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The Last Dinosaurs
categories: Games

Of course the dinosaurs are not extinct- I’m still alive, aren’t I? HAHAHAHAHAHA! *cries while counting the wrinkles in the bathroom mirror*

Quantum Of Light
categories: Games

What do you mean “you forgot to post a game yesterday”? It was a holiday! It’s not my fault that none of you infidels celebrates Parsi New Year.

Royal Warfare
categories: Games

In preparation for the glorious weekend, have a go at this real time strategy game that definitely does not feature zombies. And if you’re wondering what those hordes of slow moving, rotting humans are, they are slow moving rotting humans and definitely not zombies.

Stealth Bound Level Pack
categories: Games

I comfort myself that I am not a socially awkward and friendless creature that goes through life completely unnoticed. I’m just really good at being stealth. Like really good.

Invert Selection
categories: Games

Occasionally I’d like to invert my selection, but the truth is that sometimes we just have to live with the decisions we made. What I’m trying to say here is: make sure you measure your room before you order a full size Tardis replica.

Clicker Heroes
categories: Games

If clicking makes you a hero, then I am Indiana Jones meets Hercules meets Luke Skywalker but with awesome sideburns.

Snail Bob 7: Fantasy Story
categories: Games

I will keep posting Snail Bob until someone appreciates it in the way it deserves to be appreciated. Not with comments like “If it was any easier, it would be your mother“. I’ll have none of that. My mother is a saint!

Vex 3
categories: Games

That reminds me: it’s Friday- time to wax everything below my neck.

Bazooka Boy 2
categories: Games

If you’re wondering what happened to bazooka boy 1, there was an unfortunate accident involving a man-portable recoilless antitank rocket launcher weapon. Yes, a bazooka.

Shave Time!
categories: Games

Politically incorrect, or a moral obligation? You tell me.

Robots Initiate Work Sequence
categories: Games

I don’t know how other robots work, but my Roomba is very keen on initiating its work sequence at the most inappropriate times. Like at 4am while I lie in the dark after watching a Paranormal Activity marathon. I’m pretty sure that thing is responsible for at least 7 of my gray hairs, as well as my heart murmur.

The Deepest Sleep
categories: Games

I am not ashamed to admit, I pooped my pants in the first 60 seconds of this game. Unfortunately I wasn’t wearing any pants, so you can imagine the problem I have now.

Tomorrow and Yesterday
categories: Games, HTML5

Chances are tomorrow I’ll be doing the same thing as yesterday, which is also what I’m doing today. That reminds me, I should crack open a fresh box of tissues.

Hero In The Ocean 2
categories: Games

I’m a hero in the ocean, hero outside the ocean, hero in the city, hero in the countryside… Wait, is hero the thing where you have to leave the bed, put your pants on and do brave things? That’s not me then, I was thinking of something else.