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Japanese children face off against giant lizard on TV!
categories: Crazy, Funny, Videos

Several kids with steaks attached to their heads insert their heads into a “lizard arena” where a giant lizard is encouraged to “menace” them. The lizard is reluctant at first then goes berserk! Hilarity ensues.

Body Sushi
categories: Crazy, Pics

A story about a restaurant that serves sushi off of a nude woman. I was going to make some racially insensitive comment about how crazy Japanese people are (c’mon, we’re talking about the inventors of the used panty vending machine), but it turns out this is a restaurant in Chicago. Yes, there is a picture in the article. No, you can’t see any naked boobies.

Popping Out of the Pan
categories: Crazy, Funny

In case you thought the stories of snakes coming out of toilet bowls were urban legends, here is a nice little BBC story that will have you crouching when you poop for weeks to come.

“The creature has been spotted on several occasions and homeowners have put bricks on toilet seats in a bid to keep the beast from popping out of the pan.”

The Toilet Snorkel
categories: Crazy, Funny

This site features a collection of absurd, but real, US patents. I think my favorite is The Toilet Snorkel. Hmmmm? Yes, The Toilet Snorkel.

Sugar Bush – The Superstar Squirrel
categories: Crazy, Cute, Funny, Pics

Sugar Bush is the republican Forrest Gump of the rodent world- somehow finding herself involved in any patriotic situation of note. That squirrel gets around.

Crab vs. The Laws of Physics
categories: Crazy, Videos

This is pretty nuts. I can’t stop watching it. It’s like something from a cartoon!

categories: Crazy, Funny, Pics

A collection of (usually) hilarious pictures someone named Jeremy Wilson likes for a variety of reasons. If you have some spare time you can also help me solve the mystery of why so many furries are commenting there.

A girl who doesn’t change facial expressions
categories: Crazy, Funny

I find this incredibly hypnotizing, and I think I went to highschool with this girl. Actually, I think everyone went to highschool with this girl. (Warning: Loud music out of nowhere!)

Prussian Blue
categories: Crazy

What could be cuter than twin teenage girls singing white nationalist songs? Badgers mutilating each other perhaps, but since I couldn’t find any video of that I present to you Prussian Blue- the neo nazi Olsen twins.

On their official site which I refuse to create an actual link to (, you can see clips from their music videos in the store section. I recommend watching them because they sing as well as I do, which is to say badly and without enunciation.

Man Dies Having Horse Sex
categories: Crazy

Unfortunately we don’t have a ‘Horse Sex’ category, so this one is just going to have to get filed under ‘disturbing’.

If you’re trying to find the video of this ‘event’, you should go to this link.

An Anatomy of Megachurches

An interesting look at the McMansions of the religious world.

Face Transformer
categories: Art, Crazy, Funny

This is a Java application that runs in a browser window. You can use the Perception Laboratory’s Face Transformer to change the age, race or sex of a facial image, to transform it to the style of a famous artist, to make an exagerated caricature or even make an ape of yourself!

Playmobil for the new millenium
categories: Crazy, Pics

Now your children can play Homeland Security, protecting the homeland from arabs by performing anal cavity searches and frisking bosomy women.

Python Explodes While Eating Alligator
categories: Crazy, Pics, Videos

Pictures and video of the remains of a 13-foot Burmese python that burst after trying to eat a live, 6-foot alligator. Oh, and this happened in the Florida Everglades. Yes, turns out there are pythons in Florida.