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Steam Rocket

My bum launched a few steam rockets yesterday, thanks to my traditional Sunday night snack of 10 Taco Bell Bean Burritos. Bam! Zoom! Straight to the moon!

Falling Elephants

You know those games with misleading titles? Well this is definitely not one of them. It also features a song that will remain etched in your memory long after you’ve forgotten how to chew due to advanced Alzheimer’s and multiple strokes.


I once pressed a button 20 times, if you know what I mean. *nudge nudge, wink wink* My router stopped working, so I had to restart it 20 times.

A Short History Of The World

I have come to the conclusion that there must be some superior being controlling the world and all the living creatures in it by playing a flash game. I bet he frequents forums and complains that it’s laggy and poorly designed.


We just updated this hi-larious Happy Tree Friends html5 game with a couple of achievements for you guys to obsess over. And don’t forget – all of our HTML5 games are playable on high-end mobile phones and tablets!

Vector Runner Remix

Merry Christmas Fruitcakes! As my present to you here’s a set of achievements and a leaderboard for our new html5 game Vector Runner Remix. It might not be the greatest present, but it sure beats what I got from my parents: 12-pack of tube socks and a nice big portion of when-I-was-your-age lectures.

Medieval Shark

Well that’s settled: for my next medieval fair larp session I’m going dressed as a shark with a jester’s hat.

ClickPLAY Quickfire

Incidentally, my college years mostly consisted of clicking Play and then firing quickly.

Nightmare Runner

I have this reoccurring nightmare where I’m a college freshman being chased by a middle aged lady who reeks of kiwi-strawberry flavored MD 20/20. I cant quite understand what she’s yelling, but it contains the words alabaster glutes. Actually, that might be a memory.

New York Shark

I wonder where will this shark end up next. Personally, I could go for a session of Ochiichagwe’babigo’ining Shark. The place really exists, I swear on my pants.

10 Bullets

If I only had 10 bullets I would probably use the first 9 at the next Young Politicians of America meeting (nip a few problems in the bud if you know what I’m saying), and the last one I need to save for Bieber.

Santa Blast

If you ever come across a movie called Santa’s Blast – don’t watch it. I thought it would be a light hearted movie with Tim Allen turning into a magical reindeer or something, but I failed to notice that the main actor is a guy called Seymore Butts.

Happy Turksgiving Thankies!

In what will hopefully be a long running tradition, I’m reposting everyone’s favorite binge eating game and clearing the highscores so we can all be king of the leaderboard for a few minutes. That’s it until Monday – have a great long weekend, and if you’re not American stop hating our freedom dammit.

Plumet 2

WEEEEEEEEEE! I haven’t had this much fun since I went to that dance party with my pet alpaca and baby goat.