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The Sound Walk

Admit it, you’ve always wanted to punch a robot duck in a top hat. And as always, I provide. Yet for some reason I’ve never received a single gift basket in return…

*hint hint*


Who do you call when the most precious diamond in the world has been stolen? A ninja with gigantism of the head, apparently. (And by the way badge freaks, there was also an achievement added to Grid16).

Dummy Never Fails

I was recently reminded that I haven’t put up any game achievements in almost a decade, so I did what any dedicated webmaster would do and I went to my lab and cloned a copy of myself to whip some up. Today’s game has ’em, and so does Flood Runner 2 and Sydney Shark. Incidentally, my clone came out female for some reason, and she’s super hot. Can I go there?

Sydney Shark

Silly game, everyone knows in Australia they’re not called sharks, they’re called wallamawimwams. Anyways, have a great weekend folks – and watch out for bees!

The Flood Runner 2

Just don’t forget your Flood Survival Tips.

Miami Shark

I was going to post a quote from Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus, but I remembered last time I did that everyone thought I was getting married in two days.

PS: There’s a bug with highscore submission: If you’re playing more than once, refresh the page each time you play if you want your scores to submit.

Vector Conflict: The Siege

I know you guys think I spend all my time oil wrestling supermodels and saving forest animals from the California wildfires, but honestly that’s only about 95% of my day. The other 5% I spend making terrific games like this one. It’s sort of a retro post-apocalyptic shooter with – UH OH GISELE HAS ME IN AN ARMBAR BRB

Ragdoll Cannon Level Pack

Here’s another Ragdoll Cannon squeal for you. *squeals*

GemCraft: Chapter 0

Bonus points for anyone who knows what I named the achievements after – without using a search engine. And without sacrificing their heterosexuality, which might be impossible. (That was a clue).

PS: You submit your score in the stats menu.

Cargo Bridge

Little known fact: I invented bridges in 1635.

Sushi Castle

Here at Dig Your Own Grave I like things to be not just entertaining, but also educational. That’s why I sometimes provide interesting facts to go along with the posts. For instance, have you ever wondered what would happen if a pinball machine and a raw fish got together and made sweet sweet love?

Cursor Chaos

The title of this game promised me cursors. When I read “Cursor Chaos” I picture an orgy of multi-colored arrows, hourglasses, and pointing fingers, all shooting me, shooting each other, insulting my mother, crying, peeing on my couch, and making out with Cindy Seabrook in the closet. I’m not going to lie, I was a little disappointed.

Superstar Combo

So the other day this pretty influential guy was talking to me, and he was like, “Admin, you are so super cool the way you make games and stuff”. And I was like, “Thanks God, you’re pretty cool yourself, the way you created the universe and stuff. Oh, except for the part where you made testicles on the outside.” Seriously, what’s up with that?

Shopping Cart Hero

I was pretty torn up trying to decide who to link to in this post – The Real Life Shopping Cart Hero or my favorite Lil’ Jukebox Hero. And then it got me thinking… in a fight to the death, who would win?