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Knife Throwing Game
categories: Crazy, Games

Another simple little flash game. The point of this one is to throw your knives directly into the girls face. And it’s pretty damn hard unl… hmmmmm? What? Well that’s what I said: throw the knives into the targets without hitting the girl in the face. Duh.

No, you’re sick.

Pah! Game
categories: Games

In this game instead of using the keyboard or mouse to control your ship, you use your voice. For example, when you want to shoot you shout PAH! Kind of fun, kind of embarassing, and most definitely best played while at work.

Escape to Windows!!
categories: Games

You people want another game? Well I want Lamborghini Gallardo, are you going to give me that? I didn’t think so. Well here’s your game anyways, jerks.

Grade Three Geography Test
categories: Games

Okay smarty pants, here is a grade 3 US geography game for you. I dare anyone to beat my high score of 22/48. That may not seem very good but keep in mind I’m a little drunk, and by ‘a little’ I mean ‘fantastically’. Also, my co-workers keep coming into my cubicle and distracting me so it’s hard to concentrate.

Card Tossing Game
categories: Games

Here’s another game. This one is a little easier to figure out and it only has two objectives: 1) throw the cards into the hat, 2) don’t die of boredom.

74 Band Names
categories: Games, Pics

This image is from an online contest Virgin Digital is running. It contains references to 74 popular band names. How many can you spot? I’ll get you started: the flower stand in the front left has bouquets of “Guns and Roses”. Okay, that’s one…

Bloomin’ Gardens
categories: Games

It’s been a dogs age since we posted a game so I thought it would be nice to find a great one and put it up for you. But this isn’t it. This is just some strange game about flowers with really soothing background noises that I just can’t stop playing. Which is odd because I haven’t even figured out the rules yet.

categories: Games

A very simple but very addictive game. Perfect for obsessive compulsives.