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Finally, a use for Google Maps Street View other than searching for naked people in windows.

True Blood: True Survival
categories: Games, HTML5

Here’s another html5 game to start your weekend off right. Yup, that means you can play it on your iPhone/Pad/Phablet/Douchlet/etc. and not have to worry about your laptop making your legs sweaty while pooping.

Save the Day
categories: Games, HTML5

Save a bunch of ungrateful kids and grannies who probably won’t put out even though you saved their lives in this highly polished HTML5 game (for desktop only).

categories: Games, HTML5

Since it turns out human magnets are just really filthy, would the same apply to chick magnets? Only one way to find out I guess. Watch out ladies! *throws away shower gel*

No-One Has To Die
categories: Games, HTML5

No one has to die, except the ones that don’t fit my aesthetic parameters of a utopian society. I’m looking at you, uggos.

Cupcakes vs. Veggies
categories: Games, HTML5

Here’s another html5 game for you nutcases to try out. And we’ve got plenty more where this came from, so stop using your iPad as a cutting board and play some games on it already!


We just updated this hi-larious Happy Tree Friends html5 game with a couple of achievements for you guys to obsess over. And don’t forget – all of our HTML5 games are playable on high-end mobile phones and tablets!

Vector Runner Remix

Merry Christmas Fruitcakes! As my present to you here’s a set of achievements and a leaderboard for our new html5 game Vector Runner Remix. It might not be the greatest present, but it sure beats what I got from my parents: 12-pack of tube socks and a nice big portion of when-I-was-your-age lectures.

Turkey Tumble
categories: Games, HTML5

Happy Thanksgiving turkeys! In honor of the gorging you are about to receive, try saving some baby turkeys so they can grow up to be big and strong (and delicious). And yes! This is an HTML5 game so you can play it on your mobile device.

Route ‘n’ About
categories: Games, HTML5

It’s a brave new world fruitcakes. Today is the debut of HTML5 games on DYOG! What does that mean? Well it means you can play this game on your mobile phone (check game description for details), plus it will also give you a wicked backrub.

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