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Left Brain vs. Right Brain Test
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If you look at the animation after the link and see a girl spinning clockwise, then you are a ‘right-brain thinker’ (creative). If you see a girl spinning counter-clockwise, then you are a ‘left-brain thinker’ (logical). If all you see is a set of boobies, then you are ‘male, likely between the age of 13 and 65’.

Philippe Petit: French; Not a terrorist
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On August 7th, 1974, French high wire artist Philippe Petit performed an illegal tightrope walk between the two as-of-then incomplete World Trade Center towers.

The Apartment at the Mall
categories: Art, Geeky

In 2003, Michael Townsend and seven other “artists” decided to build an apartment in the parking garage of a mall in Providence, Rhode Island. They took turns living in the apartment for up to three weeks at a time, until the end of September 2007 when Michael was caught by mall security.

Giraffe Fight
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Giraffes and I have a lot in common. Whenever I get in to an altercation, I like to slam my face in to my opponent as much as possible. I always wake up a few hours later with my opponent nowhere to be seen, and that my friends, is called victory.

Whoa, I know kung fu.
categories: Art, Geeky, Videos

Some Russian artists have created a headset that allows you to view the world like Neo from the Matrix, or like someone who has licked one toad too many.

categories: Games, Geeky

Rankosaurus is a cool new tool for capturing, organizing, and sharing screenshots of highscores you get in online games. From now on, all highscore screenshot submissions on Dig Your Own Grave will have to be done using Rankosaurus. To celebrate, the leaderboards for Ragdoll Avalanche and Cubefield have been cleared. So check out Rankosaurus and go get some medals!

Chewbacca the Vacuum Cleaner
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Vacuuming is a loud, tiring and thankless task, and there’s only one thing that could possibly make it better. Wookies.

Waved Albatross

I don’t want anyone to say they’ve never learned anything from Dig Your Own Grave, so this particular post is going to be very edumacational in terms of nature and the wildlifes and such. These two birds are of the Waved Albatross species, and what they are doing in this video is making sweet sweet albatross love.

If you go out in the woods today…
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You’ll probably run face first in to a massive spider web, become entangled, and then get devoured alive by mutant spiders. This is especially likely if your woods are in Lake Tawakoni State Park in Texas. The spiders there, clearly not wanting to be outdone by the giant tent caterpillar nest, have created a spider web stretching over 200 yards.

It’s Labor Day!
categories: Geeky

For those of you too lazy to follow the link and read the background of this most excellent holiday, I shall give you an abridged version. There are three rules of Labor Day, and breaking any of them will result in harsh fines, jail time and possible execution. Rule 1) no labor is allowed (this includes shaving and bathing), Rule 2) pants are forbidden, and Rule 3) the television must remain on at all times.

Virtual Barbershop
categories: Geeky

As a world renowned rocket surgeon, I don’t get much downtime, so I really relish the hour a week I spend at the salon getting my locks moisturized. Now with this holophonic recording of a barbershop, I can recreate that relaxing sensation in my rocket laboratory. Make sure you listen to this with headphones, and close your eyes and picture yourself in a barbershop for extra effect!

Tactile Tabletop Synthesizer

reactable is a collaborative musical instrument operated by moving and rotating physical objects on its surface, a.k.a. the most wickedest coffee table ever.

Grim Rea-purr
categories: Crazy, Geeky

Oscar the cat, named after the delicious weiner, lives at the dementia unit at the Steere House Nursing And Rehabilitation Centre in Rhode Island, and he seems to have the uncanny ability to predict the death of the residents to within four hours. When someone is going to die, Oscar snuggles up on their bed with them. Obviously there is a logical explanation for this – Oscar is killing the patients.

Japanese owls have no respect for being fat.
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