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CSI: Visual Basic

Speaking as a software engineer, all I can say to this is “Huhwah?”.

The Anti-Helium
categories: Geeky, Videos

Everyone knows that inhaling helium will cause your voice to become very high. Inhaling sulfur hexafluoride on the other hand, will turn you into a demon. No, I’m serious. You literally turn into a demon.

I can walk!
categories: Geeky, Videos

The Rewalk exoskeleton, from Argo Medical Technologies, allows paraplegics to walk, stand and climb stairs. The future is now.

Walking on Water
categories: Geeky, Videos

Or to be more accurate, oobleck, a mixture of corn starch and water. It has the properties of a non-Newtonian fluid, which behaves like a solid when force is applied.

The Japanese have no respect for implosions.
categories: Geeky, Videos

Kajima Corporation has developed a new method to demolish tall buildings. They replace the pillars at ground level with computer-controlled metal columns. A crew then demolishes the entire floor by hand, leaving the structure resting on the mechanical pillars, which are then lowered until the next floor is at ground level. They repeat this operation until they get rid of all the floors.

Seared Skin Doodles
categories: Crazy, Geeky, Videos

Why have your name etched on to the back of your iPod nano, when you can use those very same lasers to have an image of a robot burned into your skin? It’s the new hotness.

The Astronautilator
categories: Geeky, Videos

The latest trend in roller coaster design is 90 degree vertical drops, and the new Fahrenheit coaster in Hershey Park, Pennsylvania, is no exception with a staggering 97 degree fall. That’s right, a drop greater than vertical. Bring another pair of pants.

Pac-Man Vacuum
categories: Geeky, Videos

What’s better than getting a Roomba and avoiding the horrible chore of vacuuming? Turning the Roomba into Pac-Man!

Liquid Metal
categories: Geeky, Videos

Oh sure, it’s cool now, but just wait until it forms a giant solid metal spear and stabs you in the throat.

Monster Camp

When I see this documentary about live-action role playing, I’ll be in the front row wearing my robe and wizard hat.

Simpsons Quake III Arena
categories: Geeky, Videos

The only thing that could make this Quake III Simpsons Map any better would be to include a time machine back to the year 2000, when people actually played Quake III.

R2-D2 Home Theater System
categories: Geeky, Videos

This is what Jabba the Hutt was going to do with R2-D2 eventually.

Sky Jellyfish
categories: Geeky, Videos

Sure, the Festo Airjelly looks cool now, but just wait until an army of them are floating through the air towards your town, brain suckers at the ready.

Don’t Drink and Drive (a Landspeeder)
categories: Geeky, Videos

This public service announcement seems to be suggesting that if you drink and drive, Dr. Evazan and Pomda Baba will cut you in your sleep. They’re wanted men you know.