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RIP Jacko

In memoriam of Michael Jackson, a repost of the greatest Thriller cover ever.

By the power of Grayskull!
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It’s not enough for the Indians to steal our jobs. Now they have to steal our He-Man.

Spider-Man Lives
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Spider-Man, Spider-Man, climbs a wall upside down like a spider, man. on CNN
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There’s a what going on in Ira… wah?

Giant Mexican Bathtub Worm
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Honestly Mexico, you’re coming up with a lot of reasons for me to never visit you.

Mega Shark vs. Plane
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“I’m getting married in two days.”

Cheeseburger in a Can – Revealed!

A little over one year ago, we broke the story on a bizarre feat of German engineering – Cheeseburger in a Can. After much debate over the actual appearance and palitability as described in the catalog, our loyal European reader Nika offered to hunt down the elusive hiker’s meal and answer all of our burning questions. These are her discoveries.

Cheese Rolling 2009
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Every year in Gloucestershire England, people hurl themselves down a very steep hill in pursuit of a cheese wheel. And once we have nationalized health care over here, we’ll be able to have the same sort of wacky competitions.

The Japanese still have no respect for pooping.
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Alphorn Jazz

And so begins the strangest jazz performance you’ve ever seen.

The Japanese have no respect for traditional video games.

If this doesn’t get released in North America, I’m going to start a fire.

Snow Diving Fox

United States: 8.5
Russia: 9.0
Finland: 8.5

Parasitic Wasp Larvae
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Damn nature, you scary!

The Japanese have no respect for acorns.
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I’m not sure what Acorn Cat and Pyjama Pig are saying, but it sounds pretty important.