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Cat Game of Thrones Theme

Meow… meow… meow meow meow… meow

Amazing Africa Toto Cover
categories: Music, Videos

Who could have ever imagined that the world’s greatest singer would be some Louis C.K. looking guy covering Africa in a pizza restaurant in Salt Lake City, Utah?

Lazy Harp Seal
categories: Cute, Music, Videos

My uncle was the human equivalent of a lazy harp seal. I think he lived under a bridge or something. Pretty sweeeeeeeeet.

Open Condom Style

If you’re only going to watch one Korean pop music video this year, make sure it’s this one.

Japanese German Yodeller
categories: Funny, Music, Videos

The Japanese and the Germans were already the weirdest people on the planet, so why not combine them?

Hip Hop Thomas the Tank Engine

I don’t know what all these mashups say about rap music, but it can’t be good.

Dubstep Robot Fight
categories: Music, Videos

Dubstep is the capoeira of robots.

Fireworks Dubstep

This video of the Fireworks show from the Golden Gate bridge’s 75th anniversary is definitely better than Canada Day.

Call Me Tay Zonday
categories: Funny, Music, Videos
Brief History of Video Games
categories: Geeky, Music, Videos

A musical history of video games made using only the sights and sounds of the video games themselves.

Staying Alive Robot
categories: Geeky, Music, Videos

The PETMAN robot can dance better than you.

Rotate Your Owl for Science
categories: Music, Videos

Chickens and Owls are the gimbals of the animal kingdom.

Keith Apicary Auditions for a Kimberly Cole Video
categories: Funny, Music, Videos

WARNING: This is pretty sexual!

Crutch Dancing
categories: Crazy, Music, Videos

Even if this guy just flailed around with his crutches, he’d still be a better dancer than me.