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Let me tell you about my weekend- it was full of accomplishments and excitement. I had a poop that ranked “normal” according to Bristol stool chart, which means I can go back to my hot pockets exclusive diet. Hooray!

Clicker Troops
categories: Games

It’s Friday, you cakes of a fruity persuasion! Don’t forget to buy your dad a Father’s Day card for Sunday, or he’ll send a singing telegram dude to your office to sing you a song about a kind, generous man who is afflicted by horrible ungrateful children.

Color Move
categories: Games

Last time I posted a game where “color” is spelled without U, I got a call from the Canadian prime minister warning me about the consequences of my actions on bilateral relationship between the countries. I didn’t take it seriously, and now you can expect an armed conflict between us and our northern neighbors. Also, and by far the worse consequence, I got a lifetime ban from Tim Horton’s.

World’s Hardest Game 4
categories: Games

Really, this is THE hardest game in the world? What about chess? Or curling? Seems like a false advertisement to me.

Building Rush 2
categories: Games

Soooo, let me get this straight: I take a week-long vacation during which nothing is posted, and yet no one feels the urge to comment on the fact? Dudes, if I wanted to get snubbed I would go to a bar. Or a grocery store. Or a brothel. Or my parent’s house.

Taco Trump Down
categories: Games

Do you think Trump would be offended if he saw this game? Honestly, I don’t think he should be- it’s very flattering regarding his appearance. For starters, his hair looks like it actually belongs on a human being.

Riddle Transfer 2
categories: Games

In case you don’t remember the first installment of this game, it was posted back in 2011. And only 5 years later-BAM!-a second one. Boy, the game devs are unstoppable these days!

Square Idle
categories: Games

Being an idle square myself, I approve of this message.

Robert The Elf
categories: Games

My crossbow also shoots in only one direction, if you know what I mean. I have no idea what it means, but kindly share if you do.

Deterministic Dungeon
categories: Games

The title of this game sounds like some sort of philosophical term that’s created to make people feel stupid when they hear it. But the joke’s on you stupid term, I actually AM stupid so I’m immune to your trickery.

Color Switch
categories: Games

I made a skin color switch recently, and I have to say I’m pretty pleased with the result. Finally people will stop asking me which Cullen was I in the Twilight movies.

Bear in Super Action Adventure 2
categories: Games

Any weekend plans? I’m asking because I need help moving. My mom finally threw me out, so I found a beautiful fridge cardboard box to live in (advertised as small but functional studio on craigslist) for only $2000 a month. Everyone who ever lived in San Francisco knows this is a bargain.

Final Commando
categories: Games

I always say it’s my final commando, but there I am, spending the night in a police station again for taking my clothes off in front of a member of Kardashian family and revealing my underwear-less crotch. I have no self control.

Authentic Octopus Game
categories: Games

Long time ago when I was just starting with this site, I made a silent promise to myself- a vow you might say- that I’ll never post a non-authentic game about a cephalopod. So there you go.