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Longboarding Down a Bobsled Track
categories: Crazy, Videos

Sure, this might look impressive, but in my daily life as an International Webmaster of Mystery, I routinely skateboard down killer volcanoes erupting sharks and jellyfish.

Hand Mounted Flamethrower
categories: Crazy, Videos

When you absolutely, positively got to accidentally set yourself on fire.

Stuck on a Chair Lift During a Blizzard
categories: Crazy, Videos

Skiing: Put on your fanciest, most expensive winter wear, board the ski lift, and then get blasted in the face with snow blowing over 100 miles per hour.

Magic everywhere in this bitch

Insane Clown Posse have come out with the greatest video of the year, and it’s only April. Looks like my work here is done! Oh, and like all ICP craziness, this video is NSFW.

What’s that beeping sound?
categories: Crazy, Videos

I’ll give you a hint. It means you’re about to need a new plane.

Speed Riding
categories: Crazy, Videos

Speed Riding is the combination of paragliding and skiing. They should have called it Urine Pants Skiing.

Petey Greene – Watermelon Aficionado
categories: Crazy, Funny, Videos

An impassioned plea to put a twang of salt on your sweet melon. Just a twang!

Goat Bagpipes
categories: Crazy, Videos

I had a girlfriend who’s stepfather played the bagpipes. This is the only thing that could have been more terrifying.

Smells Like Figure Skating
categories: Crazy, Videos

A mulatto
An albino
A triple axel
My zamboni

Out of Control Boats
categories: Crazy, Videos

Free boats everybody!

Car Burnout Failure (or Success?)

I bet his neighbors threw a party that night.

Hammer Juggling
categories: Crazy, Videos

While very impressive, this probably explains the shoddy workmanship of my apartment.

Insane Clown Posse Movie
categories: Crazy, Videos

Insane Clown Posse made a movie, and it’s a comedy western. That’s it folks, I’m out of here. *jumps off a bridge*

Australian Death Spider Attacks
categories: Crazy, Videos

I would have done a controlled burn of the ceiling.