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Donation Alarm Clock
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The SnÅ«zNLÅ«z alarm clock utilizes a rather ingenious method to wake you up in the morning – the fear of separating you from your hard earned money by giving it to an organization that you hate! Every time you hit the snooze button, a donation will be made from your bank account to the hated organization of your choosing.

The Cadbury Easter Creme Egg Conspiracy

I hope that despite corporate America’s attempt to swindle us out of the joy of Easter, that you have all had a great holiday weekend none the less. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, watch this video and see what those Cadbury bastards have done to our Easter Creme Eggs. Way to make baby Jesus cry Cadbury!


Over in France they’ve succeeded in getting a train to travel as fast as a modern airliner, while the speed of our trains over here in North America suggests we’ve regressed from powering them with coal, to powering them with excrement. Yes, the fireman stokes the engine by shovelling in cow manure.

How Police Interrogation Works
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It’s not that I think a vast majority of you guys are one drink away from a lifetime in the clink and I want to help you avoid it. (I don’t.) It’s more that every time I watch The First 48, someone ends up incriminating themselves. So read, learn and stay out of jail. And remember, the best thing to do to avoid a police interrogation is to ask for a lawyer… or you know, not kill people and eat their organs.

Wheel of Food
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Live in America? Having trouble deciding where to go for lunch? Not concerned about possible food poisoning? Then why not give the Wheel of Food a try? Just enter your zip code, the type of meal or food you’re looking for, and spin the big wheel.

Super Mario Doom
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You know, I always said that the one thing Doom was missing was a stereotypical Italian plumber… That and mushrooms. Lots of mushrooms. Magic mushrooms.

Rock a Real Guitar Hero Guitar
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Being a real life guitar god/rocket surgeon, I don’t need to spend hours a week playing either of the Guitar Hero games. For those of you who aren’t nearly as gifted as I am, you might want to consider creating a wireless controller out of a real guitar. At least then you’ll be able to experience what it is like to really rock… if only for a fleeting moment.

I’m Batman
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Well, maybe I’m not. But quadruple the speed of this thing, shrink it down, and attach some kind of gunpowder propelled hook to it, and I will be!

Everybody and their XBox360 has a blog these days…
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360Voice allows you to create a blog… for your XBox 360. Through the miracle of modern technology and possibly Jesus, any games, highscores, and progress you make while playing will automatically get blogged about by your 360 on it’s very own site. Don’t pretend to understand, just check out an example of the love right here.

An Indispensable USB Accessory

If you didn’t buy your girlfriend a USB powered stripper dancing around a pole novelty item for Valentine’s Day, then I’m afraid you’re going to be without a girlfriend before this day is out. It’s just common sense people!

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Morning traffic really is a chore. I was thinking of buying a Toyota Prius so that I can drive in the carpool lane, but perhaps the AARDVARK will be a little more effective for those busy early morning commutes…

The secret of the magic.
categories: Geeky, Videos

Now you too can learn the secret of the Japanese magic. Ohhhhhh. Ahhhhhh.

Behold, the Frilled Shark!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why you don’t go in to the ocean.

Lord of the Rings: DVD vs. HD
categories: Geeky, Pics

Up until now I’ve never really known the difference HDTV could make. This site uses The Lord of the Rings to show a frame by frame comparison of plain old DVD against HD. And the results are… Elventastic? Hobittrific? Bilbo Baggins!

The Bottom Line: for bigger, hairier hobbit feet – go HD.