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An Indispensable USB Accessory

If you didn’t buy your girlfriend a USB powered stripper dancing around a pole novelty item for Valentine’s Day, then I’m afraid you’re going to be without a girlfriend before this day is out. It’s just common sense people!

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Morning traffic really is a chore. I was thinking of buying a Toyota Prius so that I can drive in the carpool lane, but perhaps the AARDVARK will be a little more effective for those busy early morning commutes…

The secret of the magic.
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Now you too can learn the secret of the Japanese magic. Ohhhhhh. Ahhhhhh.

Behold, the Frilled Shark!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is why you don’t go in to the ocean.

Lord of the Rings: DVD vs. HD
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Up until now I’ve never really known the difference HDTV could make. This site uses The Lord of the Rings to show a frame by frame comparison of plain old DVD against HD. And the results are… Elventastic? Hobittrific? Bilbo Baggins!

The Bottom Line: for bigger, hairier hobbit feet – go HD.

Octopus Houdini
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I’ve already shown you that octopuses are masters of disguise, but did you know they are also master escape artists? Clearly no jail could ever hold them. Unless it had solid walls. Yeah, that’d do the trick.

Google Sightseeing
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Google Sightseeing takes you on a top-down tour of the world using Google Maps directly in your web browser. Each weekday your guides Alex and James introduce new weird and wonderful sights as suggested by the reader community. And if that sounds boring to you, then perhaps you’d be intrested to know you can also find naked people.

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FileSwap is in the same vein as SketchSwap. Upload a file and receive a random file in return. Will it be porn or will it be a virus? Will you get fired for masturbating at work, or for taking down the corporate network? It’s always an adventure with FileSwap!

Malice or stupidity?
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Midterm elections take place in the United States tomorrow, and I thought those of you who will be voting might be interested to know just how easy it is to compromise the fancy new electronic voting machine you are likely to be using. None of the four major suppliers of e-voting systems seem to have even a basic understanding of software security.

Make a Cylon Jack-O-Lantern
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For those of you who haven’t carved a Jack-O-Lantern yet, there’s still time to create one that will leave you the envy of the neighborhood. Why just scare children when you can destroy their civilization and convert them to monotheism? By your command!

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Neighboroo uses Google Maps to display all sorts of demographic information about neighborhoods in the US-of-A. Plug in your zip code and give it a whirl! It shows you things like crime rate, air quality, population density, racial breakdown, and a whole slew of other things that sound really boring but all of a sudden become fascinating when overlaid on a giant map in bright primary colors.

I can see the music
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I have always been an ardent supporter of the increase in rapidly moving images in our daily lives. I won’t be happy until the logos on everybody’s shirts are spinning and changing colors, and the sidewalks are littered with epileptics. To that end, Philips has created Lumalive, light emitting diodes that can be woven in to fabric.

Apple II Game Emulator
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Those of you who got to experience an Apple II while growing up, no doubt have fond memories of the games available for it. Now you can relive those halcyon days thanks to this browser based Apple II emulator, and a massive collection of games. Unfortunately it only works in Internet Explorer, and it sucks using a mouse instead of a joystick, although if you have a one you can use it.

RuBot II
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RuBot II, a robotic engineering marvel, can solve a Rubik’s Cube in less than 50 seconds. It can also haunt you in your worst nightmares, possibly transform into a gun, and perform lead roles in 70’s era episodes of Dr. Who.