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Monsterland 4: One More Junior
categories: Games

One more junior? Curse my raw manliness and highly potent supersized genitals!

Elventales: The Arcanery
categories: Games

It’s Friday, fruitcakes! I don’t know how your weekend activity calendar looks like, but mine is packed. When you sleep 18 hours a day, there’s not a lot of time to catch up on MLP fan fiction.

Viking Valor
categories: Games

I recently discovered that my ancient ancestors were Vikings. I think that explains my luscious beard and love for coarse wool underwear. Nothing makes you feel more manly that an itchy, irritated genital region.

10 Gnomes in Venice
categories: Games

I went to Venice and saw some gnomes, but there were definitely more than 10 of them and they referred to themselves as “Italians”.

Jelly Dad Hero
categories: Games

Just for the record- this is not another Snail Bob game. I repeat: this is NOT another Snail Bob game. Seriously, it’s not another Snail Bob game.

categories: Games

Everybody’s doin’ a brand new dance now…
C’mon baby, do the locom..o..tion
I know you’ll get to like it if you give it a chance now…
C’mon baby, do the locom

Sweep Miner
categories: Games

This title reminds me of a game I was working on once called “Sweet Minor”. It took place in the late 1700′s, and was based on Mozart’s Requiem in D Minor. Why, what did you think it was going to be about?

Demons Down Under
categories: Games

I had demons down under before, but I exorcised them with about a gallon of shampoo. The trick is to yell “The power of Lindane compels you!” while washing yourself. Side effects involve a spinning head, green vomit, and your neighbors calling the police.

categories: Games

I was gonna write something about still not being able to stay inside the lines while playing with my Sesame Street coloring book, but instead I’m just gonna link to these awesome colorized historical photos.

Letter Monsters
categories: Games

Ah yes, the letter monsters. My parents told me about those when I was growing up. It was all part of their plan to make me deathly afraid of books. Because if you can’t read, you can’t write HELP ME on paper planes and throw them out the window.

categories: Games

I tried hard to make this game work on DYOG, but then it was suddenly very late and I need at least 14 hours of sleep. So the link will take you to Newgrounds, which will make some evil mastermind in their office laugh diabolically while he pets his white Persian cat. Or it’s an office full of apes flinging their poop at the monitors trying to figure out the mystery that is the distribution of flash games.

Skip Around the World: Finland
categories: Games

Tämä on mahtava peli ja sinun pitäisi pelata sitä. Muita uutisia, alaselässä on enemmän hiuksia kuin hirviä. Just sayin’.

Glue Knight
categories: Games

Don’t know much about glue knights, but I have a lot of experience with glue nights. You know, those nights when you wake up in the morning all sticky… Oh come on- I cannot possibly be the only one who assembles model airplanes in bed.

Tesla Defense 2
categories: Games

So how many of you nerds out there would consider the Tesla Model S to be your dream car? Do you want to know what my dream car is? It’s Green Machine you spoiled brats. And I still use dial-up.