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Alphorn Jazz

And so begins the strangest jazz performance you’ve ever seen.

The Japanese have no respect for traditional video games.

If this doesn’t get released in North America, I’m going to start a fire.

Snow Diving Fox

United States: 8.5
Russia: 9.0
Finland: 8.5

Parasitic Wasp Larvae
categories: Crazy, Videos

Damn nature, you scary!

The Japanese have no respect for acorns.
categories: Crazy, Funny, Videos

I’m not sure what Acorn Cat and Pyjama Pig are saying, but it sounds pretty important.

The Japanese have no respect for alien modesty.
categories: Crazy, Videos

The Japanese alien schoolboy, Inochi, goes through the trials and tribulations of early adolescence.

Nine Legal Drugs with Crazy Side Effects
categories: Crazy

Warning: DYOG may cause increased gambling, sexual, or other overpowering urges. The way DYOG works is not entirely understood.

Mega Ramp
categories: Crazy, Videos

The hospital nearest to Bob Burnquist noticed a sudden upsurge in the number of trauma patients.

Burger King Likes Square Butts

I had no idea that the King was such a SpongeBob pervert.

Raccoon Man
categories: Crazy, Videos

No, he doesn’t have a Tanooki suit, but he will cook you up some delicious raccoon meat. Mmm mmm good.

Canada Goose Attacks
categories: Crazy, Videos

Let this be a lesson to you world. You don’t mess with Canadians or their geese.

Yelling America’s Next Top Model in a Crowded Theater
categories: Crazy, Videos

There’s a lesson here: Avoid crowds and excitable women at all costs. (Also, don’t freak out about a smoking car. It’s not a bomb.)

Pow Pow Power Wheels
categories: Crazy, Videos

Power Wheels are some of the most ostentatious and useless toys around… until you put a gasoline motor in them.

UroClub Commercial

Because public urination isn’t just for registered sex offenders.