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Make a Cylon Jack-O-Lantern
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For those of you who haven’t carved a Jack-O-Lantern yet, there’s still time to create one that will leave you the envy of the neighborhood. Why just scare children when you can destroy their civilization and convert them to monotheism? By your command!

categories: Geeky

Neighboroo uses Google Maps to display all sorts of demographic information about neighborhoods in the US-of-A. Plug in your zip code and give it a whirl! It shows you things like crime rate, air quality, population density, racial breakdown, and a whole slew of other things that sound really boring but all of a sudden become fascinating when overlaid on a giant map in bright primary colors.

I can see the music
categories: Geeky, Videos

I have always been an ardent supporter of the increase in rapidly moving images in our daily lives. I won’t be happy until the logos on everybody’s shirts are spinning and changing colors, and the sidewalks are littered with epileptics. To that end, Philips has created Lumalive, light emitting diodes that can be woven in to fabric.

Apple II Game Emulator
categories: Games, Geeky

Those of you who got to experience an Apple II while growing up, no doubt have fond memories of the games available for it. Now you can relive those halcyon days thanks to this browser based Apple II emulator, and a massive collection of games. Unfortunately it only works in Internet Explorer, and it sucks using a mouse instead of a joystick, although if you have a one you can use it.

RuBot II
categories: Crazy, Geeky, Videos

RuBot II, a robotic engineering marvel, can solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than 50 seconds. It can also haunt you in your worst nightmares, possibly transform into a gun, and perform lead roles in 70’s era episodes of Dr. Who.

Look! It’s moving. The drawings are alive!
categories: Geeky, Videos

This is a lot like Line Rider, but academic and unavailable to the general populace. If I had this though, I would spend days jumping rudimentary cars over things! Imagine if they had a teaching tool like this when you were in school.

categories: Art, Geeky, Pics

Remember those mix-and-match animal cards from when you were a kid? You know, where you could put an elephant’s head on a giraffe’s body? This is just the same, but with people. Who can come up with the weirdest face?

UPDATE: Now with 3 different versions!

Flickr Color Selectr
categories: Geeky, Pics

This application allows you to view Flickr photos that are predominantly made up of the color of your choosing. Perhaps not that interesting in and of itself, but almost every photo I’ve seen through this has been gorgeous.

It’s a motorcycle… It’s a car… It’s Superman!
categories: Geeky, Videos

The Carver is a motorcycle-car hybrid which can lean in to turns and, from the looks of this video, is a blast to drive. If you have money to burn and want to buy one, check out the Carver website.

Japanese Crows are Smart
categories: Geeky, Videos

In yet another shameless affront to Western Civilization, the Japanese have gone and genetically engineered crows that are smarter than us. Actually, not to split hairs but I should really change that to ‘smarter than you’. No bird is smarter than this webmaster.

Our bad, Terri
categories: Geeky

It has been discovered that a common insomnia medication known by the commercial name Ambien, can wake up people who are in a persistent vegetative state. They regain conciousness and can communicate. Areas of the brain that were thought to be dead become active once again, and 60% of patients given the drug have shown improvement. Don’t pull the plug.

Why oh why did he swallow the fly?
categories: Geeky

Although this will only keep you entertained for about a minute, it is terribly clever and just the sort of thing I enjoy. Now if I could just find my cursor.

Happy Labor Day
categories: Geeky

I know that this site is your only reliable source of information, so today we are going to enlighten you as to why on the first Monday of every September we celebrate a ‘labor’ day, and do it by engaging in absolutely no labor whatsoever. Sort of like Christmas with no presents. Happy Labor Day!

121 T-Shirts Worn at Once
categories: Geeky, Pics

My record for the most t-shirts worn at once has fallen, and these guys beat me by 119 shirts. I hear the largest shirts they used were 8XXL which means some people are really really fat.