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Go Go Power Rangers!

A bootleg Power Rangers short starring Dawson Leery and Kara Thrace? Sign me up.

Massive Load Being Driven Down Alberta Highway

And I’m not talking about poop.

How Airplanes Cross the Atlantic

This is also exactly how Asian airlines don’t do it.

Spot Robot

First the big robots kill you, and then the small robot dog humps your corpse.

The Basics of Airplane Autopilot

I told you guys it wasn’t Skynet.

Old People Play Grand Theft Auto V
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Well that got adorably dark pretty quickly.

The Truth Behind Tipping

Should tipping be banned? That hairstyle definitely should be.

Peter Griffin Goes to Comic Con

Freakin’ sweet!

You’re Getting a Nintendo 64 for Christmas


Super Smash Bros. Music Video

In celebration of the best game of 2014!

Kickstarter Product Shockingly Fails to Meet Expectations

On the plus side, at least this one actually got made.

Virtual Reality Relationship Strife Simulator

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes is a bomb defusing simulator that will end your marriage.

GTA V at Night

Why even go outside anymore?

Star Wars: Episode VII Trailer – George Lucas Edition

Definitely an improvement over the original trailer.