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Shopping Cart Racing
categories: Crazy, Videos

“A lot of people think I’m nuts.”

Yes, that tends to happen when you’re nuts.

categories: Crazy, Videos

Three French guys climb a massive construction crane, and then do chin-ups while hanging off of the top. That’s really brave for a bunch of cheese-eating surrender-monkeys.

Thor’s Hammer

I’ve no idea what this celebration is, or how it originated, but it is explosilicious. Do yourself a favor and watch until the end.

Great White Shark Stalks Kayakers
categories: Crazy, Videos

This is nightmare number three for me. Number one involves zombies, and number two features a very scary bear.

Dolphins Everywhere
categories: Crazy, Cute, Videos

I’ve never seen this many dolphins before, and I’ve been to Sea World.

Yo Gabba Gabba is Here to Blow Your Mind
categories: Crazy, Videos

Children’s programming just gets crazier and crazier. The bright neon-colored antics of Nick Jr.’s Yo Gabba Gabba! just might give the Japanese a run for their money.

Microphone Accident
categories: Crazy, Videos

It’s every lead singer’s worst nightmare.

Homemade Gears of War Lancer
categories: Crazy, Videos

What do you get when you combine rednecks, alcohol and too many video games? A somewhat ridiculously underpowered chainsaw attached to an assault rifle. Die pumpkins, die!

Chicken Head Stabilization

Chickens are truly a magical gift from all powerful Merlin. They taste delicious, and their heads have gimbal-like stability.

Happy Thanksgiving!
categories: Crazy

It’s the big Thanksgiving long weekend here in the US, a 4-day celebration of gorging, purchasing, and sitting in horrible traffic. And if any foreigners should ask you what the history behind the holiday is, just give them the universally accepted answer: “Ummmmm… pilgrims?”

Burj Dubai Base Jumping
categories: Crazy, Videos

A Brit and a Frenchman sneak into the still under construction Burj Dubai skyscraper by posing as white people, and then leap off of it.

Danish Johnny Depp

Nobody does a better erotic Dracula than Yenz Von Tilborg.

Boca Raton, baby!

Extreme Kayaking
categories: Crazy, Videos

Now that’s what I call extreme! *pterodactyl noise*

The Japanese have no respect for children.
categories: Crazy, Videos

This blackface (redface?) looking fellow is an octopus from a 1970s Japanese children’s television show, proving once and for all that the Japanese have always been really weird.