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I can haz cheezburgr in a can?
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The Germans have done it again! First they gave us the master race, and now they bring us cheeseburger in a can! Whether you’re camping in the wilderness, or just a big sad weirdo, you can now enjoy this delicious(?) treat for yourself. I suggest one of our European readers orders this product, then videotapes themselves opening and eating it. I’ll post it on the site. You’ll be famous.

Japanese respect pooping?
categories: Crazy, Videos

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I may need to reconsider my sweeping assumption that the Japanese have no respect for pooping. Because this, my friends, is awesome.

Lasagna Cat

A new Internet phenomenon is emerging – live action reenactments of classic Garfield cartoons followed by mind altering music videos staring the characters. I have no idea who is responsible for these videos, or why, but I suspect foul play and I have no doubt the Japanese are somehow involved.

Nightmare Worms
categories: Crazy, Videos

Another good reason to never leave the apartment.

WARNING: Horrors beyond your wildest imagination that will haunt your dreams after the jump. Seriously.

Train Surfing
categories: Crazy, Videos

It turns out that being an idiot and riding on the outside of moving trains is actually an extreme sport. EXTREME!

Amazon sells more than just books.
categories: Crazy

Did you get an Amazon gift certificate for Christmas? Not sure what to use it for? Now your very own facial deformities and terrorist weapons are only a one-click purchase away.

Papa Smurf Lives
categories: Crazy, Videos

Argyria is a rare condition that turns a person’s skin bluish-gray. It’s caused by ingesting silver dust, which some people believe gives them magical medical powers. In reality, it turns them in to something Gargamel wants to eat.

Urban Skiing
categories: Crazy, Videos

If you can’t bring the snow to the city, use an escalator.

Snow Plow Train
categories: Crazy, Videos

Damn, I need to get one of these for my driveway.

Hamster Dance

All you need is a magical leather fanny-pack, and you too can do the Hamster Dance.

categories: Crazy, Videos

I’ve never understood the compulsion to voluntarily hurl oneself off of tall things, like the 61-story Macau Tower in China. Maybe these people feel like they have too many clean pants.

The Rain Makes the Flowers Grow

This is the touching story of a morose young man who eventually comes to appreciate just how much the rain enriches his life.

Cows vs. Aliens

Cows, tired of being mutilated, are fighting back against their alien overlords. The fate of the planet is in their hooves.

Ninja Warrior
categories: Crazy, Videos

I don’t pretend to be an expert on Japanese culture, but as I understand it, before a man can ask a woman’s hand in marriage he must become a ninth level Ninja Warrior. These trials of strength are broadcast on television and the losers are thrown into a tank of whales.