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God is Doing a Nu Thang
categories: Funny, Music, Videos

With this kid in his corner, Jesus can’t lose.

Hot Girl Song

Being free from the tyranny of my pants means I don’t have this problem.

The Best Music Video of 2011
categories: Music, Videos

I know how much you guys like seeing children get shot…

Guitar String Vibrations
categories: Geeky, Music, Videos

Not only can your new iPhone be used for making phone calls and playing Vector Conflict, it can also be used for recording tears in our universe.

Crazy eHarmony Cat Lady Autotune
categories: Funny, Music, Videos

That crazy cat lady video is now danceable. Dance my pretties.

The Best Music Video
categories: Crazy, Music, Videos

A glowing bald guy and a disembodied black head. What more could you ask for?

Happy Memorial Day
categories: Funny, Music, Videos

Happy long weekend folks. Video is NSFW, though if you’re at work you must be an anti-American bastard and we will soon destroy you with our bunker busting bombs and advanced military technology. You have been warned.

Replicants Are Among Us
categories: Music, Videos

So the robot is cool again? I guess I didn’t waste the 80s.

Deliverance Meets Star Wars
categories: Music, Videos

Featuring Suprise Fox.

Michael Bolton Sings About Pirates of the Caribbean
categories: Funny, Music, Videos

TIL that Captain Jack Sparrow is the Jester of Tortuga. Hilariously NSFW.

Munamies – Pomppufiilis
categories: Cute, Music, Videos

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that Finns aren’t awesome.

Abnormal Gait Rap Dance
categories: Funny, Music, Videos

Now you’re all going to hell too. (Music is slightly NSFW.)

Turtle or Tortoise Song
categories: Cute, Music, Videos

Whether it’s a turtle or a tortoise, this is their king.

Justin Bieber and Slipknot Mashup
categories: Music, Videos

This song is like the Defensor of songs.