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Fact of the Day
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Most of us know that Japanese people are crazy (proof, more proof), but did you know that their hamsters are also crazy? A little known fact.

Midi Jumps
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If you don’t get this then you probably have never seen The Wizard of Oz. And you probably have headlice.

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Who’s a kitty-cat? Who likes to dance dance dance?

Cats don’t like sharing either.
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This cute little video totally reminds me of when I woke up in the alley yesterday and was trying to smoke the last of my crack and this other smelly junkie-guy kept trying to get in my face and sniff my crack smoke and I was like pushing him away because I didn’t want to share. So funny. So cute!

Rough Weekend?
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I have no idea what happened to me this weekend but I’m pretty sure it involved heroin and Battlestar Galactica. And I don’t know about you, but after a weekend like that I really need to just sit here and look at a picture of a kitten in a shoe for a while.

UFC Cats
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Pictures of Penguins
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I can’t begin to tell you how hard it was to decide on what picture from this site to use along with the post. I’m sure that after the human race has nuked itself to death it won’t be cockroaches that inherit the earth. It will be penguins.

This post is for my brother, the ice-bicycle champion.

Barking Cat
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At least he barks quietly. And not at his own foot.

Flying Dog
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Holy smokes! Flying dogs are WAY cooler than regular dogs.

Biggest..  Bunny…   Ever.
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And in direct retaliation to the horrific, sleep depriving, blanket-over-the-head-covering World’s Largest Spider, we bring you the World’s Largest Bunny Rabbit. Horrorshow-7, Cuteness-10. Cuteness wins by a landslide!

My Cat Is Watching HDTV!
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Many High-Definition TV owners report that their pets are having trouble distinguishing the realistic picture from reality itself.

Back to Work
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Well it’s back to work week. If you’re anything like me (and unless you’re a well-endowed male supermodel with genius level IQ you’re nothing like me), then you feel pretty rotten about it. I found this video which demonstrates EXACTLY the way I dragged myself to work this morning. Except that I’m not a polar bear.

The Tortoise and the Hippo: Where Are They Now?

It’s been one year since Owen the baby hippo got swept away by the tsunami waves and washed straight into the arms(?) of Mzee the century-old tortoise. Let’s see how they’ve been doing. Sit back and get ready to be sucker-punched by the iron fist of cuteness.

Stuff On My Cat
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Although this site is pretty funny, I also find it fascinating. Where do you buy cats like these? If I took our old family cat and tried to ‘put stuff on her’ she would promptly ‘put her claws in my eyes’.