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Stronger than a speeding truck?
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Perhaps you’ve seen retractable security bollards outside of your local U.S. Embassy, and wondered how effective they would actually be against a speeding truck. Luckily for you, the answer to that question makes for good television.

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Surfing the web at work leaves you open to the unfortunate possibility of your surpervisor walking by and witnessing you not working. The good folks over at Work Friendly have come up with a solution though! From their page you can look at your favorite web site from a browser window that looks amazingly like an open Microsoft Word document.

I am posting this from inside your house
categories: Geeky, Videos

This video demonstrates how easy it is to defeat most cylinder locks, and consequently how easy it is to break in to most houses, without leaving any trace as to the method of entry. So now you know where I’ve been getting all of those pies.

Goggles – the Googlemaps Flight Sim
categories: Geeky

Sorry folks, no more posts today. I’m too busy flying missions over London, Paris, and Tokyo in my hellfire-missile-equipped lime green RAF BE2c biplane. There are terrorists everywhere, and I am the only man that can bring them to justice*.

*blow them up

Windows Vista can hear you
categories: Funny, Geeky, Videos

Windows Vista is going to be an amazing operating system, truly worthy of an upgrade. I hear it has fabulous speech recognition too.

Pierced Eyeglasses
categories: Crazy, Geeky

Normally I would never consider having bolts installed in my nose, or anywhere else on my body for that matter, but this made me consider it until I remembered just how lazy I am. Hooray status quo!

Math: Not completely useless
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During the Second World War statisticians used the serial numbers of captured Panzer tanks to estimate the production capabilities of Germany. Were they correct? Did we crush the Kaiser? Read on to find out!

categories: Geeky

Perhaps if I had been using this table saw in my wood shop I would still have my penis. (Make sure you check out the hot dog video on the left of the page.)

The Psychopath Test
categories: Geeky

Here is a handy little test you can use to find out if you are a psychopath. I’m glad I found it because my last test totally wasn’t working. I was supposed to count the number of people I’d bludgeoned to death with a rolling pin in the past week, divide the number by 3, and then kill 2 neighborhood cats. This test makes way more sense!

We’re all related… unfortunately
categories: Geeky

Humanity’s common ancestor may have lived as few as 2000 years ago. Personally, I would feel better with 100,000 years separating me from some of the people who commented on the first Devvo post.

The Lyrebird

This is a pretty interesting little video of the Australian Lyrebird, the Master of Mimicry. I’m telling you, this bird is so much like me: neat freak, fantastic with the chicks, great plumage, amazing mimicking skills, fantastic with the chicks, etc. Check it out.

Ted Stevens is a monster
categories: Crazy, Funny, Geeky

Ted Stevens is an 89 year old senator representing the state of Alaska, and is chairman of the United States Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation. Recently he spoke on the floor about why he voted against net neutrality, and demonstrated an astounding lack of understanding. Basically, your grandpa is helping to make important decisions about the Internet.

RFID Hand Implants
categories: Crazy, Geeky

Amal has two RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) implants, one in each hand. His left hand contains a 3mm by 13mm EM4102 glass RFID tag. His right hand contains a 2mm by 12mm Philips HITAG 2048 S implant with crypto-security features and 255 bytes of read/write memory storage space. He can access his front door, car door, and log into his computer using his implants. He is also a crazy bastard.

Where the Hell is Matt?
categories: Geeky, Videos

Three years ago Matt from Connecticut quit his day job and decided to travel the world. The result is a video of him doing a cute little dance in every corner of the globe. For maximum depression, this video is best watched from your cubicle at work.