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Best iPhone Games

Vector Conflict Mobile Madness

Today brings exciting news for fans of Vector Conflict: The Siege and owners of smart cellular telephones. We just released Vector Conflict for Android and let me say in all modesty it is like a rock-and-roll poprocks party in your pants. If you don’t know what that feels like, it feels awesome. Check that out here. And to celebrate we’ve made the iPhone version free for a very limited time (grab that right here).

Vector Conflict iPhone

Tell me, have you ever played an iPhone game so fantastic that afterward you stood naked in the middle of your bedroom, rubbing the phone over your body like it was a fresh bar of Irish Spring soap? Well if not then you need to try the latest DigYourOwnGrave game Vector Conflict: The Siege. Only 99 cents for the month of March!

Guerrilla Bob

A top-down dual stick shooter with very simple and fun gameplay, reminiscent of some original Playstation games. As a mercenary fighting the evil hordes, your job is to shoot first, ask questions never, and not die. There’s also a Free version for all you cheapskates.

Arachnophilia iPhone

If you’re anything like me then you’ve been staring at your iPhone ever since you bought it and wondering what the hell it’s good for. Well today you get your answer. What it’s good for is buying Arachnophilia and rediscovering joy in your otherwise grey and vapid existence.

Civilization Revolution

This slightly simplified version of Civilization for your iPhone/iPod Touch will soon have you neglecting your hygiene and personal relationships, only now you won’t have to stop playing to go to the bathroom. You know what that means – no more ruptured bladders!

Plants vs. Zombies HD

So you didn’t buy it for your computer, and you didn’t buy it for your iPhone. What are you waiting for? Plants vs. Zombies is awesome and if you’re never played it and you have an iPad, this is the version to get.


Those little living Koosh balls have made their way to the iPhone and I definitely like this game more than Bejeweled 2. My only complaint is that the music is incredibly repetitive, so play this awesome puzzle game with the music off.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

If you enjoyed the original Grand Theft Auto games, played from an overhead perspective, then you’ll be intimately familiar with the gameplay in Chinatown Wars. As someone who spent many hours causing chaos in the original GTA, I definitely recommend this. There’s also a Lite version so you can try before you buy.

Lucky Coins

This is the iPhone version of the popular flash game, so if you liked that chances are you’ll feel the same about this app. The graphics are exactly the same (except the coin faces look slightly more retarded), but it features 30 amusing challenges and an arcade play with 4 levels. And for those reluctant to spend $0.99 on it (*cough* cheapo *cough*), there’s also a Lite version.

SimCity Deluxe

This is basically a port of SimCity 3000 (the last SimCity game before EA added stupid ambulance driving missions) and really the only bad thing that I can say about it is that the iPhone screen is just a bit too small for a bustling metropolis. A great way to waste hours while Iceland has brought world travel to a standstill.

Fruit Ninja

In this game you’re a fruit-hating ninja and must slice through various fruits with your mighty sword as they show up on screen. It’s a surprisingly fun game that you can play in casual (3 lives) and zen (90 second limit) mode, and also features a sensei that offers up some useful fruit-themed advice. From now on I will totally rub my mosquito bites with the inside of banana peel like he suggested. In public.


You can never go wrong with straight up Tetris, and this version adds one feature that is actually pretty cool – the ability to save a block for later. There’s also ‘Magic’ mode, which is Tetris with power-ups. The power-ups require making gestures with your fingers, and personally I found they wouldn’t register at least 50% of the time, so just stick with regular Tetris.

Doom Classic

I previously said that N.O.V.A. was the best FPS on the iPhone, but that crown has been passed to Doom Classic. This port of the original Doom looks better than the PC version, and the lack of mouse look actually makes it much easier to control than N.O.V.A.

Angry Birds

Angry Birds features sneaky green egg-stealing pigs with decent shelter building skills, and some birds in need of an anger management course. Despite the animosity between the two, it’s a cute game with lots of levels to keep you entertained while you slingshot various birds into the shelters that protect the pigs. And if you’re not sure it’s worth $0.99 there’s a Lite Version to get you hooked.