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Screaming Kid Commercial
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Here is a funny little commercial from our French friends the French. Someone needs to stuff that kid’s mouth full of freedom fries and send him off to war. Then we’ll see if he still wants to kick a fit over a bag of bon-bons.

Jumping Toyota Corolla
categories: Funny, Videos

Two videos of a dude jumping his Toyota Corolla. The second one with the arm wave is sure to be a classic. And you might want to browse the rest of the guy’s site. He’s also quite handy with carpentry, leather, and stained glass!

Baseball Player tries to Hit Ball with Crotch
categories: Funny, Videos

This must be some sort of new bunting technique or something. It looks like it worked out well for him.

NBC Canoe Stunt
categories: Funny, Videos

Michelle Kosinski of NBC’s Today gets caught trying to make the northeast flooding look worse than it actually is. All she wanted was just a little hurricane and maybe a breached levee. Was that too much to ask? Mother Nature, you can be so cruel!

Big Ad
categories: Funny, Videos

A big ad. There’s not much more I can say. Just watch it. (By the way, this is also a very LOUD ad, you may want to lower your volume before it starts).

categories: Funny, Videos

Oh I get it now. So THATS who voted for Bush…

Light Switch Rave
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If I had any friends you can be sure that I would invite them over for a light switch rave! Afterwards I would probably be back to having no friends. Ah the circle of life.

Firework Dog
categories: Cute, Funny, Videos

What is that nutty dog trying to do? He’s going to hurt someone! Either that or burn down the farm! Sheeeeeeesh!

Killer Whale vs. Kayak
categories: Crazy, Funny, Videos

I like this video because if I got to be a killer whale for a day this is EXACTLY what I would do. That, and eat tons of fish and maybe some yummy plankton.

Stalker Guilt Syndrome
categories: Funny, Videos

If you’ve ever fake tied your shoes because you were worried that the woman in front of you thought you were following her, then this short film’s for you! (I know I’ve done it more than once.)

Nearsighted Kid at the Pool
categories: Funny, Videos

It’s a good thing he plugged his nose. I hate getting concrete up my nose. It burns! (animated gif)

Real Life vs. The Internet

Characters from Halo explain the difference between real life and the internet. It’s quite accurate I think. It’s also pretty funny, primarily due to excessive use of the word ‘masturbate’.

Fluffy the Ceiling Fan Cat
categories: Funny, Videos

This sort of reminds me of when I was a kid and my dad would pick me up by the arms and swing me around in a circle. Fun stuff. Except usually my dad wouldn’t hurl me into a wall at the end. Also, I’m not a cat.

George Bush Spin Doctor
categories: Funny, Videos

“I know the human being and fish can coexist peacefully…”