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Dog Goes Road Salmon Fishing
categories: Cute, Videos

Well that was the best day of his life.

Canadians have no respect for bears?

I hear that in Canada, children are raised to have no fear of bears… except for those terrible, terrible Polar Grizzlies.

Dog Does Not Understand Escalators
categories: Cute, Videos

It was between this video of one of the cutest dogs ever and DJ Kitty, but in the end I had to go with the master race.

Rat Bath
categories: Cute, Videos

Awwwwww… Kill it! Kill it with fire! It carries the plague!

Treadmill Corgis
categories: Cute, Videos

Honestly, does it get cuter than this?

categories: Cute, Videos

Not since Fat Marmot Eating a Graham Cracker has a wild animal been so cute.

Chubby Marmot Eats a Graham Cracker
categories: Cute, Videos

Marmots: The only mammal that looks cuter the fatter it gets.

Star Wars AT-AT is Man’s Best Friend
categories: Cute, Geeky, Videos

Some of you were disappointed by the last AT-AT dog video (and that makes you monsters), so here’s the real thing.

The Japanese have no respect for traditional pets.
categories: Cute, Videos

OMG it’s an owl. *squee*

Kia Soul Hamsters
categories: Cute, Videos

I am so getting myself one of those toaster cars.

Crater Face
categories: Art, Cute, Videos

I am not liable for the tears.

Bo Staff Bear
categories: Cute, Videos

This one gang kept wanting him to join ’cause he’s pretty good with a bo staff.

Human Puppy Hybrid
categories: Cute, Videos

Surely this can only mean that the terrible planet of the puppies will soon be upon us.

Dog Emperor Rides Slave Tortoise
categories: Cute, Videos

Don’t let his cuteness fool you. That dog’s the next Pol Pot.