because public urination isn’t just for registered sex offenders.

Massive Sandstorm Hits Saudi Arabia
categories: Crazy, Pics, Videos

This is why I didn’t host the server in a desert, and instead put it directly in the path of hurricanes and tornadoes.

Even better video here.

Walk on the Sky
categories: Crazy, Videos

When a thin layer of water covers the Salar de Uyuni salt flats in southwestern Bolivia, they reflect the sky, creating what looks like the best place on earth… unless you’re thirsty.

Cadbury Eyebrows Commercial

Eyebrows and awesome music combine to make you… want chocolate?

Oarfish Don’t Look Like Oars
categories: Crazy, Videos

The ocean is a terrifying place.

David Lynch Star Trek: The Next Generation
categories: Crazy, Geeky, Videos

If David Lynch had written and directed Star Trek: TNG, Jean Luc Picard would have been a midget, Worf would have been mute, and Lt. Commander Data would only speak his sentences backwards. These fan made videos are almost as good though.

Tough Guy Challenge 2009
categories: Crazy, Pics

So you think you’re tough, eh? Then you better start training for next year’s Tough Guy Challenge – an endurance race through mud, freezing water, across ropes and over burning terrain.

Fox News Becomes a Self-Parody

Watch out fellow patriots, Comrade Obama is trying to foist communism on our great nation. Do not let him bespoil her supple fields of grain.

Super Mario Sunshine Water Jetpack
categories: Crazy, Videos

If you’ve got a spare fire truck lying around, hook it up to this awesome water powered jet pack and fly around the local pond.

Racist Cookies are Delicious
categories: Crazy, Videos

Ted Kefalinos, the most innocent and adorable racist in the world, just can’t understand what all the fuss is about concerning his Drunken Negro Face cookies.

Homemade Hallucinations
categories: Crazy, Geeky

Well I know what I’m doing tonight. After a short stop at the ping-pong ball store.