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U-Ram Choe: Kinetic Sculptor
categories: Art, Videos

Finally some art we can all agree is absolutely awesome!

Scream Painting
categories: Art, Funny, Videos

It is exactly like it sounds.

Optical Illusion Animation
categories: Art, Geeky, Videos


Dancing Cloth
categories: Art, Videos

Not only can this inanimate carpet dance, but it can dance better than you.

Quadrocopter Light Show
categories: Art, Videos

Sixteen autonomous quadrocopters create a sound and light show at the Cannes Film Festival.

Camera on a Skipping Rope
categories: Art, Videos

Don’t throw up.

Tilt Shift Rio Carnival Video
categories: Art, Crazy, Videos

These amazing tilt-shift videos always look like the world’s most elaborate stop motion animations.

Tarp Surfing
categories: Art, Videos

I’ve cancelled the family’s trip to the shore and have instead planned a new one to the Home Depot parking lot. Mallory is going to be thrilled!

Hand Bird Art
categories: Art, Crazy, Videos

In the future all three of these things are going to be shooting people with their laser cannons.

categories: Art, Videos

I wouldn’t even begin to know how to describe this, so instead just watch these two videos.

LSD Sheep
categories: Art, Crazy, Videos

Now I understand why I had to tranquilize all those sheep.

3D Video Projection on Prague Clock Tower
categories: Art, Videos

I predict that in the future everyone will live in 3D projections on buildings.

Bicycle Wheel Zoetrope Animation
categories: Art, Videos

The video so good it blew CouchDestroyer‘s mind, and he’s a destroyer of couches.

Tilt-Shift Video
categories: Art, Crazy, Videos

Even knowing that it’s just an illusion, it’s still hard to believe this tilt-shift video isn’t stop motion animation.