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Bring your crappy stick figure drawings to life!
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Thanks to recent advances in technology, you can create your own private dancer, a dancer for money, he’ll do what you want him to do. Just click paint and let your dreams do the talking.

The Line Rider Champion
categories: Art, Crazy, Videos

I can’t imagine how long this took to make, and the only thing that could have possibly made it any better is if it repeated indefinitely.

Amazing Sand Sculptures
categories: Art

I’m going to let you in on a little secret. I, your intrepid administrator, created every one of these breathtaking sand sculptures. I’m sure you’re wondering how I find the time, what with being America’s greatest surgeon and all. Well, I’m amazing!

categories: Art

I like to create the most beautiful woman I can, followed by a horrendous guy. I then pretend that he’s her boyfriend and that upon seeing the adonis that is your administrator, she dumps his ass and makes out with me. Uh… what I mean by that is that I’m incredibly attractive and have sex with many real women!

The Simpsonzu
categories: Art

A deviant artist by the name of ‘spacecoyote’ has up and drawn an anime version of the Simpsons that is sure to have you giggling with delight in no time. The piece is based on this original Simpsons image. And she’s also got an anime version of the characters in Futurama.

Pirate Babys Cabana Battle Street Fight
categories: Art, Videos

Not strictly a work of Machinima; Paul Robertson’s Pirate Baby’s Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006 is a masterpiece animation based on the graphic look and feel of platform handhelds.

Keep your eye out for the Big Lebowski and Datsun 180b powerups!

Zombie Portraits
categories: Art

What’s better than spending a paltry $85 to have a picture of yourself zombified? Spending $85 to have a picture of yourself zombified, and realizing that you’re still gorgeous even as a zombie.

Behold my Painted Bravia Balls
categories: Art, Videos

As promised, here is the second Sony Bravia commercial. Instead of thousands of rubber balls, this one involves thousands of gallons of exploding paint! Does it make you want to buy a television?

Behold my Bravia Balls
categories: Art, Videos

250,000 rubber balls were released on a street in San Francisco during the filming of this commercial, and what is it for? A television… Stay tuned tomorrow for the even more ridiculous and even more impressive follow-up commercial!

The Brick Testament
categories: Art, Crazy, Pics

I’ve never been much into reading the Bible. When given a choice between a) Tivo and burning in the eternal lake of fire, or b) reading a really long book with lots of names, Tivo wins every time. But now thanks to The Brick Testament I can enjoy the most violent lessons of the Bible in easy to follow LEGO format. And as an added bonus I am no longer condemned to eternity in Hell! (right?)

Unbalanced: Stick Figure Fighting
categories: Art, Videos

I’m sure you’ve all seen at least one stick figure fighting video before, but this one is done really well and has a few surprises up its sleeve.

categories: Art, Geeky, Pics

Remember those mix-and-match animal cards from when you were a kid? You know, where you could put an elephant’s head on a giraffe’s body? This is just the same, but with people. Who can come up with the weirdest face?

UPDATE: Now with 3 different versions!

Little People – A tiny street art project
categories: Art, Pics

Miniscule people go about their business unnoticed in London. Theirs is also a dangerous life.

Bullet Time Ping Pong
categories: Art, Videos

Even after you realize what’s going on, it still manages to be entertaining.