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Dry Fire
categories: Games

This game almost gets it right. No secret levels, no puzzles, no keys to unlock doors, no ‘moving around’. Just shooting lots of things that die really easily and sometimes even explode. Now if we could just incorporate a few topless women into the background or something I think we would have a winner. And maybe Korn in the soundtrack. Is Korn still cool? Okay, Slipknot then.

categories: Games

This game has haunted me since I was a child. That sound it makes when you lose is the sound of all my life’s failures rolled into one gut-wrenching mechanical groan of disapointment. BWRAAAAAWRR(you’re dumb)RRRRR(you’re a failure)RRRRR(stupid)RRR……

It’s All About Balance
categories: Games

This is a very unique and addictive puzzle game. It’s all about balance. Unfortunately it doesn’t have any metric for scoring or levels, so I’ll just say I got as far as the big gray head and that as usual I am the best and you all live in my shadow (which is also awesomer than you and gets more chicks).

The Man in the Dark
categories: Games

There is no point to what is at the other end of this link, but I bet you $100 that you’ll spend at least 30 seconds playing with it. I’m serious. If you can honestly say you don’t play with this wiggily little guy for at least 30 seconds, send me your address and I’ll send you $100. Also send me your girlfriends address. And a pack of smokes.

categories: Games

Here’s another puzzle game we can use to see which of us is the smartest. I got to level 8, so until I hear someone do better I am officially the smartest person on the internet. And as soon as someone posts that they have gotten to a higher level then they will officially be a liar and I will officially still be the smartest person on the internet.

Programming Language Inventor or Serial Killer?
categories: Games, Geeky

Can you tell the hard-core programmers from the hard-core murderers? I sure can’t, and will probably wind up dead by morning.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!
categories: Games

Here is a little St. Patrick’s Day themed 4 leaf clover game. Hurry up and find those clovers before a leprechaun crawls up your leg and bites your privates!

Splash Back
categories: Games

I like to think of myself as a pretty smart guy, but I cannot get past level two of this ‘kids game’. Some guy has apparently gotten to level 30, which isn’t too hard to believe if you also believe in unicorns and monsters made of cheesecake.

Spot the Difference
categories: Games

This is one of those classic spot-the-difference games. I find it pretty hard. In fact, I’ve played it I don’t know how many times now and I haven’t won once. So if you can win at least one game then I guess you’re better than me. Although that would also make you nerdier and unsexier than me, so there. Pick your poison smarty pants.

King of Skeleton
categories: Games

In honor of the closing of the 2006 Winter Olympics, I present you with a wintery fun Olympic Skeleton flash game. This game is extra awesome because it features two of my favorite pastimes, those being 1) trying to kill myself via grotesque head injury, and 2) collecting tubes of lube.

Ball Trap Game
categories: Games

I don’t know why, but this game is not nearly as easy as you’d think it would be. My brain just can’t seem to decide what it’s supposed to do. Red-to-red, blue-to-blue, blue-to-blue, red-to-blue, no! Ahhh! Madness!

The Drunk Walk
categories: Games

YOU: Hey, this game is just like the last drunken beer balancing game you put up!
ME: Yes it is.
YOU: You’re an idiot! Your website sucks! You’re gay!

There, I saved you the trouble.

Mind Me Bloody Beer
categories: Games

Move yer mouse left and right to help me keep me pint steady. TRY NOT TO SPILL ALL MY BLOODY BEER.

Now that’s pants!

categories: Funny, Games

Disaffected! gives the player the chance to step into the demotivated position of real FedEx Kinkos employees. Feel the indifference of these purple-shirted malcontents first-hand, and consider the possible reasons behind their malaise — is it mere incompetence? Managerial affliction? Unseen but serious labor issues? (for Windows & OS X)