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Swarm Simulator
categories: Games

DYOG used to act like a sort of swarm simulator. But now it’s just a few old colorblind bumble bees that twitch when you blow on them.

Kittens Game
categories: Games

I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, but my kittens aren’t dying fast enough.

Chain Reaction Shooter
categories: Games

After numerous complaints (one) about yesterday’s game not fitting into a weekly fighting theme, I have decided we have to end it with a shooter game. What do you mean “it’s not an actual shooter game, you giant wimpcanoe”? Well try taking some bath salts before you play it, ingrate.

Blue Box
categories: Games

I tricked you, today’s game is not gonna be about fighting- it’s gonna be about blue balls. I mean BOX, blue BOX.

Epic Boss Fighter 2
categories: Games

Watch out, Thursday’s game is gonna be called “Epic Fatal awesome fighters boss conquest 2″. And it’s gonna be marvelous.

Fatal Fighters
categories: Games

Fatal fighters fought a fatal fight fighting fable flankers. Now say this 10 times as fast as you can, eat Doritos, cry, and take a 12 hour nap. Happy Tuesday!

Awesome Conquest
categories: Games

I had an awesome conquest myself this weekend, if I’m allowed to brag. She was a curvy brunette with legs up to here, and a killer set of melons. No seriously: she had some sort of repulsive body deformation which caused her spine to curve and her legs to make about 85% of her body. Also, she tried to kill me by throwing melons in the general direction of my head.

Mad Day
categories: Games

Friday always starts out as a mad day for me. Perhaps I need to reconsider my Friday morning ritual of reading through YouTube comments on the latest State of the Union video, right after chugging a Starbucks quad-shot cappuccino.

Doodle Brigade
categories: Games

Angry Husky: Heehee, doodle brigade. More like “doody brigade”, amirite? AMIRITE?

categories: Games

My career as a TV prophet came to a screeching halt after a failed attempt at healing someone’s adult acne with a special concoction of bleach and alpaca saliva.

0h n0
categories: Games, HTML5

Apparently, “oh no” is a direct quote from my mother when she first saw me after I was born. The second direct quote is “how much can I get for a disfigured white baby?”.

Age of Wonder – The Lost Scrolls
categories: Games

Next Monday is Presidents Day, and anyone who’s been coming to this site for over a year knows what that means. I am so excited it took every once of willpower not to post the video today. And thinking about it just now I peed in my undies a little bit. I’ll be lucky if I sleep one minute until Monday!

categories: Games

I don’t know what Hanoka means, but Honoka is a name of a Japanese adult video star. How do I know that? Lets just say that in my lifetime I’ve handled a fair share of eels and octopi.

Pinata Hunter 3
categories: Games

Am I the only one who feels a slight discomfort when beating an innocent (if not slightly mentally challenged) looking colorful horse with a variety of weapons while he makes eye contact?