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Star Wars Meets Famous Art
categories: Art, Geeky, Pics

From the Renaissance to Impressionism to Contempory art, Star Wars improves everything it touches.

Human Cartoons
categories: Art, Pics

These are the results of a Photoshop contest to create photorealistic versions of cartoon characters as they might look in our human realm. My favorite is Moe Szyslak.

My Hand Only Looks Like a Hand
categories: Art, Pics

I bet this guy gets all the chicks with his toucan hand.

30 Pound Lego Star Wars Model
categories: Art, Pics

Lego master Mark Kelso has created a scale model of the Invisible Hand, General Grevious’ ship from Star Wars Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. The only thing that could make this cooler is if he made a model of a ship from a Star Wars movie that people actually liked.

DJ God
categories: Art, Videos

So as it turns out, god is a DJ. Or DJs are necromancers. Or this one is made of magic. I’m not really sure to be honest, but this short film has apparently won a lot of awards.

Tunnel Art
categories: Art, Videos

Guerrilla art, or an elaborate plan to get the municipal authorities to clean the tunnel? You decide.

The Apartment at the Mall
categories: Art, Geeky

In 2003, Michael Townsend and seven other “artists” decided to build an apartment in the parking garage of a mall in Providence, Rhode Island. They took turns living in the apartment for up to three weeks at a time, until the end of September 2007 when Michael was caught by mall security.

Whoa, I know kung fu.
categories: Art, Geeky, Videos

Some Russian artists have created a headset that allows you to view the world like Neo from the Matrix, or like someone who has licked one toad too many.

Apple’s little problem with ripping off artists
categories: Art, Geeky

Apple’s advertising campaigns are consistently creative, so what’s their secret? Well sometimes they borrow artists’ work and forget to get permission. My civics teacher, Ms. Whitehead, used to yell at me about that sort of thing all the time. Well who’s yelling now Ms. Whitehead? ASHAJFHDSHFSD!

Bullet Time Food Fight
categories: Art, Videos

If it weren’t for the fact that the lighting allows the men in the back to be seen too easily, I think this would be more impressive than the ping pong version.

Purple and Brown
categories: Art, Funny, Videos

If you’re a fan of the Rejected Cartoons, you may also enjoy watching Purple and Brown. If you’re a fan of devilishly handsome men, you may also enjoy watching my face. Get it? My face. Zing!

Line Rider Visits the Mushroom Kingdom
categories: Art, Crazy, Videos

I know how much you kids like those new fangled video games, so I put two and two together and thought you might like this Line Rider map made to look like the first level of Super Mario Bros.

Backwards Sand Sculpture Explosions
categories: Art, Videos

Sand Blasters is the Travel Channel’s attempt at making a show about sand sculptures exciting. See, they randomly blow up one of the sculptures… which it turns out is not actually exciting, since none of the sculptors are in the blast zone at the time. But hey, it looks kind of cool, especially in reverse.

Slinky Man
categories: Art, Videos

I used to have a suit like this, but every time I wore it I was savagely beaten.